Saturday, August 31, 2002

Everybody's starting blogs! Caroline, of "my friend Caroline" fame, started one this morning, probably at the same time I did. I wonder if that's just some giant coincidence or if...well, that would just be coincidence. I'm not ready to think about fate deciding I needed a blog. Although what if something I said changed someone's life? That might be a reason for destiny to intervene. Maybe some flippant remark that I make some day will cause someone, some poor, hapless soul, to decide not to jump off that bridge, or go ahead and smoke that crack, or hell, why go to class today? Class sucks. That my words might affect some random person I don't even know; yes, I could buy some type of cosmic relevance to my decision to blog it up, yo.

Although, since my blogs will primarily consist of how I just don't like most people, and ranting about crap I have to do, and perhaps far too much about television shows...
I have nothing to say right now. I just woke up and got an email from Chris about his new blog, and thought, yeah, I'll try that again. Set up one of these once, but never got it off the ground. Just continuing in my grand tradition of deciding to do something on the spur of the moment and then later becoming profoundly bored. Well, I guess I had something to say. Regardless, this is just a glorified test. Go little blog! Run towards your destiny!