Friday, August 27, 2004

There's an independent film that's going to start shooting in Kansas City in the beginning of October, and I'm going to apply for a crew position on the shoot; if that doesn't go through, I'm just going to get a job at some local retail place and be done with it. I got two "thanks for your resume, but we don't even want to interview you" letters this week, and I'm starting to wonder what was the point of spending $35,000 a year if I can't even get a job at a local TV station. Anyways, apparently my parents are severely upset that I've taken a few months off after graduating, and want me to get a job post-haste, so anyways. Good times.

I finally finished the snazzy new background image for my blog template, combining most of my fandoms, but until I get my hands on some kind of html editor or page maker, there's no way I can figure out how to put the template together myself. I've been trying to do some icons, but my dad decreed that we can't download pictures anymore, because he's afraid of getting viruses, so it's like I can't do anything. Very disheartening.

Oh, my God, Caroline. I hate Colin so much, it's not even funny. I shrieked at him this past week; the taxi incident was absolutely absurd. Dude, you talked to the guy first. He doesn't give a shit whether or not you're in a race. The minute you sat down in his cab, you agreed to pay him his specified price. And if you're so worried about safety (which he wasn't; that was so clearly an excuse to try and bolster his case), you can walk around and check the tires before agreeing to get in the cab. I noticed that the moms had taxi trouble too, but they didn't try and get out of paying. But even if Colin's complaint were legitimate, it's TAR. You're in a race. Just pay him and move on, so you don't give up ground to other teams. Honestly, though, I have no sympathy for Christie, either. She's obviously shown him that he can treat her like garbage and not only will she accept it, she'll apologize if she occasionally grows half a brain and tells him to shut up already.

Please momsChipandKimevenBrandonandNicolealthoughIdon'treallylikethem win. I hate Colin and Christie so much, although really not that much more than the twins, who are quite possibly the stupidest people who have ever run this race. They make Alison look like a rocket scientist.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

So. I am at the library, looking up graduate screenwriting programs, and decided that while I had the fast internet connection I would update. With what, I don't know, since all I've done recently is watch the Olympics, Big Brother, TAR (I'll miss you, Charla and Mirna!), and help Laura move into KU. Which was fun, that last bit. She has a single dorm, pretty good-sized, and she bought all kinds of cool shit to put in it. So that was good times, although dude. The difference in the student body between KU, a large state school, and USC, a less large private expensive school? Is huge. Lots and lots and lots of dumb, skanky girls that you know aren't, like, pre-med or anything. I am glad I didn't have to go to school with that.

Why do all these schools make me submit letters of recommendation? Why? I don't want to ask all my teachers to write me letters again. It's embarrassing. "Hey, you know how I asked you to write me a letter last year? Yeah, so I totally did not get in. I suck. So write me another, mmkay?"


Apparently, my dad heard on the news yesterday that they're planning on making a new movie, with Freddy and Jason versus Ash. That is so awesome. They're not even in pre-production, and I cannot wait.

And...that's all, I think. My life is so boring.