Monday, February 28, 2005

Ugh. It's been a couple weeks of suck. First, I got the flu, or bronchitis, or whatever. It's not like I can go to the doctor to check it out. I love how as soon as I no longer have health insurance, I just get continually sick and in need of antibiotics that I now can't afford. Anyways, that was awful; four days of this persistent, soul-sucking cough that made me feel like I was suffocating. Then, when that was finally over, I got to go through Round Two of credit card identity theft, and was on the phone with several different credit card companies, and the credit bureaus. I still need to file a police report, but I've been putting it off because...ugh. Columbia House ripped me off because they didn't mail me something I ordered, and when I didn't pay the shipping on a DVD they never sent to me, they canceled my account. That sounds fair, right? I called, and they basically told me that they weren't going to do a thing about it, and to write a letter if I wanted to. Which I will, because goddamn. That is not the way to treat your customers. Then, University of Texas emailed me to inform me that they never got my application fee. Which is ridiculous, since they got my application form and I mailed the two together in the same envelope. So now I have to track down the money order I sent and fill out forms at the post office and in the meantime, I had to send another payment. Just...ugh.

On to better things, I celebrated my birthday on Friday. Although I don't like that I'm now in my mid-early 20s. I liked being in my early-early 20s. Soon I will be in my early-mid 20s, and that's just depressing. Anyways, we went to a Japanese steakhouse, the kind where your table is the cooking surface and they flip shrimp at you. Good times. My mom and dad got me all kinds of accessories for my new laptop, including the most awesomely tiny optical mouse I've ever seen. All I need to get is a little flash drive, which I think are still overpriced, and an external hard-drive, because I only have 40 gigs of space and I don't want to freak my computer out.

Sigh. The Oscars. I told Laura before it started that I would be happy as long as Cate won (as I knew deep down that Kate didn't have a chance), and Cate did win (and looked absolutely gorgeous besides), so I suppose I should say that I'm happy. But I really wanted The Aviator to win, as well as Scorsese, and I just don't understand the love for Clint Eastwood. Granted, I haven't seen Million Dollar Baby or even Mystic River from last year, but H'wood just seems to be all up on his depressing, little films recently. I think a lot of the reason he won this year is because he lost last year, which is wrong. In fact, Clint was complaining in Time magazine about how he got "Hobbitized" last year. Well you know what, Clint? The hobbits were better. Shut up. I hate awards that get given because someone is "owed." I know a lot of people would argue that was the case this year with Scorsese, but I really liked The Aviator and thought he definitely deserved the award (especially since Michel Gondry wasn't nominated).

Other good things: the Eternal Sunshine screenplay win. What I loved most about it was how excited Kate Winslet was, at one point bouncing in her seat, yelling out, and then clapping her hands over her mouth. Too cute. Was glad to see the Finding Neverland score win, as I wanted that film to win at least one Oscar, and I thought that was a pretty score. (I didn't love it like Harry Potter or The Village's score, but it was good.) Loved the sound editor who got applause after saying that his award isn't a technical award, but is just as artistic as any of the other jobs. He was cut off by the orchestra soon afterward. Coincidence? And I liked Antonio Banderas singing in Spanish. Man is hot. Song was kind of weird, though. Ah well.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Providing a link here to a great article about Austin, where he answers the question, "If you could dress any woman in the world, who would you pick?"

"Cate Blanchett always wears the most fabulous things, and she's beautiful," Austin replies. I knew there was a reason I loved him.

24 was completely and totally awesome last night. Probably my favorite episode since Mason crashed the nuclear bomb airplane. Everything was working, everything was fabulous, and I was literally on the edge of my seat the last half of the episode. It was so tense and exciting and shocking. The dynamics of the Araz family are absolutely fascinating. I think a lot of shows and a lot of writers would have taken the easy way out with Dina (Shohreh). She could have seen her son almost get killed, she could have taken a bullet for him and refused medical treatment to keep him safe, and then decided, hey, now I know what all those other people feel like when a terrorist hurts their family. They feel like I feel now, so I will tell these nice government agents everything they need to know because I realize how wrong I was because I've gotten back in touch with my warm, nurturing, mothering side. I honestly believe most shows would have handled her character in that way, so I was so happy when she essentially said, I am helping you for selfish reasons, and if Behrooz gets hurt? I hope every single reactor blows, and blows hard, because that's what I want. Awesome.

"Did you get that?" Greatest. Final. 24. Line. Ever.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Last night, I had a horrible headache, was very tired, felt all-around like warmed up death, so I didn't hunt down my Arrested Development tape to record the episode. So of course it was brilliantly funny and I wanted to watch it again immediately afterwards. Sigh. Anyways, what a great episode. This show is best to me when, like last night, it really combines the continuity (Lindsay and GOB's chicken dances), the physical humor (pratfalls in the spilled martini), word play (everything Tobias says), and good old-fashioned screwball comedy (everything in the white tents at the end). That the writers can put all of those different elements, a plot, a subplot, and character development into a single 22 minute episode is just amazing. And now FOX is replacing next week's new episode with a Simpsons repeat, so we won't get another new episode until March. Jesus.

I was thinking last night about why the show doesn't get higher ratings, and besides the fact that it doesn't have a laugh track, which apparently throws some people, and it's very odd humor at times, it still is a very unconventional show. How many shows out there, comedy or drama, would have a female lead as pretty as Portia di Rossi and essentially have not a single man interested in her aside from her husband, whose sexuality is questionable? How many shows would have Liza Minelli, whom I love, but is still...Liza Minelli, be the most sought out after woman, with several different guest stars infatuated with her (Carl Weathers and Sitwell that I can think of right now), as well as having two of the regulars, two brothers at that, fighting over her? Although I love that kind of stuff, I can't help but wonder if there are some people out there that just cannot handle anything remarkably different? Who watch a single episode and go, "That's just too weird." I wouldn't want them to change the show for anything, but there may only be so many people willing to watch a show like this at all.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Look! It's Pete! Hee. Someone was using this on Fandom Wank, and I stole it, making it the first icon I've posted here that I didn't make myself since about April of last year. But it's totally worth it. Pete! Awesome.

Last Sunday, Best Buy ran an ad in the paper for a notebook that cost $499, and the ad ran through today. So, today I went out to Best Buy...and they were out. And customer service checked their system...and they're out in the entire Kansas City metro area. I was like, okay, that's stupid, that you ran an ad for a product that you didn't have enough of to last the time the ad was going, but whatever. Can I get a raincheck? No. I can go ahead and buy it now for the sale price, sight unseen, and pick it up when it comes back in stock, but otherwise if I wait then it will just be it's regular price. I just barely bit back exclaiming, "That's so gay!" Seriously though. What a bunch of suck. I could understand if they had said in the ad that supplies were limited, but they didn't, so I don't see how I was out of line expecting that they would still have the notebooks today. And if they didn't, they should totally give me a raincheck, and not expect me to just purchase something that's not even there. Whatever, Best Buy.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Applebee's Carside to Go is, quite simply, brilliant. I hate FOX. They cut the order for this season's Arrested Development, so we're getting less than 20 episodes, they're not airing it at all in May, and have yet to announce that they're renewing it for next season, yet Gail Berman always talks about how much she loves the show and how she wants it around for years to come. What gives? They act like AD is some ratings black hole, when Malcolm and the Middle and That 70s Show get about the same numbers and are never in imminent danger of getting axed. FOX gets made fun of all the time about how they have such crap programming, and now that they have a critically acclaimed and Emmy winning show, they fuck with it to no end.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm worried about posting from Photobucket now at work, since it cut off half my last post, but I wanted to quickly stick in this link to the greatest blog ever. I'd buy a pair of shoes in support of the hilarity, but I don't have that much money.
Why do I become so emotionally invested in reality television shows? The people I love never win. Except for maybe Chip and Kim, and they were more, "Oh, I hope they win," and not, "THEY MUST WIN OMG JESUS."

Goddamn Wendy. And if I ever find Nancy O'Dell, I will personally cut her heart out with a spoon. I vaguely felt like doing so before, but now I have a motive. Bah.

So now I hope Jay wins. I've seen all the collections from Fashion Week (where they had Austin present as a decoy, although everyone pretty much saw through that last Friday, so I've just been waiting for the inevitable), and Jay's collection is definitely the best. Kara Saun is a good designer, she'll get plenty of opportunities, but Jay needs the big win. Go Jay! And I hope Wendy crashes and burns and dies. HATE.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

I bring you the most awesome picture ever: Hosted by I love how excited Alan Alda is in the background. So cool. I've resigned myself to the fact that Johnny and Kate aren't going to win, really, that they don't have the slightest chance to win, but man alive am I pulling for Cate. I think she can take it, and if she does, then I can accept the rest of the categories that don't go the way I want. I fear that last year has irrevokably ruined me, though. Today, I was reading some of the urban legends on

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

The Photobucket posting option creates weird formatting. I had to edit when I got home. Hmm. But was able to upload new background, so it's okay.

I hope hope hope Kris and Jon win tonight, but I doubt they will. At least we don't have to worry about Jonathan and Victoria. That would have been horrid, watching the finale, knowing that they could take it. Blech.
Hee! Photobucket has added the option of updating one's blog directly from their site (with the idea being that you won't have to open two or more windows to try and update your blog), so now I can update at work! Aha I beat you school network!  You try to block blogger and YOU FAIL I WIN AHA!

Yeah, I'm excited.

Unfortunately, I also got even more excited about uploading my new template picture...which I haven't uploaded onto Photobucket, and it's saved on the hard drive at home, so...I fail. Eh, I'll do it tomorrow.

On Friday and Saturday, we had this lovely, almost-60 degree weather, crisp and breezy, just a bit too cool to go outside in nothing but short sleeves in, and it was just gorgeous. Now it's well below freezing and snowing. Which, eh, I guess the reverse point is that you don't appreciate the spring-like day in February unless you have the snow and ice, so I'll make it a point to appreciate the next warm day we get.

24 was boring last night.  "No, Behrooz! We can't go to the hospital! Your father will find out, they will call the police! Okay, let's go." *goes to hospital* *police come* "Where's the mole?!" "Sarah's the mole!" *tortures Sarah* "Just kidding! Aisha's the mole!" *car goes boom* "I'm Tony, I'm sad, I don't want to play with you ever, ever again, Jack." *sadly drinks beer* "I can't let you go alone, Jack!" *grabs jacket*

Set-up episode.  Necessary for the way they tell their season-long arcs, but boring. So, so boring.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

awe·some: (รด'sem)
1) Inspiring awe: an awesome thunderstorm.
2) Expressing awe: stood in awesome silence before the ancient ruins.
3) Slang. Remarkable; outstanding: “a totally awesome arcade game” (Los Angeles Times).
4) Zenith of popular culture perfection: Austin modeling in Project Runway was awesome; see below.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

A lot of the time on fandom_wank, I either know nothing about the fandom, which makes it less interesting, or there's only a few dozen comments, which really isn't worth the bother. So glad I read today, though, as this most awesome wank(<--click, for some reason the link isn't changing color) was posted.

People. Do not make fun of SF writers. If you claim that published SF is devoid of believable characters and has subpar plotting, then you only expose yourself as someone who has never read SF. BTW, if you get the time, totally read some of the fake book submitted by the SFWA. Remember that fake fanfic that Caroline and I did for a bit? Imagine an entire book written by actual writers like that. It was totally awesome. It was like watching the masters at work. And that the book was actually accepted? I mean, yeah, it's essentially a vanity press, but still. Someone on f_w posted, "Do not meddle in the affairs of Geeks, for they are snarky and will make you look like an asshat." Exactly. Awesome.

So, ordered scripts and paid royalties today. Anyone who's going to be in the KC area around April 28th, come see the play! Hopefully, this will be cool. I'm a bit nervous about being an actual adult and, like, doing things in a professional manner, but I am sure it will be cool.

I was listening to "The Reason" on my way to work this morning, as there was nothing else on the radio besides DJ chatter, which I abhor. I've never really cared for the song, and today I realized why. It's not the banal lyrics, or the uninteresting melody, both of which could have been overcome if the song wasn't so goddamn slow. Seriously, every...single...word...gets...stretched...ouuuuuuuut. It's absurd. I've heard more rocking Celine Dion songs.
Tony Almeida! Carlos Bernard! TONY ALMEIDA! CARLOS BERNARD!

*is ded from teh <3*

This is why you don't read spoilers. This is also why when Audrey asks, "Who are you calling," and Jack replies, "The only one I can trust," you don't think, who can Jack trust? Who is it? You just let it wash over you, you disengage that part of your brain, so when all of a sudden someone else is shooting and you lean forward and it's TONY ALMEIDA!!! JACK CALLED TONY ALMEIDA HE'S BACK LOOK IT'S SOUL PATCH HE'S BACK YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

And by you, I mean me. So awesome.