Monday, June 27, 2005

Ugh, what a long weekend. My cousin was married on Saturday, and Sarah was the flower-girl and Marshall was a candlelighter, so we had to be there for everything. They were married up in Lawrence, so it was a nice hour-plus drive there and back every day, and then on the big day, we had to get there early for pictures, so I feel like the last five days just disappeared into the great unknown. Bah.

It was a nice ceremony, though. A little religious for my tastes, with the "you must submit to your husband" and "love God before your spouse" and all, but still nice. Awful reception food, though. 'Twas sad.

Laura and I went to see Batman again. We decided we loved it. You have to see a movie more than once to make that decision, which is an important one. Also, while studying Gary Oldman's profile, it occured to me that if you take a small, slender man and give him a strong nose and a slightly undershot chin, I will probably think he's the most gorgeous thing ever in the whole world. It's like a science or something.

I totally forgot last week to blog about the kid we saw after we saw Batman for the first time. He walked out with his mom and dad, and he couldn't have been more than three, and he was wearing a Bat-cape. Not a plastic Halloween costume one, but a real cape made out of heavy black fabric. He was running around, turning his head to see it fly behind him, and waving his arms in grand, imperious gestures. Then, as we're heading towards the doors, he turns, and he's wearing a little utility belt. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. He was so excited, and so adorable, and I wish I could have taken a picture.

(Speaking of pictures, they gave us a disposable camera at the reception, ostensibly to take pictures of the shindig, but we mainly just posed Marshall in strange ways, although we did get a great pic of Sarah holding my wine, pulling a face for the camera. I hope they're not mad at us when they develop those.)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

AFI: Hi! Yeah...we haven't received your deposit yet?
Shannon: Hi! Yeah...I can't afford the deposit.
AFI: But that would mean you can't afford tuition, being as how it's eleventy-thousand times more expensive than the deposit.
Shannon: Exactly.
AFI: But...we accepted you.
Shannon: Yeah...I don't have a hundred grand, dude.
AFI: Oh. Well, maybe you could re-apply next year, and we could totally waive the application fee!
Shannon: Gee, thanks! That 75 bucks is really going to help!

And still, after the phone call, my heart hurt. I was talking about this with my dad, and he brought up the very good point that obviously I'm not really the kind of writer they want. They want someone who can afford that program, and that's going to be someone with a certain kind of background, childhood, base of experience, and that's not me. So if they want to be elitist and only really accept people who have that kind of largesse, then that's that. I won't worry about it anymore.

Ickle foozes update. I just kind of forget that blog is even there, sometimes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

We’ve spent the past two days researching one-way rentals of vans and trucks from LA to Austin, trying to arrange how I’m going to get my things from one school to the other. We looked at the little moving trucks first, which are ridiculously expensive (well more than $1200 for less than a week), and then moved on to either cargo vans or a minivan. The best we found was Thrifty, which had a van with fold-down seats, for $60 a day plus a $400 one-way charge, so about $750 total. And, they don’t even have a drop-off in Austin, so we’d have to unpack and then drive 300 miles to Houston. And then rent another car for the rest of the week.

AND THEN. We called Hertz. And they don’t even charge for taking the vehicle one-way, and even set up a regular car in Austin for after we unpack, so we wouldn’t have to go to Houston. So the van, and the regular car, for the entire week, would be about $500, and we might get a bigger discount for reserving online.


Anyways, Caroline, it looks like I will be in Los Angeles just on August 16th, which is earlier I think than you were planning to go there, so we probably will miss each other. Teh sadness. (Microsoft Word, God! Let me write “teh!”)

Monday, June 20, 2005

I’ve reached that stage of summer vacation, quicker than ever before, when it is no longer fun and exciting to do nothing but watch movies and play Civilization. (Speaking of which, how does a swordsman defeat a fortified musket man? I got so angry I was sick to my stomach. Bah.) I’d try to find a job, just to occupy my time, but no one’s going to hire me for two months.

We saw Batman Begins this weekend, and it was excellent. Just a wonderfully put-together movie that was so well-cast, it was kind of scary. I’d forgotten that Tom Wilkinson and Rutger Hauer were in it, so that was an added treat. Laura and I have been trying to figure out why both Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard composed the film, though; that’s kind of odd, isn’t it, to have two well-known composers working together? I don’t think it was a problem of hiring one composer, him not working out, and then bringing someone else in, because I saw them doing an interview together. I don’t know why I’m thinking about this so much; it’s just incredibly strange to me.

Gary Oldman is teh hotness, yo. And, he has a son named Gulliver, which is the cutest thing ever in the entire world, whatever and ever amen.

Re-using the AD/LOTR banner. I have been Photoshop-deficient for the past few weeks. I just…can’t get anything to work. I really didn’t like how the Jin/Sun banner turned out, I couldn’t clean the ‘caps to my liking, and every icon I try to make just looks blah or downright bad. I don’t know if I don’t have the right pictures, or if I can’t come up with new ideas, or what, but it’s depressing for some reason. Like I’m regressing, in a Flowers for Algernon kind of way.

Before the suckage, though, I started working on a set of Arrested Development icons. I only got through a few episodes before I stopped working, and I haven’t really had the patience to search through screen caps at home, so here’s what I have. Feel free to take anything, and I can re-color them if they’re all clash-y or whatev. Enjoy.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Another one of my high school friends is getting married. Thanks, guys! Thanks for making me feel undesirable and pathetic! Yes, I am looking forward to being a crazy cat lady! Is it wrong that I don’t want to go to the wedding just because I would be going alone, and I don’t have anything to wear? Sigh. I’ll go anyways. It’s, like, an obligation. You have to have a good reason not to go to a wedding if it’s someone you actually know, and not like your third cousin or whatever.

Sarah had her piano recital this weekend. One of the families who goes to her piano teacher, I guess they’re ├╝ber-Catholic and home-school their kids, so the kids were reallllllly not socialized at all. It was kind of embarrassing. The oldest boy, who was probably Marshall’s age or a bit older, you just know that if he went to an actual high school, he’d die. I can kind of understand home-schooling your kids in early elementary school, when they’re learning the basics and such. But when they’re older, and they’re learning fairly specialized topics, like chemistry and calculus and literature? Isn’t it kind of doing them a disservice, doing it at home? Strictly from an academic standpoint, I don’t understand not letting kids get an education from professionals once they’re eight or ten or so. That’s not even counting the social skills, which are important, and unless you’re home-schooling your kids and also having them do extra-curriculars and community events and all, in which case, why bother home-schooling them?

Anyways. Batman Begins this week! Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, and Cillian Murphy. Mmm…no, I’m going for the…cinematic…the mythos and stuff. Yeah. Really!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I found an apartment! Yay! It was built in 1998, so hopefully it won’t be as junky and soul-sucking as Regal Trojan. It’s $500 a month, which include utilities. My own bedroom and bathroom, (along with a second bedroom and bathroom for another roommate), a kitchen, and a living area. It comes fully furnished, along with a washer and dryer. Free high-speed internet and cable. It’s a little bit farther from campus than what I was at SC, but it’s on the shuttle route. They’re mailing me the lease, and I’ll be living with a graduate law student, who specifically requested another grad student who would be quiet (hee!), so she sounds like she’ll be studious and not a big party person, which I am all about. I’m really excited.

I still haven’t gotten any notification on registration or orientation. The coordinator for the cinema program there emailed me at the end of April, saying that information would be sent out a week later (the first week of May). A month later, I emailed her, and she just…isn’t in the office. They didn’t say if she was on vacation or what, but I asked if they could tell me the dates, and they were all, yeah, she’ll email you, it’s in August. It doesn’t seem well-organized, which is bothersome. I’m not organized; I can’t afford for the school to not be organized, either.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Hee, so this week, we’re watching Rio Bravo in the living room, because my dad just got it on DVD for his birthday. There’s a storm coming in, but whatever, it’s the summer and we get one three times a week, usually. Except that we had the volume too loud on the TV, and all the windows closed, so we missed when the tornado sirens started going off. We totally could have had one come through, and we would have been oblivious, watching John Wayne.

They’re holding my last paycheck until a full pay period after I finished working. Bitches.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Watched the Tonys last night. For some reason, Hugh Jackman is not my boyfriend. That is something I shall have to rectify soon.

It’s an odd experience, watching the Tony’s; I have never seen a single Broadway show, so I end up rooting for people based solely on whether I know them or not, and shows based solely on if they feature people I like, and I have no idea who I’m pulling for, but it is essential that I pull for someone while watching an award show. People (or shows) who won, who while going through the nominees I shouted out their name: Liev Schrieber, Mike Nichols, Cherry Jones, the Lady of the Lake from “Spamalot,” and “Spamalot.” I bet Liev Schrieber has had to put his name into his Microsoft Word dictionary, because otherwise it auto-corrects it as “Live.” So, yeah, good times, although Hugh and Aretha’s duet was pretty wretched; she sounded off, and it just was not harmonizing.

I want to be Bernadette Peters when I grow up.

Capt. Jack Sparrow was anxious this morning that I wasn’t going to get up and feed him, so he climbed up into bed with me and started throwing himself bodily against my back, inexplicably purring, like, “I will be affectionate towards you and be your sleepy-time buddy, but you have to feed me! You haven’t fed me since 11pm last night!”

Advice: Don’t read Helter Skelter immediately preceding bedtime. Stupid book. I’m almost asleep, and I jolt awake, like, “Someone could be creepy-crawling me right now!” God.

Friday, June 3, 2005

I have nothing to talk about! I don’t even have TV to talk about! My life is so sad!

*wails and rends clothing*

UT sent a packet on necessary vaccinations and medical info they need to have in the next month. Those will be fun doctor visits, without health insurance. It’s like, $75 just to walk in the door. I don’t think there are any vaccinations I need, since it seems they’re just recommending meningitis and hepatitis, as opposed to requiring it, so it’s just filling out forms that say that yes, I have been vaccinated against measles. (Who hasn’t been?) Feh.

I’m all done working at the library. School ended last week, and I asked the principal if I could come in another week, because we were finishing up inventory and such. He said sure, but then came back Wednesday to tell me he “misunderstood” what I had asked and I shouldn’t have been working at all, and please to go home today. Like, whatever, I don’t know if he told me I could stay and didn’t ask the district office, or what happened, but I was only going to work till today anyways, so I thought it was kind of lame.

I applied for some random retail job. We’ll see. I’m probably overqualified or some such garbage.