Wednesday, June 30, 2004

OMGWTF!!1 Dueling Snape!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

First and foremost, the library and Blockbuster, neither, had Truly, Madly, Deeply, which Catherine assures me has prime Alan Rickman. Like has happened before, now that I cannot easily secure this film, I am consumed with thoughts of how I might get it. Why does my Blockbuster not have random British movies? Why? Why?

We did, however, watch Sense and Sensibility, which I had never seen before. Why, I don’t know, as it was perfectly lovely, and I generally have an affection for Victorian-era British movies with misunderstandings and romantic turmoil aplenty. Laura and I spent the entirety of the movie very upset and tense that Rickman’s Colonel Brandon was all in love with Kate Winslet and she was in love with some loser, and that he would end up all alone and sad. And then even when loser ended up being engaged to someone else, Kate was still all weepy about him, and not Colonel Brandon! Who is so sweet and caring and very dashing in his coats and hats and his pretty floppy hair! And then, she goes outside in the rain and gets pneumonia or whatever, and he carries her in, and then he reads to her, and then he gets her a piano, and I must admit, I was still very concerned that they would not end up together. And then they tied up Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant’s storyline, and I figured that was as much resolution as Colonel Brandon would get. But then, the little kids run up to the hill to what is obviously a wedding, and it’s Colonel Brandon and Kate Winslet! I actually said, “Yes!” out loud. It was very exciting. And Colonel Brandon looked very handsome indeed in his military outfit, all happy and stuff.

I like to pretend that I like movies that are all cinematic and fraught with meaning, but really, it’s all about pretty boys and them being happy.
People emailed me! I less than three you, for serious! I just spent the past hour reading the blog posts and summaries, and now I am fulfilled and happy. Danke muchly.

So, I was going to try and fiddle around with Windows Movie Maker, but I could not figure out how to put in video that wasn’t off a DV cam. Can you do it with DVDs or with media that is, like, burned on a CD? I’m terribly confused, and you would think I could figure this out, but you would be wrong.

Has anyone heard anything about the Arrested Development DVDs? Have they put a release date on them, yet? I am so woefully uninformed about everything now. Curse you, dialup! Curse you, and all the halflings! Wait, no…

Yes, I did in fact watch the entirety of LotR again this week. I just don’t have the endurance to watch all three back to back, which would be the best, so it was one a day. I cannot wait for November, and the ROTK Extended Edition. But then, sniff, it will be over. Oh, the misery.

Am I the only person who cares not one iota about Spiderman 2?

Friday, June 25, 2004

Hokay, so. I still have not gotten a job, although I haven’t really looked for one. You would think I would have had the opportunity, then, to get online more often, but not so much. First of all, I have set up a new email account at, which I don’t have to get online to check. What would be brilliant is if y’all could copy and paste your blog updates into an email, because I haven’t read anyone’s blogs, I don’t know what anyone is doing, and [whale song] IIIIIII-iiiii MIIIIIIIIIISSSSSS YOUUUUUU-ouuuu [/whale song]. Yis.

So I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban again, and that was just an excellent movie. I adored the iris opening and closing for the fade in/fade outs to black. That’s one of my favorite transition techniques that no one seems to use anymore. Also, this time around, and after having read all the books, I have come to the conclusion that I love Snape. Yes, I love him. In the film, when Lupin turns into a werewolf, and Snape runs up and stands in front of the three kids with his arms spread out, I went, “Afp;oei fnklds” out loud. I always like characters that had bad times of it and become snide, sarcastic mean people as a result, but who deep down you know just want to be loved (think Spike). SPOILERS OMG I think the fact that Snape is still a member of the Order speaks to this END SPOILERS OMG. Speaking of which, I’m sorry, Maya. For some reason I had thought I was the only person who hadn’t read the books. But it’s cool; I plan to have a little talk with Rowling so we can straighten that whole mess out, and not kill characters I like goddamn it.

Back to Snape. I think part of the reason I’ve decided I like him so much is Alan Rickman. As has happened to me before, I am aware of an actor and like him all right, and then see a film and go, oh yeah, he’s cool. AND THEN OBSESS. Luckily, Laura has decided she quite likes Alan Rickman as well, so we have begun renting his body of work from the library. Quigley Down Under is truly a great, great film, yea verily. I didn’t really like Love Actually, though, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Oh yes, I have learned my lesson. Anyways, Sarah heard of our plan and came and watched us fast-forwarding through Die Hard, and said, “That’s the guy you like? Him? You like Snape?!? We keep thinking eventually she will be assimilated, but not quite yet, apparently.

Other than that, things have been boring. We had a really great storm a week or so ago. Regular thunder and lightning and rain, but truly awesome wind. We were all standing by the back door, watching the storm, and we literally watched the eighty (80)-foot tall oak tree in our next door neighbor’s back yard fall over. It buckled the ground all up, hit another tree, and demolished the back of their fence. It was quite cool. Then we came back inside only to see that our wee little smoke tree in the front had fallen down. It was perhaps anticlimactic after seeing some real storm destruction, but it was still rather interesting. Of course, as soon as you have a storm like that, the weather people on the local news shows start cutting in constantly, telling you there’s a thunderstorm an hour south of us or whatever, thinking they’re all important and saving lives or something, so it’s really a double-edged sword, the storm thing.

Alyssa? I completely forgot I told you I’d make you a copy of Photoshop. Do you still need it, or have you gotten it from someplace else? Let me know and I will burn it for you if you need it. (And I also left your address written down on a piece of paper now packed in a box in LA.) Yis.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004


Thursday, June 3, 2004

Oh my God, internet so slow. Is like to cry. I'm sitting here, trying to post on Caro's tagboard, and I have no idea if my post ever did in fact go through, but I just don't care anymore. I have been reloading for twenty minutes, but after trying to load all the boyfriend pictures, my browser just stops working.

Marshall is in a band. He plays drums, there's a bass player, and a guitarist who does vocals. They do mostly Nirvana covers, although apparently they have two original songs. They are playing tonight at some little coffee house, and he and my mom are having a huge fight over shoes. He has this pair of Converse high-tops that are falling apart at the seams that he wants to wear. My mom is like, I do not want you wearing those shoes in public. So Marshall goes, okay, I'll get a new pair. Except he doesn't have any money and wants my mom to buy them. They've gone back and forth for almost a week, and today, Marshall started claiming that she told him she'd buy them, when she definitely did not, and it's just so very entertaining to listen to. It's like TV, but for real.

I decided to watch all the LOTR documentaries on the DVDs, as there are many I have not seen. I'm just going down the menu, one after the other. In fact, this is how exciting my summer has been.

I finished reading the first three Harry Potter books. Laura tells me she has lost all respect for me. They're all right, although the third was definitely the best. I just started the fourth, and my God, the exposition. It was page 170 before they got to Hogwarts! That seems a little extreme. But anyways, I guess I'll be taking Marshall to go see the movie tomorrow, as neither of my parents want to go. The movie does look good, and I'm always excited to see Gary Oldman.

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