Sunday, February 29, 2004


Oh, goodness. I am beyond happy right now. Tonight was just amazing. I am so happy for these people, who did such incredible work, and shared it with us. Never before have I known the names of the costume designer, the composer, the special effects team, the art director, the editor, the sound mixer; they were all so deserving, and I am absolutely ecstatic that they were finally rewarded and recognized for their work.

Fran and Peter! Three Oscars apiece tonight. Howard! Another two. Richard! Two more for this incredible artisan. Yay for first time winners Jamie, Ngila and Phillippa!

Wow. Eleven wins. That ties Titanic and Ben Hur for the most wins for a motion picture. I can't think of a more deserving film. Congratulations, gang.

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

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How many blogs can I have? Who knows! The sky's the limit!


Check it out. Be amazed at my ability to juggle multiple online journals, ever decreasing in actual content beyond nicked pictures and misspellings of questionable entertainment value. Marvel at how little I actually have to say, and be confounded at the fact that I still continue to post regardless. Most of all, enjoy.

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Caroline-Shannon Fan Art Challenge

Caroline: 1 --------------- Shannon: 1

Now it's getting interesting. Good times. I decided, in a unilateral decision this morning after Caroline left the apartment, that we will accept submissions for next week's challenge.

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This week's Caroline-Shannon Fan Art Challenge takes place in the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom.

Here is my entry.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Last night in Maltin's class we watched THE MOST AWESOME MOVIE IN THE WORLD. It's called The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, and I absolutely adored it. Now, I'm someone who's watched a lot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Plan Nine From Outer Space and Ed Wood are two of my favorite movies, so that has a definite bearing on my feelings towards this film. It's both an homage and an imitation of classic 1950s B-movies, and it's just brilliant. It nails the genre, dead on. All the little details are there--the generic scientist, his devoted wife, the crazed villain, the mutated monster, the Geiger counter, the bad location, the overdramatic music, the bad editing, the deathly serious yet bad acting, the flat lighting...I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I am seriously contemplating which film to take off my top ten list to make room for this one.


Yay! This week is over! For some reason, and it may have been my reluctance to do anything anymore that involves schoolwork, this week was just excruciatingly long. But I don't know how enjoyable this weekend will be, as I am very nervous about the Oscars. Like, seriously. I was sitting in class today, and thought about it, and I had honest-to-God adrenaline in my system just contemplating the possibility that ROTK might not win. I wonder why I have the need to get so emotionally invested in my fandoms.

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Sleeeeeeepy. I am as zombie! Except less with the eating of brains, and more with the stumbling about, arms outstretched. I have reading to do before discussion tomorrow, that I got behind of because of the Two-Day Celebration of The Anniversay of When I Began Breathing Oxygen. But I decided to watch Survivor instead, and so now I'm more behind. And then I decided to post on Haven about Survivor and check up on my LOTR websites, so I'm more more behind. And now I'm updating, so I'm more-to-the-third-power behind.

Next, I shall sleep. Then, I shall awaken and read. Discussion. Work. Stupid Friday. We hates it! It burns! It burns!

Survivor, by the way, was most triumphant. All hail the Axis of Pretty!

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Thursday, February 26, 2004


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Norrington is love!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Twenty-two years ago this very day, the world became a brighter place; angels sang from the heavens; my mom cursed at my dad a lot. In short, I was born. Thanks to everyone for the birthday cards, presents and well-wishes. Special thanks to Caroline for purchasing liquor for me yesterday. Mmm, dacquiri.

Caroline, Jenny, work friends Sean and Shannon (not me), Sean's brother and Shannon (not me)'s friend and I (me) went out for Mexican food last night. It was very good, and USC students get everything half off, which is a goodly system that all establishments, both eating and otherwise, should adopt. I imbibed the aforementioned alcoholic strawberry drink. It was tasty. Then, in what has become a Jenny-Shannon (me) Joint Birthday Extravaganza tradition, we went to House of Pies and bought pie. Mmm, pie.

Now I'm eating leftovers, and later I shall watch Pirates of the Caribbean, and then mayhap eat some pie, and then? Angel. I do have to do some medieval reading today, but I shall not let this intrusion of homework affect what is so far shaping up to be a glorious birthday. Cheers!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

It is Birthday Eve! I got a box of presents in the mail from my parental units. I got this joystick game that just plugs into the AV jacks in the front of one's TV, and you can play five old Atari games. I played for, like, three hours this afternoon. It's strangely hypnotic. You know sometimes you hear a song, and then you phantom hear it the rest of the day? Yo. I am having that issue, except with Atari beeps.

I also got fancy costume jewelry, Pirates of the Caribbean, new paintbrushes, and a new Dune book. Also, Valentine's Day candy. Yay, cheap discounted holiday treats! 'Twas a nice Birthday Eve bounty, indeed.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Stupid KU. Why do they keep losing? Why are they not good this year? How can they expect to take it home in the big dance if they can't shoot worth a damn? Why aren't they rebounding? Why are they playing so slow? What happened to the KU fast break? Where's the defense? Where's the perimeter play? Why can no one shoot threes? Who are these people, and what have they done with my Jayhawks?

I ask all these questions of God. I expect an answer soon. An answer made flesh in KU winning games.

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Return of the King has made $1 billion world-wide. That is so awesome, y'all. It's only the second film in history to do so.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Oh dear Lord in Heaven. Thank you, men of Scotland, for continuing to wear kilts. Especially to award shows. And thank you, specific man of Scotland, for showing Liv Tyler something that was apparently on your upper thigh. Whilst wearing your kilt. And for doing it in front of a photographer.

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It stopped raining about forty-five (45) minutes before I came home from work. The air had no water falling through it in droplet form, and it was blessedly cool outside. Thank you, Jesus.

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Damn it. It's raining, and I didn't bring my umbrella with me to work. It's been raining all week, and I should have known to just stick it in my bookbag, but of course I didn't. And it's not like it'll stop before 9pm, when I go home, because that would be nice and understanding of the rain, so I'm going to have to bike back in the rain and I'll be completely wet by the time I get home and that is just not cool.

There are people filming in the courtyard right outside the sound window. They are loud and annoying. I mean, I don't know how good a mood I would be if I had to shoot in the rain, but that is no excuse. I am trying to watch a movie here, people! I can't hear what Johnny Depp is saying! Priorities, y'all.

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People on Haven are stupid. Why do I still post there? Why do I bother? Why do I let myself get upset by stupid, stupid people? That last question probably applies to a lot of things, though.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Last night I watched Capturing the Friedmans, which is up for Best Feature Documentary this year. It was just incredibly compelling, even though at times it was highly disturbing. Arnold Friedman, a schoolteacher in Long Island, was accused of child molestation during the 1980s, as was his 18-year old son, Jesse. They both eventually pled guilty and went to prison; Jesse was just released, but Arnold committed suicide over a decade ago. What made it interesting was the fact that the family were really into home movies, so they filmed themselves throughout the entire time between the first search and when both men went to prison. So, you have this tape of the brothers yelling at the dad, "Mom thinks you're guilty! Mom wants you to plead and go to jail!"

I liked this documentary for many of the same reasons I liked the documentaries on the West Memphis Three. There is this element of community vicimization hysteria in both instances that both intrigues me and kind of freaks me out; there's still this witch trial atmosphere that exists in tight-knit communities, it's unbelieveable. I am positive that the West Memphis Three are innocent, but I don't know about the Friedmans. It certainly wasn't a cut and dry case. Based on only what I saw in the documentary, I feel like the youngest son wasn't guilty, but I can't say the same thing about the father. Still though, it's a great film, and it's my current movie recommendation.

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Today, I cut and dyed my hair. I organized all my pictures on my hard drive. I stole a puppet Angel mood theme from livejournal.

current mood: productive

*puts hands above keyboard*

*tries to find words*

*tries to control motor skills*

;dlksa aeio rpwawe n jskadf m4gh
Okay, Caroline and I decided to do a weekly challenge. Um, between ourselves. So both I and Caroline are going to post a picture, and then you the readers vote on which is the best (or worst as the case may be). These are pictures we will find on Google image search, by the way, not ones we create ourselves. Just so there's no confusion.

This week's theme: Lamest Buffy/Angel Fanart

I feel unable to actually post my entry in the blog itself. I just don't have the strength to see it in my blog. Like, staring at me. Next to my Billy picture. I can't do it. So here is the link.

Vote in the tagboard after looking at Caroline's entry. Which is the lamest? It is up to you.

Friday, February 20, 2004

See, I've never gotten the Orlando Bloom thing. I mean, he's attractive, but I don't see why he has fangirls. I think all four hobbits, Viggo, The Bean, Craig Parker, Karl Urban and Hugo Weaving are all hotter. But then, I saw this picture, and I kind of got it. I'm not going to turn into a Bloom-girl or anything, but I get it, now.

The following is a message for Maya.

[Frodo] The chocolate is mine. [/Frodo]

*evil grin*

In all seriousness, thanks muchly, pumpkin. Sandman! You know me so well. Danke. <-- (See what I did there?)
We watched Starsky and Hutch in class tonight. Man alive, but that movie was funny. Seriously, so funny. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are as gods. As gods!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I've been reading some of the articles about the San Francisco gay marriages lately, and the arguments both for and against because I think it's important to look at both sides of any issue before coming to a conclusion (although I'm sure everyone who knows me knows what my conclusion is), and I found this statement on a message board. The person was replying to another poster's assertion that true Christians could not support gay marriage if they believed in the Bible.

"I don't cherry-pick phrases out of the Bible to help me hate anyone."

Seriously. This is one thing I've come across in talking to people who are religious more often than not. This idea that because some guy 2500 years ago decided that something was not acceptable based on the social and cultural norms of his time, that means everyone living today has to go along with it? And more than that, use this thousands-year old historical document to advocate hate? That seems rather...antithetical to the basic struture of Christianity to me.

Basically, marriage is a civil institution. That's why you can get married by a justice of the peace and not a minister if you like. Marriage is not a religious institution. It isn't. So why should it be governed by the "feelings" of the moral majority? And I say feelings deliberately, because if it's not the "well, it says so in the Bible" argument, it's the, "well, it just feels wrong" argument. What about people who are atheists? Or Jews? Or Muslims? Or whatever? They're obviously not participating in marriage as the same religious institution that Christians are, but it's acceptable because of the gender of the parties involved?

Another argument that comes up is the "tradition of marriage." See, marriage has always been between a man and a woman, and thus it should remain. Except that that's not true. There were civil unions roughly equating to marriage (joint custody of property, joint taxation, etc.) that took place between same sex couples in ancient Rome and Greece, in Britain during the Middle Ages, even in Catholic churches after marriage was made a religious union in 1215, and in Africa continuing to this day. There is not a historical basis for marriage being only the union between a man and a woman, so that argument doesn't fly, either.

Marriage is only real if the couple can reproduce? I've read that argument quite a bit lately. Because it's, apparently, all about making babies. What about couples that cannot conceive, for whatever medical reason? Is their marriage less "real?" What about couples that can't afford to have children? Simply don't want to have children? And I'm talking het couples here. Are their marriages less valid because they're not reproducing? What does breeding have to do with marriage, seriously? That is, again, assuming that most children throughout history have been born in monogamous relationships "sanctified" through marriage. Polygamy and even polyandry were and are common enough to rule that idea invalid, and that's just discussing het marriage. Bottom line, though, the argument that a married couple should be able to have children used to dispute gay marriage will inevitably become obsolete soon enough, when technologies developed for cloning make it possible for the chromosomes of two same sex people to be combined in a host egg cell, and gay couples will be able to have children that are genetically theirs.

Bottom line for me, I guess, is that it really does come down to a question of civil liberties, of civil rights. The laws forbidding gay marriages are unconstitutional. That is why there's talk of making a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage; not because they want to cement the fact it's not going to happen, but to validate it in the first place. Laws banning gay marriage are just as unconstitutional as the laws on segregation, slavery, and voting rights. They're laws based on cultural and social norms, and peoples' "feelings," not based on the constitution. And as such, regardless what the moral majority may think, may feel, they're simply inexcusable.

I'd like to conclude this already fairly long post with a compare-and-contrast exercise. Let's look at Britney Spears's latest marriage. Hooked up with an old friend in Vegas, may or may not have been drunk, high, or both, but still managed to swing in and grab a marriage certificate. Got married in their jeans and t-shirts. Oops. Not only are they no longer married, in the eyes of the state, they never were! Annulled and done with. But this is okay, this is protected by all the laws governing marriage both state and federal. Now, let's look at a hypothetical gay couple. They've been together five years, they are committed, and they want to be together for the rest of their lives. All they want is to make their union recognized in a civic sense, for whatever reason. They can't. Now, why are these marriages either acceptable or not not because of the actual quality of the relationship, but just because of the genders of those involved? Does that make any sense? Which relationship really hurts the "sanctity" of the institution of marriage?
Oh my God. That episode of Angel was so amazing. Easily in my top five. It was perfect! I can't believe they're cancelling this show. I can't believe it.

*shakes fist at WB*

Now that I've expressed my anger, I would like to show you all how much I loved this episode. How much, you might ask? Look up at the very top of the page. That's how much, yo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

[native Los Angeles dweller] Oh my God! It's raining! Water is falling from the sky! At a steady rate!'s puddling on the ground! It's running down the sides of the street! If I stand outside, my hair gets wet! I can't drive! The car, it''s...not working! I must drive incredibly slow and carefully over the moderately damp road! I think I'm going to die! The rain! The rain! Sweet Jesus! [/native Los Angeles dweller]

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So, I was searching around on my computer for a specific picture, and I came across the picture I am about to post below. Now, I must have saved this about three years ago. I do not know why I saved it. This is tantamount to Laura saving a picture of a great white shark, or Indiana Jones saving a picture of a snake. The filename was "solar_system.jpg," and I was intrigued, but then ended up having a mild freak-out when I clicked it open.

Ack! Look at how gigantic the sun is! It doesn't even fit inside the picture!
Dear LORD it was cold in the science building this morning. It was about 60 degrees outside, and it was also warmer outside. I kept looking at my pen, then at the girl sitting next to me, then back at my pen, trying to figure out if I could use it as a weapon to cut her open so I could climb inside for warmth. Like Luke on Hoth.

My professor liked my research paper idea! Yay! I was worried it was going to be too technical (10.2 surround sound in theatrical exhibition), but he said no. Very happy about that. Now, I get to write about something I actually am knowledgeable about. Always a good thing.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Went to go see Clay at that stupid Ryan Seacrest show. Good times, good times. I love being pan-fandom; there are so many things that make me happy. It was a long day, though; we got there at 9am, they started taping at noon, and it's an hour-long show, so that was five hours on our feet. And I wore heels, so's I'd be tall and could see the stage and what-all. Now, I am tired, but it was fun.

I've figured out why I'm not really into my classes this semester. It's boring. I haven't learned anything in Psychology I didn't learn in high school, the Medieval Civ class is all about class structures and important issues and not the Black Death and castles, and dude. I can't be writing no more papers. [Gollum] No. Not. Never. [/Gollum] Bah. Bah to you, semester, I say!
1) Beck, "Lost Cause"
2) Queen, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
3) Foo Fighters, "Times Like These (Acoustic)"
4) Our Lady Peace, "Superman's Dead"
5) They Might Be Giants, "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"

Yeah. I just sat here staring at my edit window for ten minutes, slowly coming to the realization that nothing had happened to me, and I had caused nothing to happen, in the past twenty-four (24) hours at all. And yet another extended weekend I feel I have wasted by just sitting in front of my computer today. Even when I went to work, I just sat at the computer. Although I did start reading Robinson's Mars trilogy again, which always pleases me. I think I might just sit down and start adapting them into a screenplay (even though I don't have the rights and technically I shouldn't), just because I want to. I would kill to make these books into movies. And if someone does it before me, there will be blood spilt, of this I assure you.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

You know you're bored when you paint pointillistic patterns on your fingernails.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

My search for the perfect salad had finally culminated. See, I don't like salad dressing. Blech. So for me, a salad has to have things in it that make it taste like something other than, well, lettuce. For years, I've experimented with different toppings, but nothing has ever been so good that I wanted to just sit down and have a salad for a meal. But I like the idea of salad. It pleases me, in its healthy, all-natural way. Like fresh herbs or something. And at last, my salad is complete.

First, assemble salad greens, whatever you prefer. Splash on some lemon juice. Next, sprinkle finely minced green chile peppers and diced green pepper on top. Then, some black beans. Then, feta cheese, crumbled, and cheddar cheese, shredded. At this point, it is a good basic salad. If you wish it to be more hearty, add chicken. You can make it a Mexican salad by adding shredded chicken cooked with taco seasoning. Or, chicken cooked with lemon juice and fresh dill. Both of these are good choices. Add the chicken after it has cooled. Voila! You have Shannon's perfect salad.

And yes, this is what I'm doing on Valentine's Day. Good times.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Bah to Medieval texts. Boring. Blah blah God blah blah wars blah blah Kings blah blah God blah blah. Medieval world? You are boring. Why are you so boring? The Dark ages are supposed to be interesting and exciting! You are not.

I hope you get the Black Death.

In a related story, there was a guy sitting next to me in Medieval Civ discussion who was a heavy mouth breather. It was extremely disturbing. I can't really turn to him and say, "Yo, inhale a little more quietly, you freak," but I really wanted to.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

I have nothing of substance to post, as I am working on Stupid Papers that are Really Stupid and We Hates Them, so I'm just going to stick in a picture of gratuitous fangirlishness.


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

It's amazing how much better a single night of sleep can make one feel. In fact, one feels like Elijah Wood must feel in the picture above. Like the rainbow, indeed.

The average grade on the first psychology midterm was a 60%. Barely a passing grade, there. So today, we were lectured on how to read and study. See? See what the stupid freshman did? They did bad on the test, and then I had to sit through an hour of "don't just highlight the textbook; think about what the textbook is saying."

Because it got all the way up to 70 degrees today, as opposed to the apparently much cooler 60 degree temperatures we've had thus far this semester, someone turned on the air conditioning in the science building. Was so cold, contemplated setting self on fire.

Okay, this is like one of those survey things that you forward to your friends, only cooler, and done on the blog. And I came up with it myself. You all must do it! I commmand you!

So, open up your winamp (or whatever music playing software you use). Put it on random. Write down the first ten songs that come up. Even if they're embarrassing. I'll start.

1) No Doubt, "Just a Girl"
2) Smashing Pumpkins, "Today"
3) Pink Floyd, "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"
4) Rembrandts, "I'll Be There For You"
5) Ben Folds Five, "Jackson Cannery"
6) Mr. Bungle, "Vanity Fair"
7) Steppenwolf, "Magic Carpet Ride"
8) Aretha Franklin, "I Say A Little Prayer"
9) U2, "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me"
10) Cat Stevens, "Morning Has Broken"

Now. Get to it.

Monday, February 9, 2004

How the world will end. Oh God, so funny. The second time Australia said, "WTF?" I just cackled, everyone.
So, I didn't sleep at all last night. I've been having problems sleeping the past two weeks or so, on and off, getting a good full night's sleep every third night or so. But last night was the first time I absolutely could not fall asleep at all. I tossed and turned. I decided to get up and read for awhile, but then when I got back into bed all I could think about was ways to adapt the book into a film. "Well, I'd have to cut that sequence. I could probably combine those two characters, they're redundant. That would have to be CGI. Unless it was a composited miniature." And so forth. I watched the sun come up. Finally, I fell into a doze, where you maybe dream a bit, but are then aware you're in bed, and back and forth--my alarm went off and screwed that up.

So. I'm here at work, and I feel like I'm on drugs. I can't get my eyes to focus, I feel funny (like when you know you're getting sick), I'm all sore (it hurts to breathe in too deeply), and I can't concentrate.

This all causes me to reflect on the oddity of organisms adapting so that they can only function if they basically stop functioning a third of the time. I understand the need for dreaming--excising unnecessary bits from the brain and memory--but sleep itself is odd. I feel the need to research it. Why do scientists think sleep evolved? What happens that forces us to sleep; what chemical or neurological triggers shut us down once a day? It strikes me as odd that I know next to nothing about how all this works. Think of how much more we'd be able to accomplish if we didn't have to sleep. Which makes me think: instead of trying to lengthen people's lives--which are invariably more prone to illness and injury and senility and all that jazz, no matter how healthy one is, at a certain point--maybe we should try to get rid of sleep. Is that at all possible? People would still live their average of 70-odd years, but in reality, without sleep or with less sleep, they'd be living an extra 20 or 30 years. Which is another thing that strikes me as odd; we fight against aging, we fight against disease, we fight against any number of natural processes, but just accept sleep for what it is. Interesting.

Well. I'm going to go get a Mountain Dew, play some loud music, and try to wake up.

omg!!!11 ~*~thereloveissopure~*~

I obviously have nothing better to do than scour random people's livejournals for LOTR icons. Yep.

*hangs head sadly*

What is up with this stupid 100-level class assigning, like, 200 (two hundred) pages of reading a week? A week? I mean, come on already. It's a class for freshman. One shouldn't have to work in it. Seriously. I feel like USC lied to me.

*continues to not do reading*

*looks scornfully at book*

*book mocks me*

*flails ineffectually*

Sunday, February 8, 2004

I love Caroline's portable DVD player. She let me take it to work (which is where I am now). I am watching movies. And getting paid to do so! Because dude, no one does sound work on Sunday night.

"You don't frighten us, English pig-dogs! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!"

Ah, I love Monty Python.
Oh my God. Billy Boyd sings "Beyond the Sea" at a Glasgow swing concert. Right click. Save. Listen. Fall in love. Die.

Well, that's what I did, at least.

Photobucket. A place to keep files that actually allows you to directly link, as opposed to Geocities. So you don't have to make everything a .txt, and you can have .gifs! Yay! I love .gifs. Good times.

Peter Jackson wins the DGA award! Whee!

Dominic Monaghan's journal, as read by Elijah Wood. Tee hee. It doesn't take much to amuse me.

Friday, February 6, 2004

Why do people ride their bike right straight down the middle of the sidewalk? Why not ride down one side, since it's probably a safe bet that someone else might ride down the sidewalk, and they don't want to have to try and shuffle past you since you, middle of the sidewalk rider, invariably ride slower than a great big slow thing. And then you give me a snooty look, like I'm in the wrong, when you are clearly not obeying the unspoken pedestrian traffic laws.

And by you, I mean that stupid loser on his tiny child bike talking on his cell phone while attempting to steer with one hand, but not well, so he went back and forth all over the middle of the sidewalk and I had to come to a screeching halt on my bike and I'm sure I looked dumb and then he kept talking on his cell phone and I actually had a very vivid vision of vivesecting him with my keys right in the middle of campus.

I want to get a henna tattoo. I don't want a permanent tattoo, because that's a commitment I'm not willing to make, and they hurt. But I would like something artistic like that, but regular temporary tattoos are cheap and come off immediately. Henna sounds neat. I wants one.

Thursday, February 5, 2004

More crazily subtitled FOTR screencaps here. I laughed so hard at this, I thought I was going to die.
That episode of "Angel" gutted me, yo. I cried. Poor, wonderful Cordelia. I have seen few character send-offs that poignant and appropriate. They had so many problems with her characterization in the past, but tonight was absolutely pitch-perfect.

Now that that's out of the way: "Doing it old school!" "Good times." "I'm making some [unclean urine] right now." Hee.

ETA: Red-haired Teen Martin made it into the final 32 on American Idol! Yay! That kid is the serious cute. Also, I like punk-loner Bree, and the pink-haired girl. They would all be acceptable winners. Yes. My judgement has been made.

*nods head judiciously*

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Sean Astin is directing the new Fantastic Four movie. Yay! He did a fantastic job on the episode of "Angel" he helmed, and I think he'll do a great job with this. Here's hoping he gets Alexis Denisof to star. That would rock out loud.

I hate midterms. They are the dumb. Bah.
American Idol was kind of pointless. A full hour to show us that 20 people got kicked off? At least red-haired Dean Martin kid is still around. I like him a lot. He's the cute.

24 was ASOME. I love Nina so much. She's seriously one of my favorite characters in all of fiction. And I think most of that is due to Sarah Clarke, who just plays her so well. It's all in the eyes, and she's got great eyes. Xander Berkeley is one lucky man. (Sniff. I miss Mason.) Seriously, though, I was kind of disappointed with the beginning of the season. Just a bit; it was slow and I didn't really feel it, but the past few episodes have been really great. I'm very much looking forward to the next big shift and plot twist (you know it's coming); although after tonight I've decided once again to abstain from promos. They keep giving away major plot points (Ramone blowing up? Thanks, Fox), and it's irritating, and I enjoy the show so much more when I'm surprised.

The good thing about participating a lot in class is it buys you days when you don't have to participate at all and it's cool. Ergo, there is no pressure to get my reading done. Ergo, I will probably not get it done, even though there is nothing else important I have to do. Ergo, I am a slug-woman with amazing powers of sloth and lethargy.

*stuns you with laser-beams of torpidity*

ETA: Updated some things in the side column. I always feel that no one would ever look over there if I didn't announce I changed things. Is that the case? 'Cause I'll keep on announcing. Unless, that is, no one cares, in which case, I hope you get syphillis and die a crazy, crazy fool.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

So, I got kind of tired of the dark blue. It just started to feel very drab and serious, so I decided to freshen the blog up with pretty spring colors. I like it. I think it's prettyful.

I feel very stupid and unfunny lately. I can't think of anything interesting or insightful to post. Sigh.

Monday, February 2, 2004

[sing-song] I think Caroline has a secret admirer. [/sing-song]

Sunday, February 1, 2004

Caroline and I are watching the remake of "The Parent Trap" with Dennis Quaid and a tiny Lindsay Lohan. Dude. This movie is so lame, in such a delicious way. There's even a romance between the help! And fake British accents! Good times.

I wish I could finagle my template here to add in an icon to each post, like on livejournal. Dude, livejournal is cool. I love the icons. They are truly teh ASOME.