Monday, December 12, 2005

Tonganoxie represent.


I loved when Danni brought up the Kansas Jayhawks missing out the past few years. YES. LOSING A MILLION DOLLARS IS EXACTLY LIKE KU LOSING IN THE FINAL FOUR TWICE IN THE PAST FOUR YEARS. I'm not being sarcastic, here. I actually yelled out, "I know!" in my Monica voice.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The year in review; first line of the first post of each month.

January: I'm quite possibly the dumbest person alive. But more on that later.

: A lot of the time on fandom_wank, I either know nothing about the fandom, which makes it less interesting, or there's only a few dozen comments, which really isn't worth the bother.


April: So, I created an ezboard, called, appropriately enough, Place for to Talk.

May: Satan! Satan! Satan! Oh, Glenn Morshower, how I've missed you. (More than POTUS? Yis.)

June: I have nothing to talk about! I don’t even have TV to talk about! My life is so sad!

: If anyone finds screencaps of Batman, could you tag the link?

August: I'm trying really hard to beat Metroid before I leave for school, and I don't think I'm going to do it.

September: This is the third Friday in a row I've forgotten to watch Arrested Development. GODDAMMIT.

October: Oh my God, I cannot figure out how to change my outgoing voice mail message.

November: My life is so boring recently. All I have to talk about for the most part is a) television, b) people who annoy me, and c) being sleepy.

December: Judd's gone, man! The scumbags voted him out, man!

I think I mentioned real life ONCE, and that was to complain about how stupid I am. Yeah. I'm kind of feeling that a bit more even after making this list.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I hate my internet connection, sometimes. I don't know what the problem is, if it has tiny little time-outs on a regular basis or something, but I have the hardest time watching streaming video. There's a trailer out for a new movie that Billy Boyd did (FINALLY), but as far as I can see it's only up on some stupid European website, and it only offers streaming video. And the only way I can watch it without it constantly timing out is to watch it on the modem speed setting, but then it's so tiny that all I can see is this small, blurry, vaguely Boyd-shaped being.

I hate streaming video. DAMN YOU, JAKE KANE!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

It's that time of the year again, when the award season starts up, and I start reading Oscarwatch on a daily basis. Today, someone posted a link to the new King Kong television commercial.

Set to a Coldplay song? Check. Cheesy voiceover done in the same tone of voice as the guy who said, "The Shining," in warm, dulcet tones in that fake preview? Check. The lamest trailer that ever lamed? Um...

It made me cry.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

One week down, one week to go! I remember our last year, the first semester I think, Caroline and I must have just been done, because we started counting down like that at the very beginning of the semester. "One week down, fifteen to go!" Which is kind of sad.

I have a cold-thing again, which is starting to make me wonder if it's not actually allergies to something down here, since it disappeared promptly when I went home for Thanksgiving. I don't know; it's just kind of annoying, but it may just be a cold I re-caught or whatever.

So last night I come home, and my roommate is cooking something on the stove top, and I don't know if it's because I'm stuffed up or because what she was cooking was truly vile, but it smelled so bad I had to light a candle and put it on my desk. That's not right.

I'm going in to edit my film today. I can't even express how much I don't want to. I am so burnt out on this class, you have no idea. Part of it is knowning that even when I get done, I still have to put it up on the stupid website, so it's just ugh.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

So I'm finally catching up with Veronica Mars, and I just finished watching the episode from three weeks ago. SPOILERS (so as not to be hypocrite): At first, I was like, dude, that was one of my mom's fave punishments, making kids write sentences. That's not child abuse, come on. But then I saw the stacks and stacks of notebooks, and then I saw the secret room in the closet, and yeah, I was with them on that. Alyssa tells me that that just gets dropped, though, which is weird. That's the kind of thing you comment on later.

So I had to watch Pulp Fiction this week for class, which I had never seen before, and there was one sequence in the middle that traumatized me. I literally had a hard time falling asleep, I couldn't stop thinking about it, in the way that you'll keep poking at, say, where you burned the roof of your mouth or something. "Going to sleep...THE BLOODY HANDPRINT ON THE WALL...stop thinking about it, go to sleep...THE GUY WAS CHAINED UP INSIDE A BOX...sleeeeep..." Ugh. I really need someone like Laura who knows what freaks me out to just watch everything in advance and warn me about things like that.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Judd's gone, man! The scumbags voted him out, man! I don't understand why that alliance wasn't loyal to him, man, he wasn't a liar, man, okay, of course he lied, he's just a bad liar, he never lied to anyone, man! He was a good sportsmanships! Bunch of scumbags, Judd was great, he was a great man, man, he loved his wife as much as 25 White Castle cheeseburgers. I hope the scumbags get eaten by a crocodile, man.

Whoa, no new Lost till January 11th. That's an Angel-style hiatus. This is why even though it's hard to wait so long for new 24, it's worth it, because we just get to watch it in one good go.

FOX is apparently putting a wonderful new show in AD's place in their Monday line-up, something so great that I can kind of understand why they'd want to junk their Emmy-winning, critically-acclaimed show with the rabid fanbase. I mean, if you had a chance, as a network executive, to put Skating with Celebrities on the air, you'd have to find a place for it, too? Right?