Tuesday, March 29, 2005

[So, I've been trying to post for THREE DAYS, and blogger wouldn't let me. Some of this post has been languishing as a saved Microsoft Word document for so long, I'm sure that you're already all forgotten the episodes I'm referring to. Stupid...internets.]

I'm so excited for Sin City, I can't even tell you. All the advance reviews I've heard are glowing, so hopefully (knock on wood) it won't disappoint.

Arrested Development was funny last night (I typed up this post yesterday, but couldn't post it until now GOD DAMN YOU DIAL UP)(of course now, it's two days ago), although not quite as good as last week's. I did love the matter-of-fact observation that Lindsay and Maeby of course knew that Mrs. Featherbottom was Tobias, and were just going to let him keep at it because they liked him doing the housework. I was disappointed with Tony Wonder, though. Goofy, and very Ben Stiller, and not the kind of subtle yet bizarre humor I expect from this show. I feel like they gave him too much leeway to do what he wanted because he's BEN STILLER BY GOD, and it just didn't work for me. Just a minor complaint, though; the rest of the episode was great.

ETA today: AFI called and we did the interview. When it was over, I literally was trembling, I was so nervous. The whole day, knots in my stomach, like when you wake up with a jolt in the middle of the night and remember you have an assignment due at the beginining of class that you haven't even started on. Remember that feeling? Yeah. ALL DAY. I think the interview went well, although it's hard for me to tell over the phone, since I don't have any of the normal visual cues to work from. Anyways, I'll find out in 4-6 weeks. We'll see.

You found a van, you say, 24? With Dina dead inside? Right. I'm sure that's just her clone. Or, her twin sister. Or acclaimed actress Shohreh Agdashloo. Nice try, show, but we both know Dina's alive, so just stop playing.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Will Caro's blog ever come back?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

My mind was kind of wandering earlier, and I shelved the Hermann Göring biography accidentally in the Sports Biographies section instead of with the general biographies, and didn't catch it until later. I can just imagine the 13 year-old boy who accidentally checked that one out. "When is this Nazi going to play some sports?
I miss Project Runway.

I wish I could see The Office, but we don't get BBC America. And I'm scared to buy DVDs of something I've never watched before. Although the NBC version has so far gotten pretty good reviews, so I guess I'll check that out tonight. I still find it strange that they keep trying to redo and Americanize these shows; why not just show the actual show? I don't get it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I posted a big, long, serious entry earlier today from Photobucket, but I had to do something work-related before I could post, and when I came back I had to log-in again, and it lost my post. Bah.



I'm gorgeous.


Yes, yes you are.


I'm as awesome as Nina.


Yes, yes you are.

I'm going with a lot of people on TWoP right now: no body, no dead. La la la, 24, I can't hear you! Seriously, though, great episode. That long look and smile Dina gave Behrooz as she finally left his cell? She deserves an Emmy just for that. Just...wow.

I have to do all the html coding by hand when I post from Photobucket, and it won't let me preview before I post, so if there are any weird things, please forgive me and do not point and laugh. I mean it!

ETA: Aha bitch, I edit you! The coding is fixed! Stupid Photobucket. I like being able to post at work, but they really need to fix their set-up.

Monday, March 21, 2005

While I was watching Arrested Development last night, I watched the commercials for the upcoming Life on a Stick with a kind of morbid wonder. "This is the show they might cancel," I thought, "and that's the show they're putting on the air." Truly mind-boggling. What a great episode, though. I've come to fully embrace Buster's hook, and always love a plot that focuses on George Michael. "Your name's George Michael!" Heh. And although at his first appearance I was completely weirded out by Mrs. Featherbottom, dear Lord, David Cross is a genius. He completely made it work. Giving Maebe Fen-Phen and then holding a baker's decorating bag filled with frosting to wash it down with as he mangles Mary Poppins songs...inspired. And the fact that Ron Howard acknowledged it was a complete rip-off of Mrs. Doubtfire just made it all the more hilarious.

Apparently, it's now "Steve Bluth!"

Sunday, March 20, 2005

AFI called! AFI called! Eeee! I had told Laura about a week or so ago that AFI hadn't called yet about an interview, and it was getting too late, so I probably didn't make it past the first round of the application process, but they called today to schedule an interview! I made it past the first cut! So, so excited. I was worried that they were going to say I needed to come out to LA for the interview, because I so do not have the money for that right now, but they're going to call next week, so yay. Yay! Not only does this bode well for maybe, just maybe, getting into graduate school somewhere (since I sent the same writing samples everywhere), but it also is just a nice, general validation that my writing doesn't completely suck.

So I went out and bought a nice bottle of wine to celebrate. Awesome.

Laura and I rented The Pianist, which was excellent. We had both just finished reading the book, and the film was a very, very faithful adaptation. Adrien Brody was fantastic and definitely deserved the Oscar; he has practically no dialogue the last half of the film, it's just amazing how much he is able to do with so little. And while it's not exactly an uplifting film, it wasn't awfully depressing or anything (like Sophie's Choice, which traumatized me, for serious), so if you haven't seen it yet, I heartily recommend it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Knocking on wood, here, but I think I'm not sick anymore. This week is the first since the week of Valentine's Day that I haven't been coughing to the point of lack of oxygen, so that's exciting. You too can fight the flu without going to the doctor! It just takes a month to get over!

You know, when I first heard that Rob and Amber were going to be on TAR, I was upset, as I didn't like either of them on Survivor. I still don't really like them as people, but they are running a good race. I wonder if that Roadblock penalty loophole will be changed by the next race, because you don't really want your leading teams to just opt out of challenges while there are still plenty of teams because the challenges are just too difficult. I can't fault them for that strategery this time around, especially convincing other teams to follow suit, but I don't want to watch that happen every week.

Finally seeing Sin City commericals on TV. I can't wait to go see it, just because it looks so goddamn cool. It's exciting, having movies to look forward to; Sin City, Hitchhiker's Guide, Everything is Illuminated, Star Wars (kind of), Kingdom of Heaven. All those movies better be good, or I will be very put out.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Updated foozes.

Song recommendations: "I'm Finding Out True Love is Blind," by Louis XIV, and "All These Things That I've Done," by The Killers.

I heard another really good song on the radio this week, but I was driving alone so couldn't write down any lyrics and they didn't announce who it was by, or the name of it, so hopefully they'll play it again soon. I hate when they don't say who the song is by if it's new. Some of us don't know, Lazlo at the Buzz.

Laura and I officially decided that 42 degrees is warm enough to wear flip-flops. Is it 42 outside right now? No. It was, like, twenty-five degrees warmer this weekend, a scant two days ago, and now it's cold again. Stupid Canadian air.

Arrested Development was hilarious last night. Totally my new favorite episode from this season. So I, of course, did not tape it. Part of the reason it was so good is that it had lots of George Michael, as Michael Cera is so good with any other actor they pair him with. Motherboy was hysterical. I also love everyone's I think very realistic reactions to Buster's hook. That would be weird, and I love how they're playing it up. And Henry Winkler jumped the shark! Awesome.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

The whole time I've been at the middle school library, since the end of October, I've been trying to figure out who the seventh grade reading teacher reminds me of. Which is weird, since I had her eight years ago when I went here, so someone else should remind me of her, actually, but anyways. It's been driving me insane. And then today, she was talking to me and the other librarian, and it struck me: Caroline. She doesn't look like Caroline really, but her voice, her inflection, yeah. Caroline. So weird.

Phil was in Kansas City today. They're casting for the next TAR, and they had a call at the big furniture/electronics store that's, like, a minute away from me. I was going to just go and try to see him, but apparently they had people camping out and they were very strict about who got to go in the store while he was there, so I probably wouldn't have seen him anyways. Still, he was about two miles away from me today. Sigh.
Michelle! Tony as director of CTU! An electro-magnetic pulse! That went off! Tony and Jack instant messaging each other! Awesome.

Does anyone remember what my conditions were for enduring the crazy Maya (not Maja) storyline? That in the end, Driscoll go batshit, "bring wood and oil," crazy. She didn't, it was this awful half-hour weepy thing with an inexplicable comfort session with Heller, but I will allow it because it meant that Tony was director of CTU, albeit briefly, and now we've got Michelle back. These are the times I'm really glad I don't watch previews, because I know at least one of the things above would have been spoiled.

Monday, March 7, 2005

They're closing the Fametracker forums!


So, yesterday, it was gorgeous. Breezy, fresh, around 65 degrees. Spring, yay! I asked my Dad if there was anything he needed done outside, because I've been sick so long and have just been sitting inside, and wanted to get out and do something, and he said yes. Rake. So I grabbed a rake and started cleaning up the front yard, where leaves filled the ickle flower beds and twigs from the trees were strewn everywhere. I'm kind of stubborn, though, so when my Dad said, it's okay, you don't have to get every single leaf, I was like, ha! This yard will be clean when I'm done! Except I did get super tired and the churned up leaves and dust made me cough worse, but whatever, I finished.

Then, last night, when I started watching The TV, my arm started to vaguely ache. I laughed. Heh, the raking. Good times. By the time we got to the second hour of Arrested Development (about which I don't quite know what to think about yet), my right arm and even my hand (the pad of muscle between your thumb and index finger) started to hurt quite earnestly. Hmm. I took some Advil and got ready for bed. And DIDN'T FALL ASLEEP UNTIL 3AM. Both my arms, but my right bicep especially, were filled with EVIL FLAMING PAIN. At first, I tried to just fall asleep through it, in manner of having a headache. Every time I'd start to doze off, I would cough, because I? Am still sick. And then the coughing would make me move my body, making me unintentionally flex those muscles, and THE SICKENING PAIN OH GOD would wake me back up. I finally got ice packs and put them right on my bare arms for about an hour, until I feared of frostbite, and was numb enough to be able to go to sleep. They still hurt this morning, but in the regular "I got a good bit of exercise yesterday, innit?" way and not the "CUT OFF MY ARM SATAN IS INSIDE" way. So, am tired. Good times.

(Seriously, I don't know what to think about Arrested Development yet, specifically Buster's...hand. I laughed, but I'm not sure if it was just a defense mechanism or what.)

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Mmmm...Keanu. His thread was at the top of the Fametracker Celebrity folder a lot this week, and I read through the last few pages and many people posted pictures, and I thought to myself, "Self," I thought, "Those'd look awful pretty on my blog." And yea verily, the pretty is upon us.

I received a package in the mail day before yesterday. It came without a note or return address, and contained within a wonderfully fashioned Angel-in-vamp-face Christmas ornament. I thought to myself, "Self," I thought, "Who could have sent me such a thing?" And then I remembered, vaguely, Caroline posting a message in conspicuous capital letters: WATCH YOUR MAIL.

No, seriously. I did not know who it was from at first. It took me a full thirty seconds, which doesn't sound like that long, but pick something up, anything, and watch the clock, and hold it for thirty seconds thinking, who sent me an Angel Christman ornament? It was the highlight of my day, and it's a totally cool ornament, so thanks ever so, Caro.

I talked on the phone to Catherine last night, which was wonderful. The lady who wants to marry Cat to her son? Craaaazy. It made me want to take the time to put the Sitemeter back on here, since I lost it one of the times I changed the template. What potentially crazy people are visiting my blog? And then, Cat and talked about the Oscars, and languages, and this and that, and also, how no one really knows how to pronounce "ASOME." I know Caroline says it out loud with a long A, but I say it with a kind of flat A, in a kind of Bostonian manner, and Cat said something completely different that I don't even recall now. It reminded me of the discussion of how to pronounce Nimue's name, who used to post on Haven, and how none of us agreed on that. I don't know why this struck me, but it did. I don't like the idea I'm saying things "wrong," or whatever. Anyways, a good time was had by me at least, and I'll go out on a limb and say Cat, too. Although I don't usually talk on the phone that long, so when I hung up to go to bed, the outside cartilage part of my ear hurt from being pressed up against the phone for hours. That's the sign of some good talkin'.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Man, I love Locke. He is totally one of my favorite fictional characters ever already (of course, it doesn't hurt that he's played by Terry O'Quinn, who, I'm sorry, if I were stuck on that island, I would be all over). Whenever Locke does something a little suspect, like if his smile is a little too creepy, then the character does something like last night, just wonderful and nice, and I'm back in the fold. I love how they can pair him with any character on the island, and the other character becomes more interesting. I don't think the choice of his name is a coincidence, and neither that of Rousseau's, so my big speculation is that we are going to see Locke and the French lady eventually either join forces, or stand in opposition to each other as the castaways get segmented off according to their philosophies. I know that Damon Lindelof loves him some Stephen King, and has even said that Charlie is his version of Larry Underwood, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see some kind of Stand-esque divide occur. I thought it was starting when some moved to the caves and some didn't, but they seem to have forgotten or at least softened that move (making me wonder if the writers didn't decide it was too early to start that, as it was portrayed as fairly dramatic at the time), but I would expect that we'll see the surivivors begin splitting up again sometime in the future. Locke already has a sizable number (from the main cast) of followers: Charlie, Boone, Walt, and now perhaps Claire. But will he be Mother Abigail, or Randall Flagg?

Wednesday, March 2, 2005


So far, I like Lynn and Alex. It's kind of like watching a less flamboyently-dressed Jay run the race. And aside from Rob and Amber, I like the casting this season. No "dating models," which is always good. A lot of the teams seem interesting, which is good. I know a lot of people loved Kris and Jon, and they were nice enough, but they were pretty bland. So one episode in, I'm already enjoying this season more than last. Hopefully it keeps up.