Saturday, January 31, 2004

Sometimes when I'm alone in the apartment, I get freaked out, because Caroline's Jon Stewart screensaver watches me, and it's creepy. Quit eyeballing me, Jon.

Downloaded ROTK. (Viewings = 5) I was very impressed by how high-quality an illegal recording it was. Excellent sound quality, and after about the first reel I didn't even notice the color differences and graininess. Kudos, random illegal recorder. Little things I noticed this time: Gandalf sent three eagles to Mount Doom. Three. He sent an eagle for Gollum. Sniff. Also, the increasing wound around Frodo's neck, and the idea that the weight of the ring is growing and just tearing him up. Sniff. And I can't believe I didn't realize this before, but just before the Rohirrim ride down onto the Pelennor Fields, when they give up the three shouts? They're shouting, "Death!" There is something so wonderfully barbaric about that, I love it. LOVE.

Um, that's all.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Okay, so I'm taking two 100-level classes this semester: Medieval Civ and Psychology. Dude. Stupid freshmen are stupid. They think they're profound, but they're actually just stupid, and they just yammer on and on with their fake stupid profundity and I hope to the gods that I wasn't that stupid and annoying when I was a freshman. Anyways...

The overhead lightbulb in the bedroom burned out. It's all dark and atmospheric now, and I really want to take a nap. Not because I'm necessarily tired per se, but because I am ruled by my primitive brain stem. This is why winter is problematic for me. If I'm outside, and it's dark, it doesn't even matter if it's only 5pm. Dark = sleepytime. And I quite enjoy the sleepytime. So now I'll have fun the rest of the evening fighting off the urge to climb into bed and call it a day. Stupid lightbulb.

Thus ends my two paragraphs detailing two different stupid things in my day. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

'Rings' characters discuss Oscar snub
by Molly J. Ringwraith

Jan. 27, 2004
MINAS TIRITH (AP) – The city of Minas Tirith has been abuzz today over the news that 'The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King,' while receiving 11 nominations including Best Picture and Best Director, did not receive any nominations for acting.

"Eleven nominations?" said Pippin Took, of the Shire. "Well, that's good news."

His friend Meriadoc Brandybuck responded by swatting him over the head with the newspaper and protesting, "But the cast is a part of this movie! Aren't they?"

Their kinsman Frodo Baggins shared Brandybuck's dismay. Upon reading the list of nominations, Baggins commented with an ironic chuckle, "They've left out one of the chief characters: the cast. I want to hear more about them." Waxing solemn and soulful, he added, "The movie wouldn't have got far without the cast."

"You almost don't want to watch the awards ceremony," contributed Baggins' gardener and loyal valet, Samwise Gamgee, "because how can it be happy? How can the awards go right when so much bad has been nominated? Folks in that Academy had lots of chances of voting for these actors, only they didn't."

Legolas Greenleaf, of the Mirkwood realm, commented somewhat cryptically on the Academy's choices, "A red sun rises. Lame decisions have been made this night." When asked to clarify his opinion, he told reporters that he had not the heart, for the grief was still too near, and retired for a walk in the forest.

His companion, Gimli son of Gloin, had sharper remarks to make upon the chosen nominees. "Mystic River? What madness drew them there? You'll find more cheer in a graveyard!"

But wizard Gandalf the White urged a more optimistic approach. "Do not be too eager to deal out Oscars in judgement," he advised. "That is not for us to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the Oscars we are given."

Meanwhile, his colleague Saruman the formerly-White was in favor of retaliation against the Academy: "Too long have those peasants stood against us," Saruman said, referring to the Academy's failure to give any fantasy film the Best Picture Oscar yet. "Leave none alive! To war! There will be no dawn for film critics!"

Treebeard, of the Ents, told reporters after much deliberation and exchanging of long names, that he was in agreement with this proposed course of action. "There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men for this treachery," he declared. "My business is with Beverly Hills tonight. With heads made of cotton candy and rock."

"I do not doubt their hearts," Eomer of Rohan conceded. "Only the size of their brains." He then returned to the task of loading up forty of his men and horses with toilet paper and Maps to the Stars' Homes, for a "secret midnight mission" that he regretted he could not give details about.

At least one individual, calling himself Smeagol, claimed to be making plans to steal the Oscar statuettes. "Oscar is sooo pretty, sooo golden," said Smeagol. "We will take the statuesss once the Hollywood snobses are dead! Ye-esss, precious!" He then quickly added, groveling at the feet of reporters, "No! No! We were only joking! Smeagol wouldn't hurt a fly! Nice movie industry." He crawled away before he could be questioned further.

Still others appeared not to care about the snub. Lady Eowyn of Rohan said with a shrug, "The women of this country learned long ago that those without Oscar nominations may still get dates to awards ceremonies. I fear neither critics nor fans." Lord Boromir, a native of Minas Tirith, dismissed the concerns, claiming, "Gondor has no actors. Gondor needs no actors."

But overall the mood was one of mild disgust. As Lord Aragorn put it to reporters, "The day may come when the Academy is able to find their ass with a flashlight. But this is not that day."

**stolen from someone's livejournal; unfortunately, i am not this witty**

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I want to go see ROTK on an IMAX screen. Sigh. When it wins Best Picture*, maybe they'll re-release it something fierce. That would be cool.

*I don't see any possible way for it to lose BP, or Director for Jackson for that matter, but if it does, I will personally blame myself for the above comment, stated so matter-of-factly.
No acting nominations.


Eleven (11) nominations total to lead nominations.


Monday, January 26, 2004

Caroline just turned to me and asked, "Do you want to walk over with me to the package store later?" And I had no idea what she was talking about. Package store? Apparently, that's some crazy-ass New England slang for liquor store.


Still trying to process that.
Oscar nominations come out tomorrow morning. I'm really nervous for Sean Astin. I hope he makes it, but I'm pretty sure he won't. Sigh.

That's pretty much all I'm worrying about right now. I have a paper on Wednesday and a whole hell of a lot of reading this week, but I'm much more concerned with the Oscar hopes of a random actor. Yep. I am glad at least that I have finally come to terms with the geekdom and irrational fandom. Better than railing against it, right?

Victory! We have victory!

Hail to the king, baby.

Song! This is the most beauteous song. Really. So happy it won, and hopefully this means that Annie Lennox will win a much deserved Oscar.

Barrie Osbourne rules. I can't wait for him to get an Oscar, too. *panics at thought of tempting fate* *flails about ineffectually*

The love these people have for one another is half of why I love these movies so goddamn much. Sniff.

Bwah! Howard Shore is ASOME. The man wrote twelve (12) hours of music for three films that really constitute a twelve (12) hour epic, with themes for regions and characters and situations that all tie together and complement one another and his work is absolutely astonishing. I think some people are not fully aware of just what he did on these films. Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal.

However, here is my favorite picture from the evening:

Here's Dom with tears in his eyes, while Peter Jackson accepts Best Director. God. I love these people, I really do.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

I don't think some people read foozes. Hmph. More people should read foozes! Do it! Yeah! I update there, too!

Friday, January 23, 2004

Caroline totally just dissed my assertion that Cillian Murphy is pretty. Whatever, Caroline.

*two minutes later*

Caroline tells me that he is pretty good looking, just not in 28 Days Later. I shall forgive her.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I sit in psychology lecture for an hour and a half (1.5hrs) twice a week for amazing wisdom like this: "A bird in a genetic deme will end up mating with close relatives, like his mother. In the marine corps we had a phrase for that: an incestuous individual." I don't know whether to laugh or shake my head, disgusted. Or both.

Work is dragging along today. I still have over an hour to go, and it feels like I've been here forever. It just flew by last night. I don't understand. Odd, how time works. Although really, I should enjoy the fact that time is going by slowly. It's like Dunbar in Catch 22; he doesn't want to die, so he postpones death by doing the most boring things possible, so that his days are long. It's an interesting philosophy. Anytime my dad and I are stuck somewhere boring like that, complaining, one of us will say, "Hey, Dunbar," and that puts a good perspective on it. I think.

My first assignment in my writing class is an opinion piece on a motion picture. Hee. Wonder what I'll write about?
But why is the evening gone?

Dude. It was seven pm (7pm) and then I turned around, and it's almost midnight. How can the hour and a half of class drag on so achingly long and the five hours of my evening time zips by like a crazed, rabid squirrel?

American Idol is almost painful to watch. You know what, Fox? Watching two or three bad auditions is amusing. Watching a full hour is not. Show us the funny bad ones, and then show us the good people. Okay?

Monday, January 19, 2004

You know what the best reality show is right now? Not "The Apprentice," not "American Idol," not "Survivor" or "Average Joe." Those shows are a bunch of pansies. I bet they cry like little girls every day, over something, because they're just pansies. I bet they can't build big-ass motorcycles from scratch, hand-designed and -crafted. You know why? Because they're not "American Chopper" on the Discovery Channel (see: Watch It, Yo in the side column).

When my dad first asked me to sit down and watch it with him, I was really hesitant. I am by no means a girly girl, and enjoy my fair share of stereotypically male entertainment (comic books, SF, video games, sports), but a show about making choppers? Did sit and watch it, though, and it's great. I have no mechanical intelligence to speak of, so it is pretty cool to see people who have loads of it just, like, build stuff so easily. But what really sets this show apart are the interfamily dynamics; really compelling stuff. I recommend it, yo.
I went to the Arclight cinema in Hollywood with my friend Kim yesterday (ROTK viewings = 4). My ticket cost fourteen dollars ($14). Dude, so worth every single cent. The film was playing in what is apparently a historic dome, with a gigantic curved screen. The seats were freakishly comfortable. The sound system was superb; at points, I could feel the bass literally thudding in my chest. They had ushers show you to your seat (assigned seating is the kickass), and then an usher introduced the movie, with cast, running time, and brief synopsis. They had curtains open and close in front of the screen. What was really surprising to me was the size of the crowd: ROTK has been out over a month, and the theater was at least at a seventy-five (75) percent capacity. And well more than half of those people stayed for the credits. Not just the drawings of the cast. The entirety of the credits. People were quiet, there were no cell phones or crying babies or people getting up and down and up and down and up and down, just a group of people watching a movie. Amazing experience.

I love days off. Yay! No class!

Sunday, January 18, 2004

I believe that the phrase "omg wtf" was created for what I'm about to make available to all of you. Download this immediately. The song "Half_Fling" from Viggo Mortensen's new album, featuring vocals from Dom Monaghan and Elijah Wood. Seriously. Seriously. I listened to it three times in a row, laughing hysterically with honest-to-God tears running down my face. This is brilliant. I treasure this mp3 now like few others in my collection.

God bless the random person on the "lotrboys" livejournal community who linked to this. Really. May God bless you and keep you, unknown person, for you have enriched my life beyond measure.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Tee hee hee. It's ROTK as told by puppets. Very funny.

One week down, fourteen to go. Heh.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Dude, look up above my blog in the advertising bit. Related searches: Pippin, LOTR. Hee. They know me very well.
It is terribly disconcerting how warm it is in Los Angeles. I understand it is closer to the equator and therefore marginally closer to the sun but still enough so that temperatures are higher, but dude, it's January. I will never, ever get over this even if I live in Southern California (*spits*) the rest of my days. On the one hand, it's nice, because it's pleasant and warm. On the other hand, I enjoy warm clothes and cold houses and walking around with a blanket and eating soup and that kind of stuff. Eh, it's confusing.

I was trying to figure out why this week has felt so strange to me, and I finally realized it's because I'm not working. I actually rather enjoy going to work, and the week seems oddly empty without going into the sound window, hanging out with the sound folk, whathaveyou. Anyways.

Ye gods this is boring. I apologize. I'm going to, like, get in a fight with Caroline and then post about that, because that would be interesting. Probably.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

My psychology professor in the opening minutes of today's lecture: "There are 225 of you. There is one of me. Should you email me? I will answer this question for you. Unless you have found a discrete source of some primo weed, don't send me any fucking emails." Um, okay.

I want to go see Return of the King again! Now! I think I'm going to find the nearest theater it's still playing at, and just take the stupid bus and go see it bright and early Saturday morning. Ooo! I could do a marathon, starting Friday night. That could be fun. Yes...I think that is what we will do, precious.

Laura told me a week or so ago to stop using LOTR quotes in conversation all the time. And I told her to shut up before I threw her down and smote her ruin upon the mountainside!

Monday, January 12, 2004

Check it out, y'all. It's Faramir! David Wenham looks, well, different here in this screencap from Moulin Rouge. I think it's the wig.
I have completed my first class of the new semester: History of Medieval Civilization. It seems like it will be interesting, and I like the way the professor teaches, but I have one very, very large complaint.

We aren't covering the Black Death.

How is this possible? I have wanted to take this class the whole time I was at USC, with the assumption that any serious look at the Medieval Times would have to involve the Black Death, which killed millions of people and was generally just neat to study and stuff. And we aren't covering it! I feel like going up to this professor and saying, "Dude, you have to cover the Black Death. It's the Black Death! Come on!"
Dance! No, seriously, dance!

I have class in the morning. Medieval history. [Theoden] So it begins. [/Theoden]

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Blog blog blog. Bloggy McBloggypants. Ich bin ein blogger. Blog.

That's for Cat, who told me to blog more, and the only reason I honor her wish is because she appreciates my shallowness. Well, among other things.

Speaking of shallowness, I bring you a new picture of my new boyfriend. I named it "grr_rara.jpg." Enjoy.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Back at school. Because of the whole, like, ordeal of trying to get online at home, I just lost interest and didn't even bother trying to stay on top of anything in my internet world. I just spent two hours catching up on the LOTR thread at Fametracker. Speaking of which, I desperately wish to see the film again, and was hoping it would be playing here at the theater next to campus, but they're showing My Baby's Daddy. I hate not having a car, and not being able to just drive to a stupid theater that isn't in the stupid ghetto and doesn't show stupid ghetto movies.

So to bring me back to my happy place, I shall expound more upon ROTK. (Total viewings = 3) I rewatched the first two films again after seeing ROTK the second time, and was just amazed at everything. It's utterly mindboggling. As good as the first two films are, and even how much better they are in retrospect after seeing the entire trilogy completed, ROTK in my mind just blows them away. The scope and sheer majesty of this film takes my breath away. This third time, I leaned over to Laura twice and whispered, "This is my favorite part." The first is when Pippin sings to Denethor while Faramir rides to Osgiliath. He knows it's a suicide mission. He knows there is no hope of reclaiming the river. The only reason he does it is because he so desperately needs his father's love and approval. In the meantime, his father is sitting and gorging himself and seemingly doesn't care what is going on. Pippin watched one son die right in front of him, and knows that the other is about to die himself. And Denethor wants Pippin to entertain him! So Pippin ends up having to sing a song to this horrible, uncaring man (in his mind, at least) while knowing that Faramir is sacrificing his life at that moment to earn this horrible man's love; you have this beautiful scene with this juxtaposition of the men of Gondor riding to battle, the grotesque orcs standing in the White City's ruin, and the Steward crunching down on bones, blood dripping down his chin: Denethor is eating his soldiers, his son. And Pippin, who is utterly out of place in Gondorian livery standing in this cold, desolate hall is forced to sing, and he's aware of everything that is happening but is unable to stop it; over this montage, you have his clear voice singing about despair and how in the end, all shall fade. Christ. It's brilliant.

But then, I have to turn back to Laura and go, "No, wait! This is my favorite part!" Minas Tirith is getting utterly sacked, the orcs have broken through the gate, and even Gandalf is unable to turn the tide. He doesn't tell Pippin they won't die; implicit in this scene is the knowledge that they will die. He does tell Pippin that death is not the end, and describes the afterlife, and it's lovely. Anyway, point being, Minas Tirith isn't looking good. And then. And then the Rohirrim arrive. The horn sounds, and they crest the hill, and there are thousands of them, all on horseback, all assembled. Theoden gives an absolutely beautiful speech, and rides up the line and hits his sword against his mens' spears, and then leads the charge into the battlefield. This was a man possessed, poisoned by Saruman, who had been weakened to the point of senility and death without lucidity, who was being tended to and cared for, and is now riding at the front of the line to protect the kingdom of Men. In the meantime, you have Eowyn, determined to fight, to prove herself, to earn valor and honor, stunned at the size of the enemy hoard. You can see it in her eyes. She's scared, and my personal theory is that if she didn't have Merry with her, she would seriously consider turning back. But sitting in front of her is this tiny hobbit, who has even less cause to be part of the Rohirrim than she does, who is more likely to be hurt and killed than she is, but he's given Theoden his alleigiance. He's going to fight, but he can only do it with her. Eowyn draws her strength from him, tells him to stay with her, and together they become one unit (when he steers as she cuts the legs of the Mumakil, and when together they defeat the Witch-King). And then! the Rohirrim cheer. They give these three shouts, the last of which Eowyn and Merry join in on, and then they ride to the Fields. And all three times, and every time I watched the preview (um, fifty times?), I end up covered with goosebumps and sit there crying. It's just...perfection. It's cinematic perfection. I can't envision anything that I could objectively watch and say, "That was a better scene that the Rohirrim riding to the Pelennor Fields.

Okay, so I did do other things over the break that weren't LOTR related. Um...Oh! I read a really cool book. It's called Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card. I definitely recommend it. However, it's some pretty hard-core science fiction, so if that's not your cup of tea, you might want to back off. It's really well written, however, and I very much enjoyed it. Also...I painted a painting. And...I watched "Orange County Chopper" on the Discovery Channel? Okay, I did a lot of LOTR related things over the break, but only because it brings me joy, so just be quiet.