Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween! My most favoritest holiday in the whole wide world! We just finished doing our Jack O'Lanterns. Mine kind of looks like a pirate, quite unintentionally. Later Laura and I are going to finish our Halloween baking (seriously), and then start working on Sarah's costume. She has a kimono we bought this summer, so she's going as a geisha girl. We of course told her she was going as a Japanese woman in theater makeup, but she'll be a geisha girl. My mom accidentally said it out loud in front of her, and Sarah asked for three days, "What's a gooshy girl?" before we got her to forget about it.

We watched Dawn of the Dead last night. Really gruesome, but so much so that it went from being disturbing all the way around to not. It wasn't really all that scary, although there were some, "Oh my God that's sick!" moments. Sarah Polley has some seriously messed up teeth, though. And I still haven't forgiven her for My Life Without Boring.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

National Novel Writing Month begins on November 1st. As I have no desire to write a novel, and honestly, no prose-writing talent to do so, I will be using NaNoWriMo to finally finish a complete first draft of a screenplay. I shall call it NaScreeWriMo. And as accountability is a huge motivator for me, I will post my progress (not because I think any of you care, but if I know that people will know that I did no writing, it will make me want to write). Now, I'm cheating a little bit, as I already have seven pages done, but it'll be okay. A jump start, if you will.

The mornings here have been really interesting, all humid and foggy, in manner of greenhouse. Or the produce department. One is misted quite regularly in a fine sheen of water when one leaves the house in the morning. It is not very refreshing at all. It is merely damp.

I emailed three professors on Monday, in three separate emails, about writing letters of recommendation for the UCLA application, which has a postmark deadline for everything on Monday. One prof. immediately got back to me and said he couldn't do it, so I wrote myself my own recommendation letter and am asking my sound department supervisor to sign the bottom and send it in. (Seriously, this is his preferred method of writing recommendation letters.) However, the other two professors haven't replied at all. I'm worrying about whether the emails went through, or if they've even seen them yet. Eek.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Didn't work today; stayed at home and worked on my UCLA application. I called their cinema student affairs division and learned they prefer a smaller writing sample of high quality over many writing samples (like USC, bastards), so I should get the rest done tomorrow, which is awesome. And I don't have to send my GRE scores. Thanks, UCLA!

I love Ken Jennings. It would have sucked if the guy to win $2 million on Jeopardy had been some smarmy asshole like that one guy who won Who Wants to Be a Millionaire the first time. I can't imagine watching Jeopardy now without Ken. He should just always be on. Like the Iron Chef. Oh, there's always a challenger, and occasionally the challenger beats the Iron Chef, but that doesn't mean the Iron Chef has to go away. The Iron Chef is the master. He's the one who tests the challenger. Ken is the Iron Chef.

Monday, October 25, 2004


Now that that's out of the way, I would just like to say to everyone that I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Nothing. I have not a single piece of information to post about, not one charming anecdote to relate, not a shred of anything interesting for any of you to read.

Caroline: What is your new email address? (My SC email account just expired, so I imagine yours did as well.) (Is it "your's?" I suddenly can't remember if there's an apostrophe or not.)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Not subbing today. Am staying home and working on grad school applications. Am mortally terrified of still not getting into grad school.

Lost was pretty good last night, although I still don't like Jack (Matthew Fox). I guess it's because he's the pretty boy, and is being set up as the big male lead, and I just don't find him all that interesting. Ah well, the rest of the episode was good, although this was the first time I noticed the music wasn't good. Get a new music person.

The other day I took an orange to work to eat for lunch. I unpeeled it, segmented it, and then ate the first bite, and it was ridiculously sour. But I was hungry, and it wasn't too bad, so I just kept eating it. I was halfway through before I realized it was a grapefruit that I was just eating plain.

And that's about it. God, my life is boring.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I was substituting yesterday for the high school debate/theater teacher. She is married to the child molesting library aide and is also the woman who treated Laura like crap, basically forcing her out of Theater Club and the plays. Anyways, the two debate classes are about 80% novices, first year students who are taking debate for the very first time this year. They've had this class for three months now. And they know nothing. It was appalling. Marshall is in the class, and apparently she doesn't teach them anything, saying that she won't "spoonfeed" the students. Isn't that the whole point of being a teacher? That you teach your subject material? I guess she expects the few advanced kids in each class to show the novices the ropes, but they have their own work to do, so the first years are lost. And because I love debate, I was filled with rage. I wonder if the administration knows that she is totally incompetent.

I'm posting this while subbing for a fifth grade class. I'm typing while I watch the room, and kids are staring at me like I'm some kind of wizard, able to type without looking at the keyboard.

Political stuff: Shut up, John Kerry. I think most of Social Security should be privatized, as it was never intended to support everyone past the retirement age, so saying that Bush supports privatization in a loud, indignant voice just confirms what I hate about the liberal, giant government, let's regulate every bit of a person's everyday life, thing. And I think we should privatize health care, too! Aha!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Clarification: If Jon Stewart didn't have anything to promote (I know the book already came out, but a ton of media promotion goes on after the movie/book/show/album has come out), and went on Crossfire, and bitched them out, then I wouldn't have cared a whit. But he's garnered a lot of media attention since his appearance, and at the end of much of it a reporter will add, "And America: The Book is in stores now." I would just hate to think that any of what he said was designed for publicity purposes. Does that make sense? Because I heart Jon Stewart, and trust me, I am not a fan of Crossfire, so it honestly has nothing to do with the actual topics raised.

Advise: If you have your hair pulled back and secured with some device, like a butterfly clip, don't absently stick a paper clip into your hair and wiggle it around, as OMG IT WILL GET STUCK.
Okay, so. I debated about posting this, because I know that everyone else disagrees and will probably rag on me, but I decided that damn it, it's my journal, and I will post what I want. I love Jon Stewart. I love the Daily Show. I think Stewart is smart and funny and cute as a button. But I was totally disappointed with his appearance on Crossfire. It really doesn't have anything to do with politics, or even the specifics of what he was upset about. I just think there are certain rules and conventions that go along with the whole guesting on talk shows to promote yourself and your product which will soon be up for sale, and one of them is not using that talk show as a public forum to voice your issues or to screw with the people hosting the show. Stewart, as a talk show host who has guests on to promote their own projects, should know this. If he has such a problem with Crossfire, then don't use that forum to promote your project. If they're so horrible, and such a waste of air time, then don't use the show and those people to your own advantage. I don't think you can have it both ways.

Anyways. I would feel the same way if someone came on a talk show that I hated, and ragged them over the coals for all the legitmately crap things they do, and then said, "And buy my book." It's just...wrong. I don't know.

Monday, October 18, 2004

It's autumn! Trees are turning colors! The air is crisp and has scent in manner of burning wood and leaves! I haven't experienced this since 1999. Terribly exciting, everyone.

So I'm doing my fifth day substituting for the computer teacher today (we didn't have school Friday). They finally told me last night that her sister just died of a brain aneurism. So that sucks. I guess she's supposed to be back tomorrow, though. Speaking of the subbing, I don't want to do too many cutesy kid anecdotes, because I don't want my blog to turn twee, but I had a kindergartener last week who started crying in the middle of class. I went over and asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she missed her mommy. I asked her what she wanted to do, so we ended up coloring. I wonder if she misses her mom so much every day?
I'm sleepy. I can't believe I got up this early for twelve years.

Dudes. Locke on Lost is totally my new favorite character on TV. Wednesday's episode was awesome. I cried at the end. Of course, I cry at the end of most things, so that's not really all that shocking, but still. I'm glad this show has been able, so far, knock on wood, to keep up to the standard it set with the pilot.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Okay, so. It's been awhile. I went through another of those huge apathetic "I don't care about the hassle involved in getting online, so feh" times. Then Laura was all, you never update! So behold. Unfortunately, there's a reason why I don't update, and that's because all I have to talk about is TV.

Well, that's not entirely true. I just started substituting. I guess our district was desperate for subs, because I became eligible on Friday and have subbed every day since including today, in which I am subbing for an elementary computer class. My God, are kindergarteners annoying. Anyways, it's ridiculously easy money, as I don't do much other than make kids do worksheets and sit quietly, and make sure they don't start hitting each other. Also, I'm going to direct the middle school play in the spring, and do a theater workshop there this fall, so that's a nice $1700 paycheck for working with kids on something I love anyways. Job stuff finally worked out. Now I just need to start applying to graduate schools and finish my goddamn script.

Lost: I didn't think I would enjoy this show as much as I am, as I'm not all that big a J.J. Abrams fan. But there are enough characters I already care about (read: everyone but stupid Matthew Fox, the curiously unemoting Evangeline Lilly (Kate), and that blond girl who has my name), so that I'm interested in what's going to happen. I especially like Charlie, of course, big surprise, but also the big pregnant girl, Hurley, Sayid, and the cranky gun shooting man. Not so much into the Ian Somerholder. I know everyone thinks he's cute as can be, but he's not doing much for me. Dudes, though. Am I the only person that totally didn't recognize Terry O'Quinn (the guy with the orange, who made the whistle)? He shaved off his wee little mustache! I was watching this last week, and he spoke more, and I recognized his voice, and then totally had an apostrophe. I didn't know that little facial hair made that much difference.

I tried to watch Desperate Housewives, and made it through ten minutes. Bah. I just don't like those kinds of dramas. I don't get what the big fuss is about.

CSI: NY is pretty good, although CSI is CSI. I mostly just watch it for Gary Sinise, who is yum, although I am surprised at the fact that I don't really mind Kanakerides, whom I actively hated as a result of her work on Providence, a show I didn't even watch.

I couldn't care less about Survivor this time around. They really need to change the show's format, or do something different, because it's becoming like Mad Libs. "Then [insert tribe member here] promised [tribe member] that he wouldn't vote against him, but then [tribe member] brought up the fact that strong people should be eliminated before individual immunity comes up for grabs, so [tribe member] broke his word. [Tribe member] ranted about ethics and friendship and having integrity." Blah.

Re: movies. Dude. DUDE. Shaun of the Dead is hilarious. Laura and I went to go see it a few weeks ago, and just giggled throughout the whole thing. I totally and unequivocally recommend it.

I bought Eternal Sunshine, and it's just a great, great movie. I love everything about it. I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this has seen it, but if you haven't, DO IT. DO IT.