Friday, July 29, 2005

Maggie: You just sealed my fate.
Kaysar: No. I just sealed your partner's fate.

Best. Big. Brother. Moment. Ever.

Although a close second would have to be Kaysar's dad, talking about his son's alliance with Janelle, saying, "We want Kaysar to win, or Janelle. Or Howie." Hee. Caroline's love for Kaysar? Is like my love for Howie. Him comparing Eric to a Sith Lord with absolute sincerity was the best thing ever. I love him.

I'm so glad Eric is gone. I don't understand people who cannot see how they play the game, but get upset when the tables are turned. He had no problem setting his lynch mob on Michael for imaginary offenses, but when people who quite rightly were feeling betrayed and wary of Eric's game-playing and stronghold over the weaker players decide to take him out, they're the ones playing without integrity? Bah. The game isn't about integrity, anyways. You don't commit a sin when you take an opponent's bishop when you're playing chess. You don't "betray" them by setting them up to get checkmated three turns down the line.

Anyways. I'm going through one of those periods where I just can't be bothered to get online, because that's all I have to talk about wrt my life. I leave for California in three weeks to get my things, then to Austin, so then I'll probably have things to talk about, and that's an exciting prospect.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter spoilers below...



Snape is supposed to be this chaotic neutral kind-of guy, struggling with a skewed sense of morality, battling insecurities and old grudges, scarred from a bad childhood, overcompensating for his low self-esteem by bullying students, fighting for the good guys for the wrong reasons, etc. He's not supposed to be a flat-out villain. Unless this works out, I will be highly put-out. I know others are upset about other characterizations changing, but nothing felt more contrived and stupid than Snape holding his wand aloft, cackling, "I'm the Half-Blood Prince, aha!" I was waiting for him to start twirling his Snidely moustache.

I don't know. I knew it was coming and had to keep reading, and it just made me feel sick to my stomach.

(As far as the Ginny-thing is concerned, I feel that we see a lot of the action filtered through Harry's POV, so if he found himself infatuated with her, of course the characterization of her is going to follow. I did find the infatuation itself rather sudden and unexpected, but the storyline itself worked out okay for me. I dunno; all the other characters, including Hermione, read genuine for me, and I did mostly enjoy the plot. The Snape thing, though, it just taints it all.)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back from vacation. (Branson, as per usual.) Fairly standard as these things go, although we did get to see Amish folk driving their horse-and-buggys on the highway, which is always exciting. We were trying to figure out why they refuse technology in the forms of automobiles, buttons, electricity, etc., but apparently have no problem having Igloo coolers in the back of their buggys.

Watched The Inside this week, and it was very dark, which is okay, but not what I was expecting. Tim Minear, Jane Espenson, David Fury; all these Buffy/Angel writers, I was expecting there to be a bit more...snarkyness, but it was still good. And The Baldwin was v., v. pretty.

Big Brother is back! My life is so sad.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

If anyone finds screencaps of Batman, could you tag the link? I can't find any. I wish to make a banner, and all I can find are screencaps from some HBO special that are woefully inadequate. Kthnx.

Maja and Caro, I mailed your birthday presents (late, but I wasn't mailing anything to EUROPE, BITCHES); be on the lookout late next week-ish.

I'm so very excited for Big Brother to start, just so I have something to watch on TV. It's sad. Laura and I started watching Firefly on DVD, and it's very good, but it's depressing knowing that it gets cancelled, so I'm trying to actively not get invested in the characters as I watch, which is sort of not the point. And it's not working with Adam Baldwin, who is very pretty. I don't normally go for tall and manly and muscled, but there are exceptions to every rule, and I would totally marry him.

Saw War of the Worlds this weekend, but it was a traumatic experience. They opened the theater doors before the movie ended, and we could hear all the people waiting outside to get in, and the ushers came in and started cleaning up, and they turned the house lights up, so I completely missed the last few minutes of the movie due to the overwhelming rage, and it just kind of tainted the whole film for me. Which sucks, as it was enjoyable up till then. We went to talk to the manager, and being as how she was younger than me, and just kind of stood there and did nothing, I'm going to write a letter. Mayhap I'll get money or summat.

Mailed my last storage payment today. Huzzah!