Wednesday, July 21, 2004

So, I'm working the next two weeks at the community college, just to earn a spot of cash, and as such had internet access today ([Gov. Swann] Huzzah! [/Gov. Swann]); I decided that I want to do a massive template overhaul on this site, so I looked up how to design such a thing oneself instead of searching for pre-made templates by others. Came up with an idea, so I started searching for various pictures of many different fandom things. Was searching for Alan Rickman pictures and came across a message board. Oh, the pain. This is an actual post:

"omg u guys i luv this pic. i luv his hair. the pic is from 1988 (when i wuz born!!)."

Wow. That's

If anyone, leik, finds a copy of the Dreamweaver MX program floating about (much like I found a copy of Photoshop floating about, via Jenny), feel free to send it my way. As I don't want to spend $400, innit. I'm sorry, that's just too much for software. It's ridiculous. Bah.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lots of TV to talk about. First of all, VH1’s I Love The 90s: 1993 talked about XF, and I was quite pleased with how complimentary everyone was. It appears that people aren’t holding the last two seasons against the memory of the show, which is nice. I knew Kevin Smith was a fan, but “best show ever realized” was some awfully high praise. It was cool.

I can’t believe Alison and Donny are gone from TAR. I think that the producers knew there were many fans who pay very close attention to what Phil says at the end of the recap at the beginning, and decided to mess with us, because when he intoned, “Who will be eliminated…NEXT?” I turned to Laura and said, “Surely this isn’t a non-elimination round. They’ve never had one this early. But he didn’t say tonight! He said next!” And then, and it became clear that Alison and Donny were going to come in last, the clue said, “The last team to check in at the pit stop may be eliminated.” I was like, no. May? They’re going to let the two of them off. Damn it. But no, TAR pulled through, and they’re gone. It was a joyous night, indeed.

I’m glad that the two teams with older members are doing well. Just to spite the young teams (although there isn’t a team with two young male friends, is there? There usually is.), whom I think come in counting older teams and go, well, that’s four gone before we have to worry. I hate that attitude. I also hate Chip and Kim (well, mostly Chip), and I hope they leave soon. I think they will, as they don’t appear to be very good racers.

Emmy nominations came out today. Alan Rickman got nominated! Yay! But, he’s up against Al Pacino from Angels in America, which doesn’t bode well. Laura sent me this in an email this morning:

AR got nominated for STLM (yeah!), but the bad part about this is that Angels in America had 5432 nominations and he's going against Al-freaking-Pacino. At least we'll see him at the awards all fancy.

Yis. Also nominated were Arrested Development (yay!), Jeffery Tambor (yay!), Tony Shalhoub (yay!), 24 (yay!), Kiefer Sutherland (yay!), and TAR (yay!). Unfortunately, no one from Angel got nominated (I wasn’t holding my breath, but still), and Jason Bateman didn’t get a nom (I think the posthumous nod to John Ritter took his spot). Also, I’m so sick of the Sopranos that I want to hurt someone, but thank Jesus that Sex and the City is over and done with. Shut up, HBO. Unless you make a TV-movie with Alan Rickman. But otherwise, shut up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Back from vacation. The in-car usage of the TV/DVD player was a complete success. If by success, you mean failure. Marshall and Sarah possibly fought even more than they normally do, culminating in Marshall telling our dad that he hates him. Twice.

Sunday morning I woke up at 2am, and the sides of my head hurt horribly. Not an inside headache, but on the outside. I ran my hands up through my hair and thought I felt lumps. I didn't want to wake anyone up, so I just layed in bed and miserabled. I was trying to think of reasons why I would have huge lumps on both sides of my head. Perhaps I had been bitten by some horrible VENOMOUS INSECT. Or maybe they were swellings caused by VIRAL MENINGITIS. Mayhap they represented the first abnormalities as I became a NEW ELEPHANT MAN.

At 8am, when Laura woke up and groggily asked what the problem was, and then told me that I probably knocked my head against the neck harnass on one of the roller coasters, I thought, yeah, that makes more sense.

Except that when I woke up in the morning, what I thought were lumps were revealed to be merely the natural contours of my skull. The outside of my head did still hurt, though; like someone had half-scalped me and pulled down the rest of the skin to cover up the bottom of my head. Very strange.

Watched the first half of Truly Madly Deeply. Very cute, I recommend it.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

I was going to blog about TAR, but that Harry Potter bar and the new icons on the side took me all fa-reaking day, as certain people (dadmarshallsarah) will not get off the computer already.

We're going on a little vacation this weekend, and my parents bought a wee little TV/DVD player combo to take with us in the van, to return when we're done. Aha.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Fourth of July Extended Weekend Recap

Friday: The day before I decided that goddamn it, I was going to find a copy of Truly Madly Deeply, but the only copy in our public library system was in the main branch down on 6th and Gang Shooting Ave. (which my parents talk of as though it were the most fiendishly dangerous place in all the world, but which, after four years in South Central LA, instead seemed totally anticlimactic); I drove down, found the case, and took it to the desk to check it out. Except that one can only check out three movies at a time, and I had already checked out three at our local branch; I didn’t know they kept track of such things system-wide. So I drove back home, disheartened. Enter Friday, when Laura and I decided to go out and such. At Wal-Mart, we bought Quigley Down Under. At Best Buy, we bought Sense and Sensibility. We had resigned ourselves to never finding the elusive movie we truly desired. At the last minute, we decided to drive to the Half-Price Bookstore, which is one of my favorite places in the world. I walked over to VHS, and of course it wasn’t there. I walked over to DVD…and they had it. I was totally flabbergasted. I think I yelped out loud a bit. We still have not watched this movie, as the rest of the weekend did not permit the time, but it is enough now that we have it.

As we drove home, we were no more than five miles from the intersection of 635 and I-70, which is where the ConAgra plant is, where that one guy who killed five co-workers and then killed himself. Of course, the shooting happened about two hours after we got home, but still. It was all over the local news the whole weekend, and it was especially odd to see the story on national news. Like, whoa.

Saturday: Food preparation. Shut up, kitchen, I hate you.

Sunday: So, there have been a few white trash families move to our street, a matter of some concern to Laura and me. White trash families in the Midwest speak with Southern accents, even though they are not from the south. They like Nascar, beer and country music. Their evil little children run pell-mell all through the neighborhood, shoeless and without manners, wandering into your garages and backyards. So of course these families invite all their stupid white trash relatives out for the Fourth, drunk before they arrive. One guy decided it would be fun to get on his motorcycle after dark, when everyone’s in the street lighting fireworks, and race up and down the street at speeds approaching 60 mph, doing wheelies and spins and glaring at kids who dared stand in the street with their wee sparklers and such. We called the cops. The cops did not arrive, but the trash peeled out, so we think they had a police scanner on them or something.

We also went to see Spiderman in the morning. It was a family thing, I could not get out of it. The movie was frighteningly boring for the first hour at least. See, the problem was, they did wrap-up from the first movie, which took up twenty minutes or so, and then they set up this movie, so it was like watching two first-acts, and then a quickly assembled third act. Eeeexxxxppppoooossssiiiittttiiiioooonnnn…..movieomgwtf!

Monday: Laura and I go to see Prisoner of Azkaban again, leaving the house while our parents’ mocking laughter trails after us. Shut up, parents. We like the movie. We ended up sitting in front of this fifty (50!) year old man who chuckled throughout the entire movie. Like, “Oh, Harry, you corker. Heh.” Also, if I have to see the preview for that stupid Hillary Duff movie one more time, I’m going to kill someone. But all in all, the movie was good the third time around.

This concludes the recap. My life is boring. Since this is already a really long entry, I’ll save my waxing poetical on The Amazing Race: Best Show Ever OMG for another day. Suffice it to say that when little person-sister said, “I can’t wait to see Phil; he’s gorgeous,” and then Phil got a glamour shot with little tinkly music, I was very excited.