Saturday, October 29, 2005

Now THAT'S old school.

Three weeks till I go home for Turkey Day! Huzzah!

I bought a learn-to-knit set a while back (packaged for children, which is usually my best bet when it comes to things requiring manual dexterity), and have still failed to learn to knit. I think I'm going to try again, though; so if everyone gets lumpy, misshapen scarves for Christmas, that is why. (I might not claim credit, see.)

I am officially Over my art class. Done. D-U-N, that spells done. It's ridiculous, the amount of work that is required for an elective. I spend more time on that class just to keep up than I do on my screenwriting class, and that's just wrong.

So, the graduate coordinator, who started her job this summer, sent out an email last week about the upcoming advisement. In it, she said that MFAs did not need to be advised. So when I saw the email in my inbox Thursday about advisement, I didn't open it until today, as I am an MFA. WRONG. She just meant MFA production students. MFA screenwriting students do have to have advisement. So I get online to sign up...and all the slots are taken. Every single one. So I emailed her back, saying, in effect, "you should actually make clear which MFAs you mean, mmkay?" I won't hear back till Monday, but urgh. How was I supposed to know she just meant production students? (She was really snotty in the second email, too. "I noticed that hardly any of the screenwriting students have signed up." Maybe that's because more than a few of us thought MFAs DON'T HAVE TO BE ADVISED included US, MFAs. God.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Apparently, some alien being made up of light is trying to dig its way out of AD's skull.

So, we had a sound guy come in today to talk to us about our next project in art class, and I was SO BORED I COULD HAVE DIED, but I didn't want to be rude, so it was a long two hours. Like, I understand most people in that class have no experience with sound, but seriously, it was the equivalent of someone coming into class to teach you how the alphabet works. "And this is D! Deeeeeeeeee is for dog!" No, D is for ded.

I hate when people don't bring their gym key and then stand there until you get off the elliptical to let them in because they're stupid and then you have to re-enter all your information into the elliptical and start over because it doesn't have a pause function. Do you hear me, stupid boy with lame hair? I HATE IT.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I haven't had a lot of time to work on icons lately, and the ones I have tried to make in a limited amount of time have turned out all manner of not good, so I decided it would be fun to look at ye icones of olde. I went through my Photobucket album and found one of the very first ones I made myself, which is to the right.

Why I decided that putting a noise filter on that picture was a good idea, I have no idea. I know! Let's make it grainier! Heh.

So, we went to Houston yesterday. Bah. It was really informal; we just browsed through the various museums on our own, so the entire experience had this aura of why-am-I-here. We did eat at an English pub for lunch, and I had my first shepherd's pie, so that was fun. Then we went to an Ikea, where I bought a wok. But the actual class field-trip aspect of it? Annoying.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

That was a fun week. And when I say "fun," I mean, "looooooooooooooooong." I had a ton of work that I actually did go through day by day and didn't save it for the last minute; twelve drawings for my art class, each of which took between 1-3 hours. Then I had to put them all up on the website. I had reading to do for class. A short script to write.

I haven't even watched Lost yet, people. I finally have time to do it tonight. I'm v. excited.

My parents sent me a wee care package, and included was a mini-bottle of raspberry vodka, and I am having the most amazing screwdriver ever in the history of ever right now. I haven't had a single alcoholic beverage in over a month, and it tastes like teh heavens.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

Saw In Her Shoes last night, and let's just say I'm glad I didn't pay for it. (We snuck in oh the humanity!) (Oh the Japanity!) It was all right, a decent enough chick flick, but there wasn't anything particularly interesting or unique about the premise, no real hook, so I wasn't really into it at all. Besides which, Cameron Diaz is looking rough. I mean, really not good. And it stretches my credibility to be told over and over again that Diaz is the hot sister and Toni Collette is the fat, ugly sister when Collette is a thousand times prettier. Yes, she isn't a blonde rail, but since I've never understood why blonde rails are supposed to be so attractive anyways, it's not much of an argument.

One good thing about the movie is Shirley MacLaine, whom I love. She has one reaction shot in particular that was just perfection. Like, "woo-hoo!" clapping perfection.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

There is this girl in my art class that is driving me crazy. It's progressed to that point where no matter what she says, I find it annoying. I have to make sure I don't roll my eyes all the time.

First of all, she's one of those "oh, aren't I just so uber-sophisticated and cool" film people who are unconventional for the sake of being so. She works at the campus radio station, and is always bringing in weird music to listen to during class, and has pretty much butted out anyone else bringing in music. Since, obviously, she works at a radio station and so would know better. This week, we listened to French techno jazz. I'm not even kidding.

Then, she just jumps in the middle of private conversations. Like, the other week, I was talking to UT Laura and it was clear I was not addressing the whole table, but she just jumped in to start arguing with me. Since when is it okay to eavesdrop on people and then get in the middle of their conversation?

The worst, though, is the fact that she's a vegan. Which normally I wouldn't care about, except that the class signed up so that one person brings snacks every class. I was up first, and brought mini-candy bars and Chex Mix. UT Laura brought Oreos. Some guy last week brought Fig Newtons. So Tuesday she shows up with organic PB&J sandwiches, garbanzo bean dip, and organic popcorn. Then she scolds everyone for not bringing vegan snacks that she could eat, and that all people have to do is look at the label.

Seriously. I could have killed her. Who does that? Who honestly expects people to go out of their way to buy nasty, expensive food to accomodate the extreme diet of one person? It's not like anyone brought, like, veal. Jesus, if it's that important, bring your own goddamned vegan snacks. I think I literally just sat there and gaped. Ugh.

And people wonder why I hate people.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

The first King Kong poster. Um, love.

Shannon love poster.

(Edited to change word "trailer" to word "poster," as they have two very different meanings.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Shannon love extensions. Extensions are my family!

...Not that I wouldn't have had the project done on time, because I would have.

(There would have been pain, but it would have been done.)

Monday, October 3, 2005

The most awesome movie trailer ever. Right-click-save. Seriously, this made me laugh as hard as AD tonight.

And that's saying a lot.

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Oh my God, I cannot figure out how to change my outgoing voice mail message. I have read through the manual twice and have gone through every single menu function on the phone. I just want to change my outgoing message! Why is this so hard!