Monday, November 24, 2003

Upcoming Clay appearances for people like Cat:

Tuesday: TRL performance; American Idol Christmas Special
Wednesday: Nothing so far
Thursday: Macy's Turkey Day Parade (word has it he's the next to last float)
Friday: Nick at Nite Holiday Special

I got my cloak today. It is a dark purple wool, with silver Celtic trim and a silver crushed velvet lining in the hood. It is floor length, and so pretty I just want to hug it. Lovelovelove the cloak. Another great thing happened today: my boss pulled me aside and told me I was doing a great job, and to show his appreciation, he was going to give me a full dollar raise. Dude. That's a big raise. A whole dollar more? Awesome. It was very exciting.

I'm kind of sad about leaving Jack Sparrow alone in the apartment over the break. He gets very lonely when we're at class; I can't imagine him being alone for several days. Poor kitty.
I just read this line on someone's livejournal (I don't want to bring over context, because it would involve a lengthy discussion on what is transgressive in fandom and what isn't), but this particular sentence struck me because of its wording. I think I understand now how "cellar door" can be considered the most beautiful phrase in the English language, because I just had a reaction to this sentence that was almost like appreciating art.

"And then I'll creep sullenly back into my hermit crab shell and continue to make up my own little world using shadow puppetry and a bare light bulb, and after a while I feel sane again."

I wish I could write like that.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

This was an interesting past couple of days. George Lucas came to the Star Wars class Wednesday night, and he was just as terse and laconic as you might expect. No one dared ask a serious question, so everything we heard was pretty much what one could read in any Lucas article or book. He spoke a lot about digital (he actually worked with Sony and Panavision to get 24 fps digital cameras for the film world, as opposed to the 30 fps digital cameras you and I, lowly peons, use for our home movies), about special effects (they're just a tool to tell the story, he says), and about his future plans (less Star Wars, more American Grafitti-esque stuff). It was cool, but not as exciting as I had hoped.

One of my actors was hospitalized for the flu, so we got a week-long extension on our final scene. Which is nice, since I really did not want to shoot immediately before Turkey Day Weekend, and then come back and edit after the break. I like to shoot, and then edit, like, the next day, while it's all still fresh. This also means that my final scene is no longer due the day as my final Star Wars paper, a fact that fills me with much joy and relief.

New movie rec at the side. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. I have brand new love for James Spader. Quite interesting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

A Weekend of Clay

I think I have only just now recovered from all the mainline Clack I did this weekend. First up, the Nick at Nite Holiday Special. This was shooting on a tiny sound stage, with seats for maybe 300 people, most reserved for friends and family of all those present. We (myself and some folks from the People's Republic of Clay) decided to show up and see if we couldn't get in (although a few folks managed to get spots through Seatfiller). Arriving at 3:00, we stood in line until 5:30, when we were then told no seats were available. We were disappointed, but we didn't feel too bad, beacuse we saw Clay drive in. Not in a limo. He drove himself, and his hair wasn't all spiky, and he was wearing a blue shirt. It was very exciting. Because a few aforementioned folks did get in, we decided to hang out for a bit so we could do something afterwards. Went to The Grove, ate, window shopped, and came back to CBS Studios.

They were still filming. It was 8:00. We talked to a security guard, and he gave us an estimate of one more hour. We sighed at the thought of Clay inside, right then. 9:15 rolled around. We asked the security guard again what was up. He went to go talk to one of the people in charge of the audience. Came back ten minutes later and told the three of us there were seats, since a few people had left. At this point, I prayed:

Dear Jesus. Please let Clay not have gone on yet. Thank you. Um, Amen.

We snuck inside, where the stage was set up like a lodge, all decorated for Christmas. Martin Mull was running the joint, along with other random TV people. We saw other PRoC people and joined them in what we thought were really bad seats way over at the side, in the very front. Ten (10) minutes after we came in, Clay arrives. He is wearing a tuxedo, a long gray tailored flannel coat, and a long black scarf. He plays himself; he shows up and tells Mull that he's stuck in the "blizzard," and can he watch a favorite holiday special on the TV? He comes in, chats with Joyce DeWitt (?) a moment, then starts watching Bing Crosby. We find out he filmed himself singing the day before, to be digitally inserted in with Bing later.

Clay is there for about 20 minutes. He leaves right in front of us. I was in the very corner seat, and I swear that he was no more than five feet away from me. I could see the color of his eyes. He was so very, very pretty. He looked up and smiled and waved at us, and then left.


Sunday was the American Music Awards at the Shrine, which I walk/ride my bike past every day going to class, so it seemed kind of silly not to pony up the thirty (30) dollars and go. I was way the hell up in the balcony with several other folks; PRoC represented with almost 25 members in attendance. Clay was amazing. His voice just filled the entire auditorium. It was so incredible being there for his win. We all jumped up, freaked out, and made people all around us turn and stare at us with bewilderment and a bit of fear. Good times.

That concludes this update about the Weekend of Clay. And yes, it was worth it. Mmhmm.

Monday, November 17, 2003

I did it in 15 seconds.
I deserved an A!!
Take the How Dexterous Are You? Quiz

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Sweet Jesus that was a good episode of "24."

Sweet Jesus that was a good episode of "Angel."

In other words, we're in the last three weeks of class, which means I have to spend all my time catching up on assignments I've procrastinated on the whole semester. Read: I now must finish my one hundred and twenty (120) page screenplay by December 4th. I have thirty-four (34) pages written. Sigh.

Sunday, November 9, 2003

Now you can get your own collectible "fooz" mug.
"Elf" was the cutest movie, everyone. I highly recommend it. Very funny and sweet.

I have no desire to go see "Matrix: Revolutions." None. Which is just so very, very sad, because last year at this time I couldn't wait. I can't believe how badly they messed this franchise up; it reminds me of the last season of X-Files, or the newest two Star Wars prequels. Do they really not understand what people loved about the first film? It wasn't the special effects; they were cool, but they were in service of the story. It wasn't the philosophy/religion references; they were enjoyable, but only made the story richer. It wasn't the spectacle and the hype; we were intrigued by the story. What's the common thread, here? The story. And that's what Reloaded didn't have, and from what I hear, what Revolutions doesn't put too much stock in, either.

There's a reason why some of the most popular sci-fi/fantasy stories tell that same old Joseph Campbell hero's journey bit. Because it's a story we respond to. We've responded to it since Antiquity. That classic mythic structure is something that we buy into, a lot, and that's what made The Matrix popular at the end of the day. It's too bad they've mucked it all up.

Saturday, November 8, 2003

Every now and then, I remember the original concept of a weblog: logging websites that interested you, and providing a way for others to see the sites as well. This website is really cute. You submit emotions, and Eric takes a picture of himself emoting. It's funnier than it sounds, honest. Now, another fun link:

Viking kittens will be your Overlords!

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Buy our sticker!
"The Day After Tomorrow"

This trailer scared me last night. I know I am going to be there opening night, completely freaked out, and loving it. Insane and destructive weather phenomena is another of my fears, so this should be fun.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Caroline and I decided to set up a CafePress account. Yes, yes; soon, we will make the "The precious is my bling-bling" t-shirt, but just to whet your appetite, please check out our first product. We think you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

I am digging this cooler weather. It's been in the upper fifties (50s) to lower sixties (60s) since Halloween, and it's been most joyous. I like getting to wear winter clothes, which are warm and comfy.

(Is "comfy" an actual word? Or is it just slang that is so ubiquitous it has become a word, like "bling?" Speaking of bling, there's a LOTR-themed Flash thingy that has Gollum rapping, and at one point he raps, "The precious is my bling-bling," which is just some kind of genius. I want a shirt with that on it. Does anyone have a CafePress account?")

My boss at work today said I was doing exceptional work. *is warm and fuzzy on the insides* Even though I'd like to say I'm all cool and independent, without any need of outside validation to confirm my own self-worth, I can't deny that it isn't nice to hear praise now and again.

Praise me, damn you! Validate my existence! Feed my ever-burning furnace of ego with your words and tokens of my awesomeness!
Blah blah blah fishcakes. That about sums up the past few days for me. Homework, and meetings, and class, and I've reached that point, that strange, arbitrary point, where my semester and the routine and everything just becomes so monotonous that I cannot stand it anymore. But then Turkey Day Weekend comes round the corner, and the balance is restored.

And this is why I want to be a filmmaker, because each day is different. I could not deal with a 9-5; the sameness and routine would kill me. Kill me dead! Dead like that parrot! That dead Monty Python parrot! And the shopkeeper would try to sell me, and one day he would succeed, but then the Monty Python guy would realize that I was dead, and bring me back, and they'd argue. Because I was pushing up daisies, see? Which are my favorite flower, so that's cool. But you never see daisies in a flower shop; just roses and stuff, which are usually really expensive. Why are they so expensive? I think it's price gouging; they know guys who had a big fight with their girlfriend or wife will pay anything to make it all better, because that's easier than, like, having an actual conversation or something. Speaking of guys, Caroline and I watched "Average Joe" tonight, which was a cool show. I'm totally down with the concept, because unlike most other dating shows, these guys seem genuinely fun and cool, for the most part. Except for this Indian guy, who was totally weird. He was all, "Do you like brocolli? I don't like peas. I'm not fond of green food." Wha? It was completely strange. And then she didn't get rid of him! But Caroline spots at the end that decisions were made after consultation with the producers, so they probably told her to keep him because he's weird, and thus entertaining TV. Whatever. Producers are stupid. I mean, I know they have a responsibility to try and market the show and make it interesting, but still. These shows really only work if you buy into them as "reality," and if it's clear that everything is being orchestrated behind the scenes, the illusion is lost.

Stream of consciousness! Yay! (I typed that all in one continuous five minute setting. Whee!)

Sunday, November 2, 2003

People suck. People who for some reason became mean and unfriendly, and changed their behavior, for no discernable reason. I don't understand. Bah.

Went to the American Idol Christmas Special taping in Pasadena. Clay was most triumphant. He has just so come into his own as a performer, it's magnificent to watch. Afterwards, a bunch of people from the Clackhouse and myself went next door to the Sheraton Hotel and had drinks in the bar. It's very cool to hang with people who share the obsessive interest. Most of the friends I made through Haven were my age, but it's strange, because a lot of people I know through Clay are much older than I am. We had a great time, and I'm very much looking forward to the AMAs in two weeks.

Halloween was fun. We've had cooler weather the past few days, and last night it was in the 50s with this light drizzly rain thing, and it was just the perfect mood for The 'Ween. Caroline and I went to see Pirates again, and it was super-cool how the entire crowd applauded and cheered when Johnny Depp first appeared on screen. That movie is just so awesome, and I think it's in large part to Depp's just inspired performance. I would love to see him get a nomination for it.

Caroline's computer is having problems. The operating system won't boot. She's despondant, y'all. Send her good vibes. I'll demonstrate:

*closes eyes, wriggles fingers in the general direction of LA, and shouts "Good vibes!"*