Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I'm at home. Six people + dialup = Internet? What is this internet you speak of?

I would like to inform everyone who doubted me that I did it. I re-read all three books and watched the first two movies before I went to see ROTK. (Total ROTK viewings = 2) It was a lot of work, but I prevailed. I still am at the point, watching the movie, where I'm just all, "Sad! Pretty! Music! Fighting! Pippin!" Hopefully, after another viewing or two, everything will sink in a bit more.

At the airport on the way home, I saw Reiko Aylesworth from 24. She looked pretty much the same as she does on the show, and was sitting with a friend, and they got on a plane to go to Las Vegas. I thought of going over and saying hi and telling her she's awesome-cool, but then I realized that I had nothing really intelligent to say and that she probably wanted to just hang out and get on a plane. So that was all. Still, pretty neat.

Merry Christmas to everyone! I did not get presents in the mail. Historically, my Christmas presents get mailed in January, and that will probably happen again this year. I would have had time to go shopping and all, were it not for the aforementioned LOTR study session. Eh.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Done! Donedonedonedonedone! I'm done! Yeah, semester, how do you like that! I finished your ass! Man alive, though, these last five weeks or so have killed me. It was all fun and games; me and the semester, running through fields of daisies and squirrels, cavorting and singing jolly songs about happiness and bliss. We held hands, and made those little crowns out of those little white flowers that you think are really pretty when you're a kid but then find out are actually just weeds later on. We were tight, me and the semester. Then, November dawned. A cruel, cold month. Suddenly, the semester wasn't returning my calls, it was always nagging me to do things ("Write this paper, Shannon." "Shoot this scene, Shannon." "Go to work, Shannon."), and seriously, y'all, the thrill was gone.

But now, I have finally told the semester what the what was. I threw it to the ground and kicked it while it was down. Then I did a little dance. I went home and spent hours cutting out tiny, individual pieces of confetti, then threw it into the air with great gusto. I opened up a bottle of champagne and took a shower with it. In short, today is a grand, grand day filled with joy and wonderful, fuzzy contentment. Not only that, my hair looks great. My happiness is made flesh!

Tomorrow, I depart for home, the wonderful place where I don't have to do my own laundry and other people cook for me. Yay. I plan to watch movies, read books, work on my scripts, and just generally be made content. It is good.
Sarah brought up the problems with answering essay prompts that don't really apply to you at all. I was working on my USC grad school application, and one of the prompts was, "Autobiographical character sketch: write about the process of becoming who you are." And quite honestly, there was no process. I've always been me. So rather than come up with something to fit the prompt...I just wrote that. Hi, I'm Shannon, and have always been, and there's been no process, no life-altering events, nothing fancy or exciting or cool or tragic, just a fairly boring and content life. That's about it. But seriously, I hate essay prompts like that. They're so clich├ęd and stupid. I honestly couldn't think of any way to subvert that prompt, but for, "Most intensely emotional moment of your life?" That's right, folks. I wrote about Return of the King. Hee.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Man, you know you're tired when the sound department Mix Week humor is funny. Check out random quotes, hee. I think I hurt something in my insides, because I can't laugh out loud, because Caroline's sleeping. Shh.

One final left! [Rob Schneider] I can do it! [/Rob Schneider]

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Work...school...graduate application...finals...mixing...

Sunday, December 7, 2003

Updating from work on a Mac. Which is weird. Everything's all different. Which brings me to my question: does anyone know why the pictures I've sized to fit my blog look lovely and crystal clear here at work on the Mac, but at home on my PC, sometimes look a little fuzzy? And if you do, how can I make the pictures clearer on the PC?

Three more days and I'm done with everything aside from one tiny final. Yay! I can hardly wait. Am v. v. tired of this semester for some reason.

I'm almost loathe to post this, since it means my Billy picture will no longer be right at the top. Sniff. [quiet voice] I went and bought a piece of posterboard to make a collage. Crushing! Gah! [/qv]

Friday, December 5, 2003

Developing...new...crush... Helpless...to....resist...
The Non Spoilery ROTK Review. The spoilery one will be up later, but they won't be redundant, so even if you want details!details!details!, go ahead and check this one out.
I have to do drafts, and revisions, and probably a detailed photo guide when I post about the film we watched tonight in Leonard Maltin's class (which was not King Kong; my screenwriting professor lied!). Let me whet your appetites with this:

Tonight, the King Returned. And my friends, it was quite possibly the finest thing I've ever seen in cinema.

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Cat! Squee! Pretty boys wearing Christmas hats! That was such a cute surprise to get in the mail. Thanks, pumpkin.

Today was the last day of class. Technically, I still have Leonard Maltin's class tonight, but we're watching King Kong so that'll just be fun. I still have my graduate cinema application to finish, I have to shoot and edit my final directing scene, and I have two finals, but that'll be cake after this past week. Which means...

Making presents! That's right, some of y'all can expect Present Actually Made By Shannon this year for the holiday season. Instead of presents bought by Shannon that are more than likely something that is a novelty, like Monkeys of the World, because I suck at buying presents. I go out, and all I can see are things I personally want. Which makes me feel like a horrible friend, because other people manage to get me presents that are exactly the kind of thing I wanted, and I feel I should know those people that well. Which is why I'm making presents. Because if you don't like it, you can't say anything about it, because I toiled and stuff. Yeah.

Jack Sparrow has been following me around all day, whining. I don't know what his deal is. Mayhap he sense my bad mood. Clay didn't get nominated for a Grammy, but Ruben did? s0x0r!!11 Yeah, you heard me. I'm so upset I drifted into fooz-speak on the main blog.
Hee. Casper totally spit on this guy in the front row tonight in class. Oh, how I laughed...

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

I can't believe I have to write three (3) papers in my Star Wars class. Three! (3)! Which brings me to my point: why college thinks the only way to accurately measure whether or not one has gained knowledge from the class is to make them write a paper. And then the paper is almost always graded more on how well one writes, as opposed to the content within. I'm lucky, in that I'm a fairly decent writer (albeit one who procrastinates a freakish amount), but what if you just suck as a writer? But you did learn a lot in the class and can show that in other ways? You're just screwed. It sucks.

I want to take a college class that instead of making me write papers, has me make dioramas. That would be awesome.

Monday, December 1, 2003

Hate flying. HATE. Hate homework. HATE. Love Turkey Day Weekend. LOVE. So it all evened out. Like Caroline, I have eaten massive amounts of pie. Actually, I believe that I am now forty-two (42) percent (%) pie. Slap some Cool Whip on my head and call me Dessert! (I don't know.)

Watched TTT EE this weekend. First watched the straight up movie. Awesome. Forgot how much I adore the end of Helm's Deep, with Theoden and Aragorn riding out all triumphant and suicidal, only to see Gandalf at the top of that hill with the Rohirrim, then the calvary riding down with the music swelling in the backbround, and the sun rising in the Uruk-hais' eyes just as Gandalf yells and rides into the swarm, and...and...sigh. Just magnificent. Also, Gollum? Love him. Watched the featurette on Andy Serkis and how they created Gollum, and it's just incredible. George Lucas had the opportunity to do something like this with Jar Jar Binks, but he blew it, and just did this cartoonish joke of a character, which wasn't even that technically great. Gollum is so intricately realized, so perfectly crafted, so wonderfully a part of the overall LOTR world. Then, watched the featurettes on WETA, who did the armor, and the weaponry, and the miniatures, and the various sets, and Treebeard, among other things. It's so amazing. I can't describe it. Just go watch it.

Did I mention that I hate homework? HATE?