Thursday, February 27, 2003

Yay! for television! First, on the Buffy front: I love Andrew. Big, big love. I think Tom Lenk did a marvelous job making this character who was originally only comic relief into a three-dimensional person who actually affected me this past episode as well as making me laugh. "Buffy, the Slayer of the Vam-PI-res." I felt the last episode of sweeps was the strongest, and without a doubt the funniest episode of the show I've seen in a long time. As much as I love "In my plan, we are beltless." and "We are as goooods!" I've decided that my favorite moment of the whole episode was when Principal Wood was talking about the Hellmouth, and we cut back to Andrew and his whiteboard. And he points to the Hellmouth and smiles knowingly. That was absolutely perfect.

24: Wow. That was an amazing episode. So many things to talk about: first of all, it was nice to see Kim be smart for a change: seeing the television, checking the stations, covering it back up and waiting for the right moment. She was lucky he wasn't really a psycho rapist/killer, but if he had been, I think she would have gotten out okay. I don't envy this girl the day she's had; I'm thinking in terms of trauma it's worse than the "day" before. I loved the Jack/Kate/Marie plot. Laura Harris did a great job as Marie; I really bought that gunshot wound. It was chilling to see how obviously in pain she was, but was still unwilling to break. It was a great contrast to the other two terrorists we've seen a lot of, Syed Ali and Justin Al-Guarini (to borrow the TWoP name), who both broke almost immediately. Kate's reactions to her sister were very real to me, and I am enjoying the dynamic between these two characters even though I don't like Kate all that much herself. Jack, of course, is just brilliant.

But I'd like to take a moment to talk about Sherry and Palmer. First of all, if it comes out that Sherry was telling the truth, and that she was just playing Stanton to get inside the conspiracy, I'll be very disappointed. Remember that phone call Sherry made to Stanton right before Palmer had him arrested and subsequently tortured? Sherry was the one in charge of that phone call. She was the one telling Stanton how to react and what to expect, and she wouldn't be doing that if Stanton were the one heading the conspiracy. I think Sherry's in it deep, and I hope they follow through with that story. I am a touch bit sad with how Palmer's story is turning out: there are so many things to delve into when you have a President facing a crisis like this, and I don't think we're getting into them. I'm not really interested in the conspiracy plot because it's not been very, well, menacing yet. I want to see Palmer coping with the fact that at the end of the day, millions of his citizens could die. I want to see how Palmer is reassuring the country after a reporter has told the public that the President is suppressing news of a terrorist attack and the Counter Terrorism Unit in Los Angeles was bombed on the same day. I want to see the panic and how Palmer deals with that. I hope we get some of that in the future.

Finally, Mason. My dear, sweet George Mason. How I will miss you. I just want to commend the writers and Xander Berkeley for creating such an amazing character. I never would have thought at the beginning of this season how much I would miss this guy after just half a season, but I do. Hats off, y'all.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Well, I was afraid this would happen. We're having some serious tension in the crew. The director isn't quite sure about the direction of the film, we're running out of shooting weekends, and she's starting to unravel a bit. There have been two (2) crying episodes. The editors have decided that they don't need to listen to us, the humble sound crew, and went behind our backs to the director to have her do something that we specifically told them not to do. (In essence, we put a radio mike on the director so we record her questions. They want to radio mike the subjects. The radio mike is not as good as the boom mike, we told them this, they don't care. So now we're going to have to have the sound professor intervene. Not a good time.)

So, this weekend, although I wasn't on set much, was slightly uncomfortable, and class this morning was weird. No one was talking to each other, I don't think I said a single word to anyone on the crew, nor was one said to me. So I'm not sure what we're going to do about it.

I'm constantly amused by native Los Angelenos. It's around sixty degrees outside today. It's overcast, and there's a slight breeze. And people are walking around in coats and scarves. Hello? It's not cold.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Yay for not filming today! We sent a skeleton crew to do vox pop on the streets of LA, and then to re-interview Lois. Well, not interview as much as film B-roll of her working in her house, and possibly doing some arts and crafts. I was torn, because I really, really like Lois, but then again, I kind of needed a weekend off. Unless we film tomorrow, which is a distinct possibility. We haven't gotten call sheets, which makes it rather tough to plan one's weekend, unfortunately.

My boyfriend is going to be at a convention in Pasadena end of March. I'm debating on whether or not I want to go. On the one hand, we should probably meet sometime soon if I'm going to continue referring to him as my boyfriend. On the other hand, I don't want to go alone. Damn you, Caroline! Why did you have to go to France!

Three weeks until spring break! I've been enjoying this semester so much compared to last semester that I really hadn't been keeping track of how long till I got to go home, but now that I know the date is approaching, I'm starting to get a bit anxious. Home is nice. I like home.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Stupid shins. One of the producers and I started a running program, to be more of the thinner, and we started out too hard, and my shins protested against all the impact. They said, and quite loudly, "OUCH." So tonight we went to the gym on campus, and I did the elliptical machine (which kicked my ass) and the recumbent bike. My legs feel funny. Not ouchy, per se, just...wobbly. I'd like to see some actual results sometime soon (jeans, I'm looking at you...), but I feel better, which I guess is what ultimately counts.

We're nearing the end of principal photography, which kind of makes me sad. I like the crew, and I like getting out of the city on the weekends, and I've honestly enjoyed meeting all the subjects. Making a documentary is a great way to learn more about people in a way you might not otherwise. I certainly wouldn't have ever spoken to Lois, the 80-year old woman who lost a fiancé in World War II, moved to Greece to be a teacher, was a passenger on the first hijacked plane in history, and decided to not have children because she didn't want to create a human being who could be sent off to war. She is just an amazing woman; we talked afterwards about just making a documentary on her. I think we're actually interviewing her again this weekend, which is great.

Buffy? Shut up. Where do you get off telling Willow and Spike they need to tap into the scary, evil darkness inside them that they're both worried about, and then turn around and refuse the same darkness that would make you stronger? Spike, please fall in love with someone else. Faith, Willow, Andrew, I don't care. I want you to be happy, dude, but I don't want to see you with someone I am getting close to actively hating. I think this may be the first time I've ever felt such negativity towards the lead character of anything. Way to screw up your protagonist, Mutant Enemy.

Kim? You know that voice in your head that sounds like the robot from "Lost in Space?" When it starts beeping and flailing its arms and goes, "Danger! Danger, Kim Bauer!" don't just sit on the couch, or go with the Deliverance!Man to his bomb shelter. Run. Away. And. Take. Your. Boobs. With. You.

Jack? You're pretty. Go find Nina. Have some angry sex. Make me proud.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Ah, I love my Roman Civ professor. Today we talked about the poetry of Tatullus, who used the Latin sexual vocabulary to discuss the hierarchal plays for power in Ancient Rome. Then, my prof turned on the projector and told us, "Now we are going to look at some slides of Roman erotic art. This has nothing to do with the lecture. This is just fun." Hee.

I find it funny that there's such an uproar about reality television. Every time there's a new show out, there are these incredible outbursts about what these shows say about our society. "People are marrying each other before seeing each other! What have we become?" Hey, at least our entertainment doesn't involve feeding people to lions. When we reach that point, I'll concede that perhaps the reality television phase has gone too far.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Inane Television Ramblings

First of all, shut up Buffy. I wanted to be happy about her seemingly having feelings about Spike. She lets slip that she loves him, she staunchly defends him to Giles, they have a moment after they kill the Ashanti!Demon...but then she pulls that crap on the sofa. "I'm not ready for you to go, but I'll date other people if I want to, and expect you to hang around as my on-call lapdog. Okay?" Spike's trying to be a good guy, and is trying to keep his own feelings under control, so he does not need her jerking him around anymore. This is not the real world, where I would never say rape was the woman's fault, but since this is television, I'm going to flat out say that Buffy's "I want to do you / don't touch me" nonsense from last season is what led to Spike completely losing control and assaulting her. So...just stop it.

As far as the rest of the episode went, I really love Andrew. I don't know if it's just that I like Tom Lenk's performance so much, or if they're just giving him all the funny lines, but he really clicked with me last night. I actually enjoyed all the subplots, especially Anya's undercurrent of jealousy. Still, even though this was a far superior episode to the eighteen with the Turok-Han, it still feels like they're treading water. I want the First to do something; as much as I enjoyed Evil!Jonathan and Nikki visiting the Principal, it's not scary anymore. Months ago, when the First appeared to Willow in the guise of Cassie, that was frightening. I felt threatened. Now, I don't feel any menace whatsoever.

Moving on to 24, I'm getting confused by the Rolaide/LadyMac dynamic. Don't get me wrong, these two actresses play off each other wonderfully, and I like the concept of two women playing for power, but...I don't know what's going on, now. It's not that the writers are being ambiguous, which I wouldn't mind, it just seems like they're being far too oblique, to the point that I'm afraid they'll paint themselves into a corner. Now for the Jack storyline: I was really hoping he would have had that child killed. I would have loved to see how that would have changed his dynamic with Palmer, and I think it would have been incredible to see him go to those lengths after his concern for Kim this season and last. But, even if we didn't go there, and they went with the fake shooting, I wish they hadn't let Kate in on it. Then, she thinks Jack, whom she just heard incredibly worried about the safety of his own daughter, murdered someone else's child. All these things excepted, though, I still think it was a very strong episode.

School makes me tired. As does raining. I want to be sleepying all the time.

Monday, February 10, 2003

Weekend shooting went surprisingly well. We got some really great material, especially Saturday. The first interview was very moving; the subject had married his high school sweetheart, and after fifteen years of marriage divorced her because she didn't want to have children and he wanted to be a father. The second subject was an eighty-year old woman who decided she didn't want to have children because she lost her fiancé after Pearl Harbor. Just amazing, amazing stories from both. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant called Viva Madrid, which served something called tapas. They are tiny little appetizers served on a saucer. I ordered garlic bread, which was bread with what had to have been an entire clove of garlic minced on top. Luckily, I am single.

Today was a longer day, I think because we'd shot two days beforehand, but things still went well. One of the producers, Casey, and myself decided we were ridiculously out of shape and so we're dieting and doing an exercise thingamajig. Tonight was our first jogging outing. Ouch. But also, endorphins, fun. But also? Ouch. I'm going to be soooore tomorrow.

I hate when I lose things. I can remember song lyrics for something Ace of Base put out in 1993, but I can't remember where I put something five minutes ago. Stupid brain.

Saturday, February 8, 2003

Allow me to whimper for just a moment. Not only did we shoot on a Friday, not par for the course, but we're having not one but two ten-plus hour days this weekend. That's right. All day Saturday, all day Sunday.

I'm tired in advance.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

I love my Roman Civ professor.

"Romans built temporary theatres with wooden bleachers built upon scafflolding, which sometimes collapsed, resulting in much carnage!"

"If Moe walked up to Curly, poked him in the eye, scratched his cornea, and made him go blind, it wouldn't be funny any more. Well, maybe it would." (This was when lecturing about tragedy, and how even the humor in ancient comedies was based on the pain of others.)

Describing the apparatus Romans used to snag enemy ships: "Great bloody metal spike!"

Hee. He amuses me. Imagine all these delivered in an Agent Smith voice, and you'll know why.

Sunday, February 2, 2003

Yesterday was swell at points, not so swell at others. The swell parts: We went up to Santa Barbara, about a three hour drive from LA, to interview a group called No Kidding as they went from winery to winery on a wine tasting day of fun. The group was actually very antagonistic and defensive, which made for uncomfortable interviews, but great material. We can so make them look like the biggest jerks, and it fills me with joy. More importantly, however, we just got out of the city for a change. It really is beautiful country up there; wide open spaces, wooded areas, rolling hills. The weather was perfect; it was around 60 degrees, crisp and cool, and it smelled like autumn.

We decided, after we were done shooting, to go to a winery ourselves. I have to say, I don't really like wine all that much. The white wines were okay, but the red wines were far too acidic for me. But it was still a neat experience. I'm really glad we went, even if we end up not using any of the footage.

Not swell stuff posted here