Friday, December 15, 2006

Last day in Texas. Laundry, packing, cleaning. I finished the first draft of my King Arthur script this morning and sent it off, and we TAs turned our grades in yesterday, so that's that.

I'm a little bummed, because of the six of us in the film lab class, I was one of the three scripts that didn't get picked to go on to the next semester. They had a selection committee, and one of the people on it, at my reading, asked, "What if her dad WASN'T a serial killer?" Which since the log line of my film is, "A young woman returns home and investigates her mother's death, beginning to suspect that her father was the infamous serial killer who terrorized her home town..." I kind of knew then that maybe I didn't have the best shot. But my professor gave me some good notes, and told me that the committee did think that I had the best shot of actually being able to sell my script, which was good to hear. I'll do a rewrite over the break anyway, since this will probably be my thesis script, since I put the most work into it.

UT Laura and I are going to develop a TV pilot next spring in homeroom, so we're using the break to do development on that project, mainly focusing on writing the Bible. I don't want to say anything about it just yet since it's way, way in the early phases of knocking ideas around, but we think it's a pretty cool concept thus far. And, I'll probably do a second draft of my Arthur script, because I'd like to enter it in festivals as well, since it's a genre thing and I'd like to come out with two polished(ish) scripts instead of just one. I also might see if I can do two scripts in revision class in the spring instead of just the serial killer one, although that may be biting off more than I can chew.

Ergo: busy break. Which is good in a way, since a lot of the time I just lay around on breaks and start feeling useless and depressed, and it's actually not all that much writing if I spread it out over the month (like, two or three hours a day, which seems like nothing when I was writing eight to ten hours a day during the crunches this semester).

Flying home tomorrow morning, yay! I think this is the latest I've headed back for Christmas, although I realized today that I have no idea what I'll be doing next year and how breaks and the like are going to shake out, so I've determined to enjoy this break as much as possible.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Last night we had a wrap-up party for the film lab class, which took place at Wahoo's Fish Tacos (no, seriously). They had a buffet of sorts set up, with tacos and quesadillas and chips, thankfully with some chicken and steak varieties. But most importantly, they had a fixed tab at the bar, and frozen margaritas therein. I think the guy got tired of serving drinks, so my last one, he was like, "Do you want a floater of tequila?" WHILE he went ahead and poured one in.

After four hours of that, the tab was ended and people went home. Seven of us were hanging around outside, and we all realized in tandem that if we also went home, it was early enough that we could be reasonably expected to do some work. So we went to the pub for another two hours, where I had a lovely ten year Glenkinchie and a bowl of ice cream, which totally don't go together except for how they do. Having successfully wasted enough time to not have to work anymore, we then went home, where we could have actually done work, since it was only midnight, but we're old.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wow, all of a sudden I turned into talky meat today.

So, the big Firefly Flanvention II was supposed to be this weekend. Except that the con organizers cancelled either the day before or the day of, and people are flying in and can't get refunds and are totally crushed, and it's horrible.

Adam Baldwin is told what's going on, shows up at the hotel anyways, hangs out at the bar for a couple of hours and calls the other actors, and they all show up anyways, to a cancelled convention, and OMG, I love them all so much. I miss my big damn show!
Okay, I just posted, but decided to do a new one rather than edit the old: so, my sister's blog is cracking me up. First of all, her new header graphic is ASOME, and a few posts down, her animated gif rendition of power doppler during The Office? Is so true. I've went back to look at that about a dozen times since she posted it, since MS Paint stuff is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

I like a lot of the stuff of the new Blogger thing, but I don't like that I can't figure out how to get rid of the navbar, and I can't get into the html for the little sidebar components. All I want to do is center stuff! Maybe, if I have time this week, I'll really look into it, but for now, eh.
Wow, have the last two weeks been both very busy and very boring. Grading, writing, readings, etc. Now the end is near, and I just have to finish my last script and read/grade the students' final revisions, and to home on Saturday (Huzzah!).

UT Laura and I are making Christmas tins filled with cookies and sweets for the gang this week. I haven't ever done Christmas baking on my own; only ever helped my mom with hers, so this should be exciting. And probably expensive, but that's okay. Right now I'm making sugar cookies shaped like trees, magic bars, Santa's whiskers (coconut and cherry), peanut butter balls, and maybe one other thing. I'm thinking either fudge, which is super-easy, or peppermint bark, which is also easy. It may come down to which is cheaper, but I'll have to see what the rest runs me.

There are so many movies coming out that I want to see, which is always the problem with December. I'm trying to decide if I want to see movies based on people wot I like (Cate, Kate, the Damon, etc), or movies I think will score big with the Oscars (Dreamgirls, Flags/Letters). We'll probably end up seeing Night at the Museum, because it looks fun and holiday-y, and I'd still like to see The Queen, and Pan's Labyrinth. Choices, choices.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Oh frabjous day!

That shriek you heard at 8:30pm central standard time? That was me. Screencaps will be forthcoming, but let's just say that it's like if someone reached into the crazy fanfic inside my head and just filmed it for the show.

BSG + me = happy.

So, I went ahead and switched over to the Blogger Beta thing, since they were so adamant about it. I don't notice any differences as of yet, so we'll see what happens.

This week was really long and busy, but not in an interesting way, more week of class left, one week of grading. Boo, school. (Ooo, I looked up, and now you can do bullets! Exciting.)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I hate stupid Austin and its stupid weather.

Back from Turkey Day break, which was lovely, if a bit stressful just because the amount of work I have to do over the next three weeks was always looming in the back of my mind. My script reading was last night, which went well, if a bit underwhelming in terms of turn-out. I don't know if they didn't publicize it enough, or if everyone read the blurb of my script and wasn't interested, but not many students showed up. But I did get a lot of feedback from who was there, and it was very cool hearing it out loud.

So now I just have to finish my other draft, revise my short adaptation script, and grade my students' 30 pages finals twice over, which doesn't sound like a lot, but totally is. I have also fallen behind on two different TV shows, and don't know when I'll be able to catch up. Guess which of these two things upsets me more.

Went and saw For Your Consideration last weekend, which was hilarious. I liked it more than A Mighty Wind, and maybe more than Best in Show. Catherine O'Hara especially was just amazing. I'd love to see her pull a dark horse nomination for this, not just because it would be very meta, but also because comedy just never gets rewarded, and it's so hard. But I'm not holding my breath.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Yay Turkey Day! I am very excited. I am going home tomorrow, and even though I have a lot of work to do, it's nice to be home.

So: this week's Battlestar was so very pretty, I have to do a picspam. Behold!

Oh, cinematography.

Lee-mo pain.

Roslin is so pretty.

And adorable.

I love her so much.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holiday Muzaks:

"Mele Kalikimaka," Bing Crosby

"Christmas Time is Here," from A Charlie Brown Christmas

"The Atheist Christmas Carol," Vienna Tang

"Frosty the Snowman," Fiona Apple

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," Judy Garland

"O Holy Night," Josh Groban

"Carol of the Bells," John Williams (from Home Alone)

"Happy Christmas (War is Over)," Sarah McLachlan

"Gaudete," Mediaeval Baebes

"Little Drummer Boy," David Bowie and Bing Crosby

"Once Upon a Midnight Clear," which came from a Christmas CD I burned at USC, so I don't know the artist of this one. Solo piano, my favorite Christmas song.
Updated foozes.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Taking an internet break during my TV break, which means I'm now multitasking breaks, which seems a bit antithetical to the whole concept of breaks. I'm trying to get some rewrites done ASAP for my reading after Thanksgiving break, which is a bit stressful since I know what the problems with the current draft are but don't know if I have enough time to do what I'd like to get done. Plus writing for two other classes (finishing drafts there), plus teaching.

OMG my brains, they have been eaten!

Also, shut up, Veronica. /macro

Thursday, November 9, 2006

I picked up another TA section for the spring, which gives me 20 hours.

20 hours = in-state tuition, double the stipend, health insurance.


Workshopped my draft today, which went well. No big structural notes, lots of character stuff (especially the climax), but I'm holding off on edits until the first rehearsal (with Det. White!) Monday night. Which means that I only have ten pages to draft this weekend (*yays*), so I get to take tomorrow off and see Stranger than Fiction. Hopefully also want to get to Hobby Lobby to get some Christmas decorations. For the season makes great happiness.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

harry potter and the hogwarts dance team :)

So, the fact that this is on YouTube, and is thus kind of blurry, makes it doubleplusgood, because you can kind of pretend it's actually the actors from the films/the characters themselves (depending on how crazy you want to make it), which is doubly hysterical.

No, seriously, I've watched this like four times tonight.
Laura San Giacomo yay! I didn't know she was coming back!


Kick out Piz bring on Laura we need more non-teen regulars kthx RT bye.


Monday, November 6, 2006

Okay, so I was working on this Veronica Mars icon, and couldn't decide what style I wanted to use. So: I made three different versions. Here's the original cap:

And here are the three versions. Which do you prefer? (Yes, vote; I'm interested in what icon style works best.)

1) 2) 3)

Sunday, November 5, 2006


Although to be accurate, one would then have to do the same with Star Wars, crossing out the original Lord of the Rings synopsis.

(Seriously, I have been doing a lot of Hero's Journey research, getting all that plot stuff fresh, as it is very helpful when writing anything with a genre bent.)

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Writing = taking mini-breaks = now it's survey time!

The iTunes meme:

total number of tracks: 4145
total length of music: 11.5 days

sort by song title:
- first song: 'Ama'Ama - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
- last song: Zoot Suit Riot - Cherry Poppin' Daddies

sort by time:
- shortest song: Howard Makes It All Go Away - Jon Brion (Eternal Sunshine soundtrack) (:14)
- longest song: Der Abschied - Gustav Mahler (29:32)

sort by artist:
- first song: These Are Days - 10,000 Maniacs
- last song: Time of the Season - The Zombies

top 10 most played songs: (this won't really be representative, as a) I had to do that system reboot a while back and it wiped over a year's worth of info, and b) I listen to my classical/soundtrack playlist extensively when I write)
01) Dark Eyes – DeVotchKa
02) Worthy of Survival – Bear McCreary (BSG)
03) The Crypt – Philip Glass (Dracula)
04) Roslin and Adama – Bear McCreary
05) Something Deep Inside – Billie Piper
06) Just What I Needed – The Cars
07) The Infanta – The Decemberists
08) Weathertop – Howard Shore (LOTR)
09) Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Minor – Claudio Arrau (Chopin)
10) Starman – David Bowie

first five songs that comes up on shuffle:
- Biological - Air
- Dead Things - Emiliana Torrini
- Love Shack - The B-52s (YES)
- Tocatta in E Minor - Bach
- The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us! - Sufjan Stevens

how many songs come up when you search for:
- "sex": 6
- "love": 179
- "you": 287
- "death": 20
- "hate": 20
- "wish": 7
- "monkey": 2
Movies Wot I Am Looking Forward To:

Venus, with Peter O'Toole and Vanessa Redgrave. It just looks delightful.

Notes on a Scandal, with Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench, two of my favorite actresses. I knew about the movie, but Laura reminded me about the trailer, which I hadn't seen before, which looks very intense and awesome.

The Queen, with Helen Mirren as Elizabeth II, following the aftermath of Diana's death. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about her performance.

Pan's Labyrinth, directed by Guillermo del Toro. It looks creepy and beautiful and haunting, even though I still don't really know what's going on.

Children of Men, with Clive Owen and Julianne Moore, directed by Alfonso Cuaron. I've seen the trailer half a dozen times, and it still makes me all excited and vaguely weepy.

For Your Consideration, new Christopher Guest movie yay!

The Good German, with George Clooney and Cate Blanchett, because it's black and white and period and it has Cate Blanchett in it.

Friday, November 3, 2006

It's amazing how long it took to tweak the color scheme to make it monochromatic with accents of pink. *stabbity stab*

Today was a good day. I turned in my third draft, watched the first KU game of the season (a 99-69 victory, Rock Chalk), and it was 60 degrees outside.

That's all. :)

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Crack!Ship Picspam of Happiness For To Make Glorious Benefit

This is Gaius Baltar. He is pretty.

This is Laura Roslin. Also pretty.

*indrawn breath*

*high-pitched squeal*

*incoherent flailing*

The end.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween is upon us, so I give you muzaks wot represent the spooky season.

"I Am Stretched Out On Your Grave," Kate Rusby (pretty, haunting)

"Moon Trills," Jonny Greenwood (instrumental)

"Sally's Song," Fiona Apple (from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack)

"They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhhh!!" Sufjan Stevens (despite the hilariously ridiculous title, this is a really pretty song)

"Re: Your Brains," Jonathan Coulton (catchy and hilarious; the chorus: "All we want to do is eat your brains; we're not unreasonable, I mean, no one's going to eat your eyes...")

"Ave Lucifer," Os Mutantes (Latin, creepy, but strangely pretty)

"Ode From A Psychopath," Brodwyn (lilting and folksy, the lyrics kind of creep up on you)

"Dark Eyes," DeVotchKa (okay, so I'm a little obsessed with this song right now; the first time I've ever put iTunes on repeat; instrumental, gypsy, awesome; and because I like DeVotchKa so much...something in the same vein: "Death By Blonde")

"The Killing Moon," Echo and the Bunnymen (from the Donnie Darko soundtrack)

"Halloween Theme," John Carpenter (because)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Went to the Drafthouse last night to see Battlestar on the big screen, which was quite fun. Geek nirvana! It was very exciting to see Crack!Ship up there, all big and shiny, with a theater full of fans. Although sadly my predictions of what Crack!Ship would entail were negated last night. (No Chip!Roslin in Baltar's head; just a crazy dream. Although what the dream says about Baltar is quite interesting...)

Yesterday was a bit of a day off, even though I did have a script meeting with my professor. He gave me some good notes, so that's part of what I need to work on before I turn my draft in next Thursday. Speaking of which, my professor's girlfriend is apparently going to be directing my reading; she came up to me at the pitch session to introduce herself and tell me how much she liked serial killers. (Hee.) I knew she was an actress, but I hadn't given it much thought before I found out she was going to be my director. I went to look her up on IMDB, and she's done a lot of TV guest stuff, which was pretty neat, until I scrolled down some more. And found out she played Det. White in Szygzy. AHA. I don't have S3 on DVD, so I'm downloading just that ep to watch, since I haven't seen it in years. This is amusing me far too much. (It is a strange kind of cosmic coincidence I'd like to go back and tell 14 year-old me.)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Last night we had our big pitch session to interested students for the film lab class. We pitched our scripts, which is a very difficult thing to do well; how do you sum up a movie in three minutes, make it interesting, hook them in, but not give everything away? They're casting next week for the readings, and our first rehearsal is next weekend, so the ball is rolling towards the end of the semester.

Speaking of the script, I wrote through the end of the film. The draft isn't done; I still need to go back and plant things that came up throughout the course of writing, and polish, and make sure all my necessary beats are there, etc. I have another week, so it shouldn't be a problem getting it in on time. I'm just glad this isn't going to be down to the wire like draft two.

Interesting bout of sleep paraylsis last night. I haven't had an old school hallucination in a while: wake up, on my side facing out into the room. I feel someone pressing their hands into the mattress right in front of my face, like they're leaning over me. And then it sounds like my alarm clock is going off, but instead of music or beeping, it's this deeply screwed up, loud grating sound. It was very strange. It's been awhile since the hallucination scared me, but that did the trick.

Sometimes I wonder if my day just wouldn't be complete if I didn't rub a contact up underneath my eyelid.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why is it that the very best Fandom Wanks always turn up when I'm busiest at school. I don't have time today to read 4000 comments! But I want to so much because it's hilarious!

So, these people? Are in love with Snape. And they think he's real. And Snape broke up with one of them? For Sirius. So they find out, and show up yelling and such, and one of them lets loose: "You can't judge me! What, do none of you have any skeletons in your closets!" So everyone brings up their skeletons. "I've downloaded every music video from the 1980s." "I had a crush on Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." "I have Clay Aiken's CD. And I LIKE it." But for the win? "I am sexually attracted to Edward James Olmos. There, I said it."

Oh, it is to die. I heart you Fandom Wank, always and forever.

*sekritly reads more even though I have stuff wot to do*
24 S6 preview OMG! I didn't realize till I watched it how much I miss 24. Oh, everyone on that show, I heart you. And now, with Peter MacNicol! Yay!

So, okay. As soon as Laura San Giacomo showed up last night, I was like, OMG, I hope she and Keith have the sparkage, and they did, and it was triumphant, and I was in this happy potential-OTP happy place, but then vaguely remembered during a commercial break that I would have heard if she had moved from a guest starring role to a recurring role, but it still was sad when her husband wasn't actually cheating on her. Sigh. Maya + Elliot = 4eva.

Yeah, and apparently other stuff happened in that episode? I guess. I have been missing Mac, but I love that they always have to mention where the character is, as though if we don't see them we'll think they've, like, disappeared off the face of the Earth or something. "OMG I didn't see Mac last night SHE MUST HAVE VAPORIZED."

An open letter to the people of Austin:

70 is t-shirts and jeans weather. It's grilling weather. It's playing frisbee weather. It's dangling feet into pool weather. It is not, however, coat and scarf weather.

XOXO, Shannon

Sunday, October 22, 2006

So I'm having a spot of ice cream, right? And I look down, and there's a whitish powder on the back of my hand. And I figure it's sugar, because I was tidying up in the kitchen. So I licked it off.

I'm doing laundry right now, too.

It was very exciting yesterday when I made it past the hinge: I have written more pages than I have left to write. Yay!

We're having some lovely, cool autumn weather here (read: 60s and 70s), so I've decided to take a notebook and go out by the pool and write longhand, which is good on many levels. 1) I won't be tempted to play around on the internets. 2) I will get some fresh air and be happy. 3) Writing longhand forces you to really consider the words in a way you don't when you're typing, and it's easy to just backspace and try again.

You know you've had a slow start to your day when by the time you wake up, get some work done, go to the gym, take a shower, and sit down for breakfast, it's after noon.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Remember the week before last, when I said that the Battlestar Galactica premiere was awesome, and the show was awesome, and I loved it to tiny pieces?

Tonight's episode was, like, eleventy thousand percent more awesome. When I wasn't crying, I was clapping and cheering. Hello brand new addition to top ten episode list after a single viewing!

So, I have about two hours to convince UT Laura that we should drive up to the Drafthouse to watch tonight's episode on the big screen with a bunch of geeky fans. Yes. And if not, I'll probably have to resign myself to just watching it again tonight at midnight ET. And when they reair it Sunday. And Monday. And after I download it...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Evolution of Dance

I'm so excited that I got a lot of writing done today so I could take a YouTube break.


Woo, I am more than a third of the way done with my draft! Next roadmile, the midpoint! Huzzah!

Today = happiness in my hearts.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How did people write scripts before Wikipedia and Google? Just in the last few days, I've needed: "What types of drugs do people go on after a heart attack?" "What is the name of a wooded park in Springfield, Missouri?" "How long does it usually take to strangle someone to death?"

I heart the internets.

I'm kind of freaked out that they're going to start casting our films for the end-of-semester reading before we're even finished writing the drafts. SLOW DOWN. I would have a full plate just taking this one class, and it's eating my life, and I can't start worrying about things happening in December right now.

I miss watching TV.

Monday, October 16, 2006

OMG, HEROES WAS SO AWESOME. Their execution is still sometimes as wobbly as a newborn colt, but oh, some of the things they're doing are so big and epic and genre-licious, I heart them. Like, there were several developments tonight that once my big clumsy brain figured out what was going on (about three seconds before the obvious reveal), I was all, "YES. THAT IS AWESOME. YES." Their closing tags remind me of very early Lost, where you were very, I can't wait till next week. Good show, show.

Vanilla coffee + chocolate strawberry liqueur = FTW.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today was a better day. I've written 13 pages so far, for two scripts, although I'd like to write a few more before the day is out. Yesterday was really frustrating; I just couldn't get scenes to gel, and wrote and deleted about five pages worth of material. I was really close to taking a "why, Tracy, why" shower. But, as always, the muse comes back eventually.

We were at Whole Foods on Friday, and in the produce section this guy was grilling pumpking, with butter and spices, and it was heavenly. So we bought a pie pumpkin with which to try. It didn't really work as well, so I mashed the cooked pumpkin up and am currently making bread. I think that'll it'll be really good, with homemade pumpkin. (Pumpking. OMG, fingers.)

So, these jackasses that live across from us threw a party Friday night. They came over and invited us before it started, and I asked how long they were planning to party. The guy, totally flustered, was like, oh, if it gets too loud, just come over to get me. Right. Because that always works out. The party starts at around 10pm, and it is SO LOUD. At midnight, they knock AGAIN, asking if they're too loud.

Me: Yes.
Them: Really?
Me: Yes. Can you simmer down?
Them: Um...*walks away*

I went to bed, and with my white noise machine and fan, was able to fall asleep without incident. UT Laura reported that the party broke up at 5am, and that she did poke her head out at 3am to ask them to be quiet, but that they were so drunk she was afraid. So yesterday, we wake up, and the breezeway is just filled with cigarette butts, styrofoam cups, and assorted other trash. I wait to see if they clean. Today, I finally go over and ask them to clean. Half an hour later, they knock and ask if it looks okay; I say thank you, and am sincere.

They seemed like nice guys, who just throw stupid loud parties, but who at least made an attempt to be considerate. Until I was going out to grill tonight, and saw that they had drawn a box around their front door on the concrete in marker, and wrote "No Trespassing" in the middle. Nice. So I don't know if that was sarcastic, or passive-agressive, or what. I'm really uncomfortable with these guys--who apparently just moved in?--living across from me. I'll have to keep a look-out, which is sad and probably way to paranoid, but I'm just not feeling good vibes right now.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I have some piano sheet music laying on top of my keyboard, and I happened to glance that way earlier today when I was making my bed, and my first thought was, "Why do I have something written in Arabic printed out?"

This is where my brain is today.

Today I'm writing pages for my third draft of serial killer movie, and new pages for the first draft of King Arthur movie. Next week, I'll be doing all that, plus new pages for adaptation of domestic violence movie. And teaching. And the Austin Film Festival, wot we are expected to go to (panels, screenings). And working. And sleeping? Mayhap.

Which is not to say that things are bad. I was much more depressed and despondent this summer, after my one class ended, and all I had was internship twice a week. I much prefer having things to do, structure, deadlines. It's a little much right now, but once I get the third draft done my world will open up just a little bit.

Friday, October 13, 2006

So apparently tagboard has gone under. I've gotten rid of the coding; in the meantime, I've frakked so much with my template in the past that Blogger can't figure out how to add the comments code, and neither can I. Which is awesome. So, I'm working on that.

In the meantime, Mary McDonnell is gorgeous.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It has begun. Taping shows to watch later because of work. The sneaking suspicion that the tape won't get watched. Falling behind.

I am seven percent finished with my draft. Nine pages out of a projected 115. That's two days worth of work. It's due on November 2nd. Which is 22 days away, which at this rate means that I'll have 108 pages done, which is actually not that bad; I need one day a weekend where I crank out more, but I'm on pace to get done. And 4-5 pages a day is all I can reasonably do well, so I'm not feeling too stressed.

They're having a free screening of Babel tomorrow on campus, which our professor actually rescheduled class around so that we could see it, so I will dutifully report back. I'm very hopeful that it will be awesome.

I feel sad that the highlight of my day is that the new crock-pot frozen thing I bought turned out really well.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cher - Believe

This kid is so awesome. I want him to be my new little brother.

Monday, October 9, 2006

I've rewatched the premiere a couple of times now, as well as listened to the podcast, and I think what was so great about the premiere is at the heart about what's so great about SF. See, the pre-season press skewed the politics of the premiere very heavily to an allegory about the war in Iraq, and certainly those elements were there. But there were also allusions to Vichy France, to Vietnam, even, according to Ron Moore, the executive producer, to the Roman occupation of Gaul. What really is making this occupation storyline work is that they're not setting it up as a direct one-to-one on any particular conflict, but instead mining the richness and complexity of all of human history to write a story that is at once original and at the same time deeply familiar, and it's layering these historical antecedents and crafting them into the original world that is something I think you can only really do in SF.

What's really great about BSG is that they create these situations, and yet they know their characters well enough that the way the behave is absolutely believable. It's not a matter of coming up with a cool storyline and then trying to fit everyone in somehow (Buffy), but coming up with a cool storyline and actually thinking about the consequences of that, at how it can work inside their world. TV shows can be very insular; there is a tendency to start writing smaller and smaller, as the world gets more explored and the rules become quantified. Early in a show's run, you can write an episode that opens up that world, that changes things (like Surprise/Innocence on Buffy, for example), but the longer you go the harder it is to break out of those self-imposed walls. Which is why I loved last year's finale so much, and am so happy and relieved and...grateful for the storyline thus far, because they've really been able to break out of the insular universe, to try something new. It's really hard for TV shows to successfully execute paradigm shifts, and BSG has managed to do that in a way that's both faithful to the previous characterizations but also has opened up their sociopolitical world to really exciting and fresh things.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

OMG, I think crack!ship might actually be confirmed. Still no actual context, but I was doing some, erm...investigating, and found this quote from Ausiello, from TV Guide, talking about the first four episodes: "Laura locks lips with the most unlikely of characters at the beginning of Episode 4 (I pray they saved the outtakes for the DVD)."

Dude. I know no one is watching the show and no one cares, but dude. Roslin is going to kiss Baltar. Somehow, this is going to happen. And it's going to be ASOME.
Now, I've watched a lot of TV in my time. I've usually had some kind of ship thing going on. It may just be a casual interest that I randomly track, or they may be my OTP and it's a very integral part of my viewing experience. In either case, or anywhere in between, the ship is usually one you could describe to other people, and they'd understand. They may not agree, but they'd see where it might come from. It's not like, "Seriously? Those two? But...but...that's weird."

I'm what they call a boring shipper.

Until yesterday, when I happened upon upcoming promo pictures for BSG. Now, I am trying to be spoiler free for this show as much as possible, but promos are a tricky thing. Unless they're really overt, it's hard to figure out sometimes what they mean without context. So yeah, I have no idea the context of this photo, and how it could possibly come to place, but yeah. For the first time ever...

Crack!ship. As in, that ship is crack. There's no way it could happen. (But then what is going on in that picture?!) I don't actually want it to happen, come to think of it. But oh, it would be pretty. And totally, totally crack.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Party's over. I'm so glad we made a metric ton of food and two people showed up. Although it's okay, we had a good time, and everything we made is good left over.

So, the BSG premiere? Awesome. Like, I just sat there gaping at the screen for two hours. This show is just beautiful, and so compelling, and I'm just so glad that I started watching it. I didn't want to commit, because new fandoms can be shiny and distracting, but having some time to let the show settle, I'm going to come right out and say it: Battlestar Galactica is the best show I have EVER seen. I love it so much.

*hugs TV*

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Tomorrow is the Battlestar Galactica season premiere, and UT Laura and I are throwing a shindig. We invited all the screenwriting people, who are notoriously bad about responding to emails, so we don't actually know how many people are coming yet. Regardless, we're going out tomorrow to buy fixings for hors d'ouerves and such. I like the thought of entertaining; I just have this fear I'm not actually very good at it.

I remember the time Jenny and I tried to throw a dinner party. Murphy, of Murphy's Law fame, helped us out. I think that's the last time I tried to mastermind a gathering, aside from totally informal and lame Halloween parties and the like. (Yay, Halloween! I have more decorations to put up tomorrow. I'm very excited.)

The Office tonight was to laugh, as I've been the person trying to shoot with a smoke grenade while getting stuck in the corner. Yes.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I just watched the first episode of The Nine, after Lost, and I thought it was pretty good; I'm definitely intrigued to see how things turn out. But mostly, I'm reporting that Tim Daly? Is way hot. Like, HOT. UT Laura and I spent the whole episode having the vapors.

"OMG, he's wearing a suit!" "And he has stubble!" "Whoa, did you see him just turn his head? So hot." "You know who's hot? Tim Daly."

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Frak is the profanity of the future.

INSOMNIA: AHAHAHA I cut you, bitch.

SHANNON: What did I ever do to you?

INSOMNIA: There doesn't have to be a reason AHAHAHA enjoy never sleeping again.

So, I haven't had a full night's sleep in at least a week. I didn't really keep track of when it started, but suffice it to say that if I were getting REM sleep, I'd probably be dreaming about being able to sleep. At first it was an allergy upswing, and I kept coughing myself awake, and the last few days it's been run-of-the-mill can't sleep, no dreaming, lots of waking up-style insomnia. I'm operating out of that fugue state kind of deal, where you feel about half a second out of synch with the world.

We finally got our assignments in Adaptation, and I was given my second-least favorite story to have to work on for the rest of the semester. This is irritating because the professor asked us to make a list of what we wanted, and I have a hard time believing that everyone else requested my first and second stories and I just got shafted. He could probably tell I didn't like the story, and this is some kind of punishment* or something, to make me "a better writer."

*Or "challenge," as they like to say in academia. I think we all know the truth.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

I'm working on a new scene outline for my revision, which has been a weeklong process. I need to email it to the professor today, so I've been really trying to nail it down. I also have to start writing pages soon as the third draft is due in a month. AAAAAAA. I'm not terrified, I'm just very, very...concerned.

So anyway, I've been taking mini-breaks today, just because I find it hard to work on something full-stop. During my last one, I found a compilation of AD chicken dances that made me very happy.

Friday, September 29, 2006

I was hoping that last year was an anomaly, but no, it appears I will have horrible allergies this fall, too. I just want a full night's sleep so much right now, you have no idea.

Can anyone explain to me why a new version of iTunes comes out every week or so? And how nothing ever changes when you update? What is it exactly that they're trying to fix? Seriously, I get sick of constantly either having to download the new version and install, which takes, like, forever, or having to click "no" all the time, with the sneaking suspicion that now my iTunes is going to explode or something.

I miss Winamp.

I'm crocheting a blanket now, and it's taking sooooo looooong. I have a new appreciation for my mom being able to churn out baby blankets, now. I could probably go faster if I didn't have to look at it as I do it. I watch my mom and Laura crochet, and they're not staring at it the whole time like I do. /boring crafts talk

Actually, this whole post should probably be /boring. When the most exciting thing that's happened in the past few days is...see, I couldn't even think of an example.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh, shiny. I was already excited for this, but the poster? Over the top, people. So, so pretty.

I heart you Cate, like, less than three forever.

(Updated foozes.)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

UT Laura and I were talking about how busy we've been already this semester and we haven't even started drafting yet. It will be to cry, I fear.

Wednesday night they had an advance screening of The Science of Sleep, wot they handed out free passes to at school. A whole slug of film people went, both writing and producing. I really liked the movie. It was very strange, but it was also very funny and moving. Like with Eternal Sunshine, Michel Gondry did all the special effects in-camera, so there was stop-motion, rear projection, etc. Gael Garcia Bernal was just, like, adorable. So if you get a chance to see it, I'd recommend it.

I'm so glad new TV is back. I mean, it's not like I have time to watch it, so I'll end up running into the same trap of having to tape shows Sunday-Wednesday to watch on the weekend, but it's just nice to have things to look forward to.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A brief trip inside my brain:

Went to TWoP. Checked to see if the Project Runway recap was up yet. Thought of Santino and Andrae. Red Lobster jingle popped into head.

It's been half an hour now with, "For the seafood lover in yoooou!" in a loop, just around and around and around. GODDAMNIT STOP.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tragedy! Friday night my computer started running realllly slooooow, so I control-alt-deleted, and sure enough, CPU usage was at 100%. It happens, so I restarted the computer. The fan was running and it took a while to get going, but that also happens. But instead of finally getting up to speed and letting me do things, it just stalled out. Restarted, shut down and let rest and turned on, rinse and repeat a few times; no dice. It was late, so I went ahead and went to bed.

Saturday morning, same deal. I click the Start menu to go into system tools to do a defrag or a disk cleanup and it takes five minutes just for the menu to finally pop up. I start getting the cold sweat of doom. I manage to do a system restore to Wednesday, and my computer moves just enough after that to let me copy over what files I had on my computer's HD over to my external HD (said process taking four hours). In goes the full recovery disk, goodbye goes all my files, programs, bookmarks, iTunes playlists, Photoshop brushes, etc. Thanks for buying a Toshiba laptop! Because it thinks it's brand new, see.

So I've spent the last day, when I've not actually been doing writing for school, getting everything back up to speed. I can't find my Photoshop disk and I fear it's at home, but iTunes is back on track, bookmarks are being reestablished, etc, etc. It has been a very traumatic time. Today I'm hopefully going to go out and get a new bike, and if so, I will also actually buy Norton Antivirus, as that's pretty much all I can think of that would have caused such a sudden and unfixable problem. Stupid viruses. I don't get people.

Speaking of which, we had parties Friday night and last night. Friday's party was the apartment under ours, where they were banging things so loudly that at 2:30 in the morning my clock fell off the wall and broke. UT Laura called the number for our courtesy officer, but we don't have one (either for this weekend or from now on, we don't know). I called 311 to file a noise complaint with the police, and they didn't seem to care. Last night it had to have been 50-60 people mingling between our building and the building behind ours. Screaming, drinking, running around, bashing pinatas with metal baseball bats, generally being, like, a photo essay on Why I Hate People. This time, it was UT Laura's turn to call the cops, and this time they didn't even take her name and number. Yeah, they clearly don't care about parties in college apartment complexes, which I think is crap, since a noise ordinance is a noise ordinance and it shouldn't be tolerated like that. So Monday we're going over to the office to complain. No, seriously, this is Why I Hate People.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Day Two of Exceptionally Awesome Four-Day Weekend: You've had your day of rest, now it becomes actual procrastination if you don't do any work. And yet...I have this sneaking suspicion I won't get much done.

Wearing my one Asian-inspired perfume right now, and it's all crisp and floral but unique and it is always happy when one smells good, methinks. I'm still waiting patiently for someone to actually comment on my perfume, making me fear I'm not applying enough, but I don't want to be one of those people who reek of scent, as that is not on.

I ordered the new Dune book, so I'm re-reading the last two as it's been a few years, and I'd forgotten just how much I enjoyed the end of that series. It's all politcal intrigue and feints within feints and I love that kind of story enveloped in the larger rubric of SF. Good times, good times.

Well, I'm off to see The Black Dahlia, which means I'll probably be watching my lap for some period of time as I don't deal well with stylized gore and such. Ah well; other than Snakes on a Plane, which doesn't really count in some way, I haven't been to the movies since Little Miss Sunshine, so I'm looking to enjoy myself on that count, at any rate.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Someone stole my bike last night. I walked back from the gym this morning only to see my front tire and the bike lock. I talked to management, and they're writing up an incident report for me, but in the meantime assured me that they're getting new locks for the gates. It's new management since August, and they seem very on top of things; the manager seemed like it was quite the surprise to show up and there weren't any locks on the pedestrian gates, so I feel much better in general security-wise knowing those will be installed.

I called my mom, who was very indignant on my behalf but also very understanding and cool, and that was helpful this morning as I was having a mild freak-out. Not so much about the bike itself, which was six years old and relatively inexpensive, but just that something of mine was stolen.

I'm in office hours right now, and then I have "homeroom," our general writing class. We haven't met yet this semester because of Labor Day, but most everyone emailed this weekend what they hope to work on, and it seems like it's a good mixture of genre stuff and straight stuff, so it should be cool.

Heh, I feel like such a woobie today.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Whew, it's been a busy couple of days. I don't think I ever posted that I did get into the class for wot I revised a script in a single day. It's this super-revision class, also geared to writing a script that can actually be filmed, and the first semester is all about coming out with a shooting script. It's pretty hardcore. Thursday we did practice pitches of our films in front of the board and assorted folk who work for the Production Company here in Austin, that has ties to the school, and in whose offices we hold class. They gave us lots of feedback on our pitches, because Friday we did the same thing in front of an agent from CAA and the former head of the WB network.

It was kind of scary.

These guys had also read our scripts, so we had individual story meetings with them. I got a lot of great feedback from them, and it really got me excited about not just rewriting the film, but also about the potential viability of the script in an actual market.

Yesterday UT Laura and I went to the waterpark south of Austin, which was fun, but also exhausting, especially after two days of really stressful stuff. So today I'm looking forward to spending time at home, getting reading done for the upcoming week, cleaning and laundry, and probably more research on my new script, which will be a King Arthur movie and therefore awesome.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I've been grading the first assignments from my section; short scenes based on one of three prompts. Aw, it's like I'm an actual teacher-person. Unfortunately, I'm not able to give them as much time as I'd like, since they were handed in today and we have to turn them back over to the students tomorrow. It's amazing how long it takes to read and mark up a three-page scene when you're really trying to be comprehensive about it.

For interested parties: is hosting BSG webisodes every Tuesday and Thursday from now until the premiere; each will be around three minutes long and takes place between the finale and premiere, mostly about the growing Resistance.

So, I hadn't blogged about this before, but way earlier this summer I had planned a Great Rewatch of CSI before the seventh season started; alas, I just now finished the two-part opener of S4. I think I'm not going to be able to get it done. It's been funny, though; I hadn't realized how many episodes I hadn't seen. I'd say probably one in four were new to me, or I'd only seen them once and didn't remember any of the details. For a show that I enjoy so much, I do tend to miss it quite a bit when it's on.

Monday, September 4, 2006

The first thing I read this morning was that Steve Irwin is dead. I'm surprised by how upset this made me (read: yes, I cried), as I was never particularly fond of watching his actual show although I appreciated all he did for the environment and for wildlife. It wasn't that he's leaving behind a wife and two small kids that got to me, but that he was out there doing what he loved and the attack was so unexpected and sudden that he probably didn't even know what happened before he died. And that just bothers me, a lot.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

As far as I can tell based only on the schedule for the film lab class (which I did get into, even though the professor ended up not reading my second draft wot I wrote in a day before hand), not even my other two writing classes and the TA position, this was pretty much the only weekend I'd have time to really mess around in Photoshop and make new banners and such. Ergo.

Seriously, people, I am going to be So Busy.

I've decided to do a major overhaul of room things, including throwing out a bunch of old posters that have been stored, moved and hung so many times they're all torn and folded and such. I ordered a V for Vendetta poster, and the international poster for Serenity, and I'm hopefully going to get some frames for them (if I can find them someplace for a reasonable price). Gone will be the collages on the mirrored closet doors. I want to get a nice shower curtain to hang over the doors, instead, or something along those lines. Also, I like where I rearranged the bed and desk, but now my dresser is just kind of hanging out in the middle of the room, so I'm going to move that today (which involves moving the TV which means I'm going to have to figure out how to hide the cable). Plus, just general cleaning and picking up as I've neglected that since I've come back to school.

So, kind of a boring day, but stuff that needs to get done, and I'd rather do it now than when I'm all busy. Which will pretty much be all semester.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back in Austin, finally unpacked and settled in. Taught my first TA section, which was surprisingly not that strange, although I suppose substituting for a year made the whole "stand at the front of the room and be talky meat" thing a little less weird.

Saw Little Miss Sunshine, crocheted things, played golf, swam, slept in, etc. over the break, which was lovely and restful, although I did not get as much research-reading done for my new script as I would have liked; thankfully, I have Labor Day weekend pretty much free to do that, and yea verily, I shall.

Still catching up on blogs, the internets, TVs, et cetera, and doing a thorough cleaning and reorganizing of the apartment is also high on my list of upcoming priorities. It feels strange to be starting a new school year, mostly because it feels like the last one never actually ended; I can't imagine the oddity of the ever-closer reality of working full-time, full-stop.

I was talking to Cat on the phone last night, of Emmys, movies, living alone, TAing, buying groceries, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings; most everything, essentially, as it was two hours and I think I unfortunately reached that point when it was like, there are no more words. We have used them all. But it was lovely to have a social interaction with someone who wasn't my family. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I love going home, but right around the two week mark is when I start feeling that I'm approaching hermit-like qualities that as introverted as I am are still a bit unnerving. So yay, friend-talky! It is to be happy.

Friday, August 11, 2006

So today, I was inspired to write some fanfiction; pacifically, Anne of Avonlea fanfiction. I hope you all enjoy. Ahem.

Davy came in from outside and slammed the door shut. Anne winced at the sound, glad that Marilla was visiting Rachel Lynde and wasn't home to hear it. She heard Davy make his way through the house, calling her name, until finally he made his way upstairs and into her bedroom. He wiped the sweat from his brow with a grubby paw - Anne made a note to make him wash up as soon as he finished telling her whatever had spun him into such a flurry of excitement - and collapsed at her feet, burying his face in the folds of her dress. Anne brushed back the sodden curls from his forehead.

"What are you doing down there?" His muffled response drifted up, "It's cool." Anne waited patiently for the question she knew would be coming shortly.

"Anne? Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Davy."

"Why is it a thousand degrees outside? I want to know."

I arrived at my internship today and remembered I had a 3-5 page paper assessing my internship experience due along with the rest of my paperwork today, so I banged that out at the office. I remember when I was in high school, even a freshman at SC, and a 3-5 page paper was a rather serious task, and an 8-10 page paper was an ordeal. Oh, how times change.

So, I'm flying home tomorrow for a few weeks before the fall term starts. I'm so glad that there had to be a terrorist plot days before I stepped onto a plane. Terrorists? Why must you threaten air travel? I want to know.
I forgot to post yesterday that I updated foozes. Alyssa, seriously, that text message was a wonderful break yesterday. You have no idea.
Oh. I'm done.

Okay, so, I got an email last week from a professor I had last semester, who runs this class synched with the UT film institute/production company synergistic thingy down here. You essentially work on a script until you get a shooting script, then go through pre-production (or a facsimilie thereof) and it's just a cool opporunity to really bang out a script and go through that process. He was looking for more submissions for the program, so I emailed him back some questions, and in the meantime didn't do anything about it.

He emailed me back Wednesday night, everything sounded kosher, except that the submissions are due Friday. So I spent all day today, 13 hours straight (with a brief break to go to the gym and watch Big Brother, and even then I was working things out in my head) revising my first draft, which turned into writing a second draft mostly from scratch. Yeah, I edited about thirty pages worth of material today, and wrote about sixty. Today.


I can't quite comprehend the fact that I actually wrote a second draft of a feature in a single day. It's ridiculous. But also, it's kind of cool. I've been meaning to do a second draft all summer and kept putting it off, so today was like the procrastination Olympics. This is for what I've trained for years. And it was really neat, where I'd have those moments when I just wrote, without thinking, the words just pouring out and it was like, yeah. This is what people talk about when they bring up the muse, because, dude, it's not even like I'm coming up with this stuff, it's just like it's there, and I'm just putting it down.

I'm kind of shellshocked right now, actually.

(And the perils of Final Draft mean that this entry has taken twice as long to type, because I keep single-spacing after each sentence, and forgetting to manually capitalize. You cripple me, time-saving software!)

I should have went to bed so I could get up early and edit in the morning, but I spent the last hour and a half reading the latest FW about the latest HP BNF caught plagiarizing. It's been so beautiful.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Alyssa! I am working on a sooper sekrit project. Please to give me the dimensions of your iPod, kthnx.

ETA: I'm watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on TCM right now, and I love the part when the brothers are forced to shave and have washed clothes before they can eat breakfast, and they magically turn from Crazy Raised-by-Wolves Lumberjacks into Family o' Redheaded-Hotness. Good times, good times.

You know it's bad when it's been less than a week and you're already sick of your banner and find all these mistakes in it but don't care enough to fix them in Photoshop. Yeah, I might find time to make something else, or I may just re-use an old one. Eh.

Muzaks Wot Begin With the Letter C:

"Candyman," Christina Aguilera

"Cantabile, Op. 17," Joshua Bell

"Come on Eileen," Dexy's Midnight Runners

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love," Queen

"Crying," Roy Orbison and k.d. lang

Monday, August 7, 2006

"Zizzou Society Blue Star Cadet," Mark Mothersbaugh, from The Life Aquatic

"Zak and Sara," Ben Folds

"Ziggy Stardust," David Bowie

"Zero," The Smashing Pumpkins

"Zombie," The Cranberries

Friday, August 4, 2006

I love when music memes flit about the internet. Everyone puts up music, I download new stuff, so expect some songs sometime in the next few days. In the meantime, to do my part in spreading the meme around...

Reply with a letter, and I'll upload 3-5 songs that start with that letter.

"My Evil Plan to Save the World," Five Iron Frenzy

"Mrs. Robinson," Simon and Garfunkel

"Mrs. Jesus," Tori Amos

"Morning Has Broken," Cat Stevens

"My Coco," Stellastarr*

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Trying out Livejournal. Like I said there, I don't plan to post anything there I won't post here for a while, but I am trying it out. Already, it looks so much nicer and cleaner than this blog here. So, I don't know.
All right. I've been fricking with html and templates for an hour, trying to redesign the blog, and I finally gave up. I was going to adapt one of the pre-made templates, because I kind of like the structured look of the rounded-cornered tables, as opposed to the solid color background I've been doing for a while. Unfortunately, all of the Blogger templates come with this search bar that runs along the top, and I could not figure out how to get rid of it. I played around in Dreamweaver for a while, tried copying blogger template html into my template html to work around it, etc., etc., and I finally had to just call it quits or I was going to blow a fuse.

I might try again this weekend, or I might not. And I still can't get comments to work, so, yeah. Today's moved me an inch closer to the LJ world, just because their stuff is so much easier to fiddle with. Sigh.

Back to my own icons, as in my fit of pique I decided I was tired of the goofy ones.

Yes! This is exactly how exciting my day has been so far!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Right now, my family is out eating someplace nice for Marshall's birthday.

I am eating braunschweiger on Saltines and a pile of dill pickle slices.

ETA: Updated foozes.

Monday, July 31, 2006

It irritates me that I'm stuck in Austin six weeks this summer so I can sit around at an internship where 90% of what I do is read and play Yahoo games. Gee, this has been so worthwhile to me as a writer. Mmhmm.

I don't know why I watch SVU. It always makes me kind of sad and misanthropic (more so than usual). Anyways.

So, Dracula samples. "In the Theater," and "The End of Dracula," by Philip Glass.

It's much more difficult to eat Jello out of champagne flutes, but it's ever so much more fun.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Muzaks Wot I am Putting Up As I am Bored:

(mostly instrumentals)

"Baby Monitor," James Newton Howard, from Signs

"What Are You Asking Me?" James Newton Howard, from The Village (this whole soundtrack is gorgeous)

"Shawshank Redemption," Thomas Newman, from The Shawshank Redemption

"Welcome to Jurassic Park," John Williams, from Jurassic Park (this is one of my all-time favorite movie soundtracks; I used to have sheet music for this, but I don't know where it went)

"Mi Mancherai (Il Postino)," Josh Groban

"Méditation de Thaïs," Joshua Bell

(Heh, I actually uploaded a Dracula song from Philip Glass before remembering I'd already put up that whole album and I don't think anyone downloaded it, so. Although if anyone would like a sample, let me know.)
I need to go to a crafty-type place, because I'm almost out of yarn. The closest is WalMart, the nearest location being less than 3.5 miles away from me. To get there on a bus would take almost two hours and three transfers.


So instead I'll sit around today watching TV, proofreading, and maybe rearranging my bedroom without the help of scale models, mostly because I don't have a tape measurer so can't mock up the appropriate scaled objects. Although I told my mom I was thinking of moving things around, heh, and she was like, Yeah, that's not going to work.

Comments! Because I know that you all have, like, incredibly wordy things to say about this scintillating entry.

ETA: No comments yet. Apparently, all the changes I've made to my own template has confused blogger as to where to put the comments HTML, and it's coming up all weird, so it'll have to wait until I feel like dealing with it. Bah.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

*Shannon hands everyone a note, carefully folded*

"Should I do the comments feature on this blog? Circle Y or N."

"If you circled Y, should I get rid of the tagboard? Circle Y or N."

I love how I can almost always trace my days of feeling rather blue to when I let the apartment get a bit messier than usual. It's like, why am I so down? Right! Cleaned today, and am feeling much better about things in general. It's nice how that works.

I am le sad that Caro is in KC. Oh, the things we could have done! We could have...went to the movies! Then...ate at a restaurant! Then...went to a different restaurant! And...looked at trees! Or cows! OR BOTH!

I want to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, but that's kind of dependent on the placement of my cable and internet hook-ups. Would it be totally lame to make a little scale-model so I could move things around and see what works?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I typed up this big long post, but by the time I got done with it, even I didn't care anymore, so I'll just sum up: emowhine.


I developed this sudden love for, like, folky music. Old school, like, not with singing even, just fiddles and banjos and pipes and stuff. As an example, "Fisherman's Hornpipe," The Chieftains. One of the things I'm looking forward to when I go home is going to the library and checking a whole bunch of CDs out. I do tend to find that when I'm working on the computer and listening to music, instrumental stuff is my favorite, just because I get less distracted by it.

I can't decide if I like this particular perfume sample I have on right now or not. The only person here who could give me an opinion, UT Laura, is allergic to perfume, so I have no idea if I ever smell good or not (or if, indeed, I'm even putting enough on to smell; talking to Laura and how much she's gone through, I fear I might be too frugal in my application).

Yeah, you guys clearly missed my fascinating tales this weekend. Heh, I'm so boring.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Yeah, my life from Friday on has been et up by the ACL taping tonight. Buying the catering, setting it up, running errands, being bitched at by a personal assistant, hauling bags of ice about; it's been profoundly boring, so I won't go into it anymore than that, but it's been way draining. An example:

I had to do laundry tonight, because I've been putting it off because of this weekend, and I needed clean pajamas tonight at the very least. I put a load in, then later, didn't hear anything so rightly assumed it was done and could put another one in. I found out that I had put wet clothes in the dryer and never turned it on, and put detergent into the washer and ran it without ever putting the dirty clothes in. Yes. The brain, it is fried. Right now, I'm too tired to fold my clean laundry; I'm posting to make myself stay up a little bit longer so I don't end up waking up at 5am tomorrow.

Yeah. I haven't checked anyone's blogs (or clogs) or the boards this whole weekend, so I'll get around to getting back in the swing of things tomorrow.

This is why I decided I didn't want to go into production.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I really need to finish my second draft of the script I was working on last year, but this week I've come up with an idea for a new script and it's EATING MY BRAIN, so I think I'm going to head to Half Price Books tomorrow and pick up some source material, and maybe knock out a quick outline. That way, I get it down, and hopefully can stop worrying it over and thinking about it all the time, so I can get back to drafting.

Also, two days in the apartment without leaving at all? I'm an introvert, and a misanthrope, but I'm not a hermit, and I'm climbing the walls a little bit here.

Alyssa was posting on her Xanga about the power of myth, of old stories just having so much resonance, but she linked it to being expressed through children's literature/film/media. And that made me think about how I feel the same way, only about SF; maybe there's something to SF's use of mythology or mythological iconography/allusive properties and how SF is often regarded as being for kids, or emotionally-stunted adults. Myth can be complicated by lots of detail, but at its heart, most myth is very simple, very straightfoward; while I think that allows a great deal of narrative freedom, I wonder if it's sometimes perceived as instead narrative simplicity, narrative bankruptcy. Like, a myth, or a folk tale, or a children's story, or a comic book - those are all just stories, something to entertain or pass the time; they're not real literature, or film, or art.

I don't know; I don't really have a thesis I'm working on here or anything. But something I tend to think about a lot is genre-bias, and trying to suss out why it exists, and this struck a chord with me, the idea that a story with heavy mythological elements could perhaps be seen as geared towards a younger audience. And I think that might actually be the case. It feels like we're socialized to no longer identify with fairy tales and myths, that we're supposed to start seeking out adult entertainment, and it seems part and parcel with a general de-emphasis on imagination and the fantastic. The Lion King is an incredibly powerful work, but both because of its subject matter - it's a fairly classic Joseph Campbell hero's journey - and its medium - cel animation - it gets relgated to being a children's film. Beauty and the Beast almost transcended that ghettoization - and sometimes I wonder how things might be different if it had won Best Picture - but at the end of the day if you say "animated fairy tale," it's assumed shorthand for, "children's film." The same as if I say, "science fiction space show," it's shorthand for, "geek time."

Which all just seems antithetical to the whole point of storytelling. Because if you're not telling something epic, or fantastical, or mythological, what are you telling? You're telling a story about the everyday, the mundane, the ordinary. And why are those things considered proper entertainment for adults, to the exclusion of other genres or stories? Not that there aren't stories to be found in real life, there are, but it's the way that straight drama is presented as the only viable alternative if you're a real, serious adult that I find distressing.

And when I say ghettoization, I don't just mean, like, awards shows and critical acclaim and the like. I mean, when I'm in class, and I'm reading a Harry Turtledove book with a big dragon on the cover, I get people asking me what I'm reading with barely-disguised disdain on their faces (this in addition to the people for whom leisure reading in and of itself seems to be a bizarre waste of time); I'll be asked to explain what I'm reading and I'm not five words in and I just see people check out, as though they've written me off completely. One of my screenwriting professors at USC fought me all semester when I was writing a SF story; he told me that my writing would never be as good as it could be if I didn't write something that could actually happen, that had real drama, that could really mean something.

That's what it really comes down to. I think the genre bias against both children's films, science fiction, fantasy, really anything that has an element of the fantastic, the magical, or the mythological, comes down to the perception that it's just not real drama. The characters aren't real characters, the situations aren't real, the drama is contrived, in short, the story doesn't have the resonance and the importance that a "real" story would have. When, in fact, it's just the opposite. Those stories are the most real, get at the heart of what it is to be a human the most, because they're the oldest stories we have. I caught up with Battlestar Galactica while I was taking that Greek mythology course last year, and we re-read the Oedipus cycle, and the whole story of Boomer learning what she is, and trying to prevent it, and in doing so creating the very circumstance she was trying to avoid: it's the exact same story as Oedipus. And that's why it's so powerful, because that's what mythology does, it taps into what everyone feels and fears and knows. Mythology, and anything with those kinds of mythological elements, from Lion King to BSG to Harry Potter to Sandman to The Matrix, they all tap into that Jungian idea of the collective unconscious; we all know these stories, they're part of our cultural heritage, and to relegate them to the children's section or assume that only geeks who live in their parents' basements would be interested is to turn a blind eye to the most important stories we have.

So I guess that's my next goal, is to figure out why that is, why there's this need to push away these stories into the ghetto. Is it because they are too powerful? Because they make us think about things we'd rather leave alone? Or is it just the trappings, of animation and talking pigs and flying saucers, that are just too silly and juvenile to be allowed into serious, adult discourse? Either way, it's depressing, mostly because there's fantastic stuff out there that just doesn't get recognized as it should. (Actually, talking on AIM right now with Alyssa about the new animation category at the Oscars, and how that's just dumping animation to the side and guaranteeing it will never make it into the actual Best Pic race ever again; she brought up the same wrt Harry Potter and the bestsellers lists, and the creation of a specific category for children's books. In the face of overwhelming and unignorable success, do you reluctantly go ahead and reward the genre work, like with LOTR, or do you shove it to the side into a ghetto like with animation and HP?)

Pfft. I'm going to watch some Firefly, read some crazy future SF, and research my SF/mythology story idea.
Yay, the BSG S3 preview was on last night, and I'm so glad it's up on YouTube so I don't have to keep rewinding and playing my tape. Oh, it's so pretty and bleak and oh, Roslin. "Our children need to know that some people fought back, and others collaborated."

Chills, people.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I went to my internship today; was there five hours. In that time I:

-picked up mail, sorted it, delivered it; five minutes
-almost got out of my chair to answer the phone, but a producer was in the back office getting some stationary and answered it before me; five seconds
-read library book, did crossword, read old Fandom Wanks; five hours, minus five minutes and five seconds

I'm so glad I'm PAYING to do this for CREDIT.

I think I've become fluorescent-light intolerent. I keep coming home with flaming headaches, and it sort of puts a damper on the rest of my evening, innit?

I was proofreading a vegan cookbook earlier. Dear Lord, how can people eat these things? I could feel the dry heaves coming on just reading some of these recipes and imagining, like, putting them in my mouth and chewing them and somehow finding enough saliva to swallow. It's like when you're a little kid and your mom makes roast beef; I'm never going to be able to swallow! I'm just going to chew and chew and chew and it's never, ever going to go down and in the meantime, I'll have to keep tasting it.

This is the sense memory I had while working on the vegan cookbook. Then again, mayhap vegans get used to it. I quite like roast beef now.
Trailer for The Prestige! Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, they play rival magicians, directed by Christopher Nolan, oh, it's going to be awesome.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Catherine seems to be implying that I am the bringer of obscure, artsy music.

*pulls off glove, slaps Cat across face*

I will not allow my honor to be so sullied, madam!

Ergo, Disney songs.

"A Whole New World," Aladdin. I miss old-school Disney/animation, where they used actual voice artists. You could lose yourself in the characters and not be like, oh, it's Brittany Murphy.

"Out There," Hunchback of Notre Dame. I will, however, make an exception for Tom Hulce, whom I love like...well, I love him a lot. I wish he worked more. *sad face* I love this song; his voice is just wonderful.

"Gaston," Beauty and the Beast. "Not a bit of him's scraggly or scrawny / That's right! / And every last inch of me's covered with hair!"

"Belle," Beauty and the Beast. When I was little, I wanted to be Belle. True story.

"Circle of Life," The Lion King. Confession: The opening of The Lion King always gives me chills.

"Part of Your World," The Little Mermaid. When I was but a child, we had the Little Mermaid soundtrack cassette, and we listened to it all the time in the car. And it was awesome.

(Um, if anyone else has any Disney and/or showtunes, that would be cool. Yes.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

I think I'm getting sick. I can tell because I haven't been hungry, I've had a low-grade headache all day, and I've started walking like Estelle Getty because I've been tired. I hope it's just regular influenza, or maybe a cold, and not some kind of stomach thing. Although obviously, I hope I'm not sick at all, and this is just been an off day.

I finally remembered to watch Numbthreers! It was okay; a little more detective-y than I expected. I thought there'd be more, you know, numbthreering. I'll definitely watch some more, just because there's a real dearth of TV in the summer, but I got the feeling they thought actual math would be too complex for the audience or something, so it was very, "And then I analyzed more numbthreers! And analyzed an equation! And my analyses made me go back to my initial analysis, and I factored in data, and completed the equation, which brought me to a final analysis, which was conclusive. Also, I drew symbols on the chalkboard."

Bernard is cute, though.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I took the bus up to the Arboretum, in Fancypants Austin, intending to do some shopping today. I ended up getting my hair cut, as it's been driving me crazy with its length and general frizziness. Now, it is shorter and smoother, but I'm not really happy with the style. It's kind of...dowdy. Or something. I don't know. I need my blowdryer-wot-is-really-a-brush, but it's at home.

"The Day After Tomorrow," Saybia

Heh, ETA: Haven Icon Set

Yeah, I have no idea why.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I got a package from my mom today, and it filled my heart with joy. She got me a Superman sheet set, which I have only been looking for for the last six years; I guess I just had to wait till a movie came out. They're getting washed right now. Also, some really gorgeous champagne flutes, which made me contemplate going over to the liquor store just so I'd have something to put in them besides...milk and water, which is all I have in the house. Alas, it is too hot right now. Anymore, if I don't have to get out, I don't; I do my errands before 10am. And I got Serenity, which is very exciting. And, of course, the various things I left at home, although I left way more stuff this time than I usually do. It was kind of a sad list. ("My hairbrush, my earrings, that book, my blue polo shirt...the Elizabeth DVD...yarn and crochet hook...I think that's it? Maybe?)

I was doing a perfume swap with someone, because I had two samples that I didn't like, and she says she mailed them to me, but I never got them. It is to be sad. I'm pretty sure that I didn't type my own address wrong, so I can only assume she wrote it down on the package wrong. Alas. No Lightning and Neo-Tokyo for me. :(

"Turn," Travis

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I haven't gotten my archaeology final grade back yet, and last I dreamt that the professor had mailed back the hardcopies to us. In the dream, I got an 85 on the final, which gave me a 95 in the class. But the prof wrote a note saying that she felt the final was more representative of what my grade should be, so I was getting a B in the class. I woke up all, "No!"

Hee. And these random non-film electives don't even count towards our GPA; as long as we pass, we're good.

(Okay, so this song I'm putting up, the file has a little lock on it, but I didn't buy this song, I dl-ed it off some random LJ, should open? I have no idea. We'll see.)

"Smile," Michael Lord

Monday, July 10, 2006

I realized that I never posted about this: I got a job doing online proofreading for a company that digitizes books, magazines, et cetera. It is fairly cool, since I can do it on my own time and at home. But I've proofed a lot of historical romance novels in the last two weeks, and...they make me sad. They all seem to fall under the rubric of the bodice-ripping, rape fantasy, fall-in-love-with-the-scoundrel-who-kidnapped-you genre, and I just don't get.

I mean, I guess I can understand people not liking science fiction for whatever reason, but the characterization there doesn't usually seem to hinge on subjugation and Stockholm syndrome like what I've seen so far. (And I'm well aware that it may very well not be a representative sample of what's all there in the genre, but still. It worries me.)

Anywho, muzaks:

"Somewhere a Clock is Ticking," Snow Patrol
So last night, I dreamed I had sleep paralysis. I didn't actually have it; I just dreamed it. In the dream, I was on my side, and woke up, and there was someone actually spooned up behind me, arms around me and everything, and I couldn't move...and then the dream moved on to something else. But I woke up, and like...dear gods, if I ever hallucinated something like that, I think I'd have a heart attack. Yikes.

"Mt. St. Helens," Mirah

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Okay, so, my life is SO BORING right now. I mean, the most exciting thing that's happened in the last two days is that I made noodles. So, from now until the unforseeable future when THINGS HAPPEN AGAIN, I will be doing one of two things: 1) posting with funny icons I have found on the internets, and 2) posting music.

"Into the Fire," Thirteen Senses

Friday, July 7, 2006

I was going to post about Pirates, but I figure everyone's going to see it, so I'll just talk about the show. Obviously, a very excited midnight crowd, lots of folk in costume. We had a pirate band before the show, and this being the Drafthouse, we had trailers of old pirate movies (Cutthroat Island, The Pirate Movie, The Muppets Pirate Movie, etc), a segment of Spongebob Squarepants, and some clip of Johnny on some Japanese talk show like something out of Lost in Translation. They had a special Pirates menu, and I had a Caribbean Cooler. (Mmm, tasty.)

On top of all that, I had a final today which means my class is over, so I'm looking forward to a nice, restful weekend. Earlier this week UT Laura and I had talked about seeing A Scanner Darkly, but I think we're actually kind of worn out (or at least I am), so we'll see.

I'm listening to my recent downloads of the Pirates soundtrack and the Superman soundtrack. I don't understand why they brought Hans Zimmer aboard, since what new stuff he wrote (aside from the pipe organ bits) were pretty forgettable, and he just copied a lot of Badelt's really iconic themes anyways. I remembered the Superman soundtrack as being more memorable than it actually is; I didn't realize how much the action-y bits relied on either the old Williams theme in its entirety or various take-offs on that theme. (That is such a good theme, by the way. Old school Williams = pwn.) I have a torrent file for the new (relatively) Sigur Ros album that I keep forgetting to download, but hopefully will get to that this weekend.

ETA: The main theme for Superman. Good times.
I'll do a longer write-up later tonight after my FINAL EXAM, but Pirates was awesome, midnight shows rule, but popcorn, chocolate and an alcoholic drink after midnight most decidedly do not rule.

And the Commodore owns all.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Well, Emmy noms are out. Unfortunately, media's already talking about how the exclusion of Lost and DH from their respective Best Series categories are proof that the new system works, ignoring that a) those shows weren't good enough this year to get nominated (based on what I've followed re: DH) and b) the rest of the nominees are pretty much what people expected, with the possible exception of Lisa Kudrow up for BA in a Comedy. So the whole panel thing? Didn't do what they expected. Hell, last night people were still pretty optimistic about Kristen Bell making it in, but no. Allison Janney, AGAIN.

I just want to thank the gods for 24 getting plenty of technical nods, because I don't think I could have handled waking up to, "Grey's leads nomination total." I mean, why kick me when I'm down?

So, clearly this year it's all about cheering for the 24 folk; the show, Kiefer, Gregory, Jean and the tech nods. Also, Will Arnett got in for supporting, which surprised me, especially since no one else from AD did. (No, seriously. What?) And AD the show, obviously. Kate Winslet's up for Guest, GA is up for miniseries, and yay! OMG! BSG made it in for costumes. /delayed onrush of vile bitter sarcasm

It's sad that even though I really expected no less, I still woke up this morning all, Emmy noms! and jumped out of bed to check. At least I didn't wake up at 7:30 like I did last summer.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Why Paper Clip is the Best XF Episode Ever.

I don't agree (Paper Clip is actually pretty far down my list), but I love this person's picspams and this is the first XF one that I think she's done. It's funny and cute. (And made me realize I need to get XF back into my DVD watching queue. I have VM, CSI, Firefly and BSG going right now, along with Netflix movies, and it's a lot of scheduling already going on.)

Monday, July 3, 2006

Bear McCreary has cited Philip Glass as a musical influence (and has used his work on the show), so when I was home in May I checked a few of his CDs out from the library. My favorite one was a score that Glass composed for the original Dracula; it's all haunting, beautiful string quartets, and a lot of it has one of my big music kinks, that of minor key passages broken by major lifts.

I'm trying something new, which is uploading an entire album, so if anyone does download and the file doesn't unzip correctly, please let me know.

Philip Glass - Dracula

In other news, I just have three classes left in my archaeology class. It's been enjoyable, and I've learned a lot, but I'd forgotten how different it was to go to a class every single day. How did I do this seven times over in middle school and high school? It feels completely foreign now.

I don't have any plans for the Fourth, which is upsetting, as it's one of my favorite holidays. I mean, honestly, by plans, I really mean time set aside to sit outside and shoot off firecrackers, but even I would feel slightly embarrassed (or even too embarrassed) to do that in a complex filled with cooler-than-thou college kids. So. There's allegedly a big display going on at the botanical gardens that I might check out, but it's weird not being home.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

I want to marry Brandon Routh.

That's all.

ETA: OMG. Remember Marcus in About a Boy? How he was a great actor and cute in that he's-a-good-child-actor-playing-a-pathetic-character kind of way, yet really wasn't one would expect to grow up to be an attractive young man, especially after hitting puberty, which is tough on child actors?


Thursday, June 29, 2006

I have a bruise on my knee. Here's the thing with me and bruises: I don't get them. For example, yesterday I decided to turn on my oscilating fan while walking into the kitchen, and hit my hand on the edge of my dresser hard enough to break the skin, yet will it bruise? No. Last week, I was looking for something under the sink and came up and hit my forehead so hard on the corner of the counter that I think I blacked out for a moment, but did it bruise? No.

Now, I'm clumsy, but I would remember running into/banging against/tripping over/kicking wildly at/falling over/slamming against some stationary object with enough force to bruise myself, but do I remember?


And now! Muzaks Wot Came Up on Shuffle:

"I Turn My Camera On," Spoon

"I Would Never Wanna Be Young," Gogol Bordello

"Damned Ladies," Rufus Wainwright

"The Infanta," The Decemberists

"Smiley Faces," Gnarls Barkley

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finally downloaded people's musics. The Aqualung song and the David Mead song are great. I love sharing music; it makes me happy. And in that vein...

Marshall and Laura bought my Dad an iTunes card for Father's Day, and I downloaded his songs and mailed them to him on CD (as that will be faster than if he tried to download them himself, trust me). Some of the songs were from my childhood. And some where just plain good songs. Here is a selection of both.

Muzaks Wot My Dad Bought:

"Heaven is a Place on Earth," Belinda Carlisle

"Make Me Lose Control," Eric Carmen

(I know you know that song. "Turn the radio up! For that sweet sound; hold me close, never let me go. Keep this feeling alive, make me lose control. Baby, baby!" Awesome.)

"Hot Fun in the Summertime," Sly and the Family Stone

"Eye in the Sky," The Alan Parsons Project

"Question," The Moody Blues

Monday, June 26, 2006

Whew, that was a long weekend. Saturday morning I got up at sunrise to put the babies back outside to see if mom-bird would come back and feed them, but she never did. She never even came back to the balcony, actually. They continued to eat for me, though, so I thought they had a good chance of making it. I took the bus up to Wildlife Rescue, which was a bit of an ordeal as it is on a more rural road so there was some trudging on the side of the road and such, but I finally delivered them. They said it's touch-and-go with birds this little, but I can call in at the end of this week to check on them. The woman working there did tell me that I had done everything right, so I'll just hope that they make it.

Note: Do not wear flip-flops if you don't know how long/on what surface you will be walking. Trust me.

Yesterday, I finally cleaned the balcony, which took two hours. One's eye is caught by the bird's nests and bird poo, and doesn't see the dirt and such of a year of being, well, outside, so it took awhile.

Note: If you have forgotten to put sunscreen on your face because you naively thought that a covered balcony would provide some refuge from the sun, and then you immediately get in the shower when you're done, don't wash your face with apricot scrub. Trust me.

When I finally got around to doing reading for class and writing a short paper, it felt like a lovely break.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bird update: the other two are still alive. I called the Wildlife Rescue people in Austin, and I can take them in tomorrow. In the meantime, I made them a fake nest out of what nest I could salvage and an empty margarine container, and fed them a mixture of wet dog food, hard-boiled egg yolk, and applesauce (per the Wildlife Rescue's instructions). They're inside tonight, again as I was instructed to do, and they just started squeaking.

I am very happy now, that they are alive and will probably make it. The mom-bird came back today, and checked them out, but wouldn't feed them or sit with them, so I think she was just interested in them but had in fact abandoned them. Which was too bad, but I will take them in and I'm sure they'll be taken care of.

Other than that, a pretty boring day. The HP wank is still going. It's amazing. I loff it so much.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

When I went home over spring break, birds built a nest on my balcony. When I came back, there were baby birds, so I waited until they grew up and flew away. But then, I went home for mini-summer break, and then I was lazy, so it wasn't until today that I finally decided to go out and destroy the nest. Because there were still birds in it, and they were soiling my balcony to such an extent that it was getting unusable.

I knock one side of it in, and four baby birds fall out and hit the ground. They couldn't have hatched more than a day or two ago; less than an inch long, no feathers. I stood there horrified, just staring at them, although I think I did let out a Darth Vadar style, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I called my parents, who told me that they're probably going to die, but to go ahead and put them in some kind of container with what nest I could salvage and leave them there, just to see if the mom-bird comes back. I put them in an empty margarine container, which isn't that different, really, from them just being on the balcony, and I'm worried about the fact that I touched them. Although I'm sure it won't make any difference, and tomorrow or the next day I'll come out to dead baby birds.

I hate myself right now. And now I'm crying again.

ETA: Two of the birds are dead already, so I guess it doesn't really matter whether or not the mom-bird was going to abandon them or not. Goddammit. It's not about feeling guilty - I know there's no way I could have known they'd be there, and things happen - it's just...they're babies. And they're tiny and alone and they're going to die. Or, have died. God. It's probably stupid to get upset over, but I am.

This is going to sound so lame, but I wish I wasn't by myself right now.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Okay, wow. I'm glad I only had to do a cursory studying for my midterm, because I have spent hours reading the newest Fandom Wank. Remember CrystalWank? The woman who claimed to know the LOTR actors and also draw pictures of them that she actually just photoshopped? And how that was a huge deal? Well, this new one is about a thousand times more ridiculous, wanky, creepy and disturbing. And instead of just being about some fan no one had heard of before, it's about a BNF even I recognized.

The story is in ten parts here, and it's about Msscribe from the HP fandom. All the H/G-bashing that helped Gryffindor Tower fall apart? Thousands of inter-fandom kerfuffles? The absolute nastiness of CharityGate that led to the one and only Fandom Wank thread getting locked up? Is apparently this one person, who created sockpuppets to be her fans and also to threaten and stalk her and her friends. We're talking years of crazy, duplicitousness, backstabbing, and so on. I am familiar with HP fandom only through FW, and I still found it enthralling, so I would guess those of you more familiar with the fandom would do so as well. Honestly, I just finished with it and I started reading last night. Fandom aside, as it doesn't really matter and this could have happened in any fandom, it's a really neat almost investigative journalistic account of a total sociopathic freakjob. It read like true crime or something.