Sunday, April 30, 2006

Old School Muzaks Wot I Give Unto Thee:

Lena Horne - Someone to Watch Over Me

Ella Fitzgerald - At Last

Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea

The Platters - Twilight Time

Rosemary Clooney - Mambo Italiano

I have had a bird's nest on my balcony for a few weeks, but usually when I go out there the birds just fly off and I don't see them until I go back in. Yesterday, though, they kept flying in circles and swooping really close to me and squawking, and I was like, wtf, mate? And then I saw that there were baaaaabies in the nest. I went inside and watched through the window as Mom and Dad brought them various foodstuffs, including a big moth, and they did that thing where they stick their heads up and open their mouths wide and oh, so cute. I was very impressed by these little birds (I don't know what kind; the only breeds I know on sight are bluejays and robins, and these are far smaller) trying to intimidate me away from their babies. Especially since I was very nonthreatening, just sitting there reading The Oresteia and all.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

WHOA. Billy's girlfriend had a baby yesterday. I read it first on ONTD, and was surprised, but I really haven't checked out LOTR fandom in a while. So I went to go see the squee, and they managed to keep the entire pregnancy a secret. No one knew, at all. And apparently Dominic recently gave an interview where he was talking about looking forward to spending time with a baby, and people were guessing that he and Evangeline were planning something, but actually, he was talking about Billy. And Orlando was just in Scotland, and no one knew why, and aw! They all kept the secret and it's just so cute and adorable and aw, LOTR boys. I'll always love you.

(I was telling Laura on the phone, and she was all, "Well, he's officially off the list," and I was all, "Heh, but seriously, it's great, and I'm not stupid, there's no list," but inside, I was all, "Oh.")

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Laura made this. Yes. It fills my heart with joy.

So, the screenwriters are having a meeting tomorrow with one of the graduate program head honchos wherein we get to air all of our grievances, so of course it was scheduled during one of my other classes, so I'll get there late. I want full grievance airing time! I think we all have the same concerns, though (the fifth semester to get an MFA is a joke, the minor requirement is dumb, and the TA situation was not well planned), so I'm sure my grievances will be said by someone at some point.

OMG the TAR roadblock tonight was so, so awesome. An old abandoned prison! Searching through cells! Going through the tunnels underneath! Oh, I wanted to do it so much. It reminded me of the MTV show Fear (which was awesome, and which I wish were torrented or replayed or something), where they'd go to old scary abandoned places and have to do scary things, like sit alone in a locked cell by yourself in the abandoned prison for, like, nine hours or something. Like, provoking the kind of fear that actually scares me the most, where it's all in your head and you yourself just keep making it worse. (Dude, they had one in an old hotel, and they told a ghost story about a woman on her wedding night being blessed by the priest, who had her kneel on a pillow, and like, shot her or bludgeoned her from behind. So you had to kneel on a pillow in the hotel room and you COULDN'T TURN AROUND and it was completely dark and you COULDN'T TURN AROUND, and if I'm remembering correctly, the girl who had to do it got hysterical and couldn't complete the task [Laura? Do you rememeber that one?]. Yeah, Fear. So awesome.)

I had to scroll back up to remember that I was talking about TAR. Good times.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Laura made a mess of MST3K icons, all of which were hilarious, and all of which I think are completely incomprehensible if you haven't seen those episodes. Which is the joy and curse of MST3K; a lot of other shows, you can describe the joke and get a laugh out of it ("The Seaward," "I'm standing right here."), but it's different when you're describing someone else snarking on something. I mean, I'd like to think, "This movie is nothing but ropes and asses!" is universal, but it's hard to say. So anyways, her muse rubbed off on me a bit, and I think only Cat knows this one, but it's good enough. As Torgo is most definitely for lovers.

It's sad when only a few weeks of summer weather makes 80 degrees feel downright cool and breezy. Meaning that today was lovely and I didn't have to hose myself down upon arriving at campus.

Re: Veronica Mars. I too am going to have nightmares about someone hanging from the ceiling by cables, but instead of Tom Cruise, it's going to be Woody Goodman. I don't even want to know, people.

ETA: Oh, oh! Laura found this on YouTube: it's The Office opening credits set to the Battlestar Galactica theme song. Battlestar Office-ica

Monday, April 24, 2006

I subscribe to the End Game philosophy, in that everything and everyone in the entire universe exists for a single purpose, to create one thing. Be it a person, an object, an idea, everything happens for a reason, and it's to get to the end game.

The end game is MST3K. It's the reason for everything. It's 42. World War II happened so we would have this show. Eric the Red traveled to Greenland so that many generations later, Mike Nelson would be born and would host MST3K. That first cell became multicellular knowing that eventually that action would lead to a robot that looks like a gun dispenser making fun of the knees of a guy named Torgo.

Yeah, essentially, two mad scientists want to rule the world, and the way to do that is to find the worst movie ever and unleash it onto the populace, so they kidnap a helpless dude (first Joel, then Mike) and put him in a satellite (the Satellite of Love), and make him watch bad movies, until they find the one that breaks him. Joel makes two robot buddies, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, and they watch the bad movies with him, and they make fun of the badness, and it is hilarious and awesome. Seriously, I have never laughed harder at anything than I have at MST3K. I miss it ever so.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I haven't seen my roommate all day. She must be going the hell out of church or something.

Talked to Catherine on the phone last night, wherein we discussed MST3K, wherein I got suddenly nostalgic and sad and also angry at the fact that even though, like, total crap gets released on DVD apparently MST3K never will be except for the ridiculously overpriced four episode volumes. Like, every now and then I remember that I've only seen approximately one out of every five episodes of that show, and will never get the chance to see the rest, and it makes me hate the world.

Also making me hate the world is the fact that my grocery store apparently doesn't carry such esoteric foodstuffs such as...ricotta cheese, and crab meat, and phyllo dough. I know those aren't meat and potatoes kinds of food, but it's not like I was trying to find kumquats or squid ink. Whatever, Albertsons, I hate you and I hate your ass face.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Friday, April 21, 2006

My responses to sleep paralysis alternate between sheer terror and complete befuddlement. This morning was definitely of the "whuh?" variety. I wake up, and I swear to God, it sounds like there's a helicopter hovering right outside my window. And my first thought is, "There's an escaped convict outside, and they're trying to catch him, and they've got the helicopter with the search light. Exciting!" So I go to roll over so I can get up and look out the window, when I realize that I can't move. (It's more of a, "Why...why can't I move? Why can't I move? OH GOD. WHY CAN'T I...oh. Right.") But even after I figured out, a) I can't move, and b) that means sleep paralysis, it still didn't click that I was hallucinating the helicopter sound, and I literally thought, "I'll have to wait until this wears off so I can get up and see the helicopter."

I was actually kind of disappointed a minute later when everything unlocked and I finally, finally figured out that there was no helicopter. The brain, she doesn't always work that well coming out of sleep. And, well, when hallucinating.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The first stills of Marie Antoinette are coming out (see icon --->), and oh, I am so excited for this movie. It looks pretty and sparkly and shiny, and I like Kirsten Dunst, I don't care what anyone says, and I like Sofia Coppola, and yay! It just looks so pretty! I like pretty in my movies. Sometimes, it's all I need. (That, and dude, it's Marie Antoinette. It's going to be off the proverbial hook.)

Okay, so, Laura was on the phone with me the other day when I first saw the icon I have posted below, so she can vouch for the fact that I laughed for a full minute. I think Alyssa is the only person who has actually seen the episode (or the show at all, as I don't think Caro's watching it anymore), but still. OMG, the look on his face. Sometimes, all you need is the right cap.

And now I'm two weeks behind on Lost again. Seriously, I am having the hardest time anymore finding the will to watch that show. It is to be in pain for me, now. On the other hand, I am enjoying Doctor Who more and more with each episode I watch, so if you're not doing anything on Friday nights, I recommend it.
I finally got around to making my first soup from the cookbook that Caroline sent me, and it was lovely; a light vegetable broth with parmesan dumplings. I made the broth myself, added more fresh veggies, and it came out more soup than broth, which is fine by me. The dumplings were wonderful; very light and elegant and they added just the right note of flavor. Yay soup!

Yay, it's only getting up to about 92 today. We had a thunderstorm last night that also knocked down some of the humidity, so I'm in a much happier mood than I've been the past few days. Hee, Alyssa and I were talking last night about blogging about the weather, but seriously, it is something I think about a lot.

I want to change my bedroom around, but there's no way to do it based on where my cable and internet are. It's frustrating. I want to make a scale model of the room, along with scale cords, just to see if there's anything I can do, but that will probably have to wait until the semester is over, as that's quite the geeky/time consuming project.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dear Universe,

You so much as TOUCH a single red hair on Aaron's head, I WILL CUT YOU.

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday is Satan day! Yay!

As much as I've been genuinely totally enjoying and loving 24 this season, and look forward to it entirely for its own sake, I have to admit to also looking forward to Aaron. Like, a lot. Like, "Eee, I wonder what Aaron will do tonight!?"

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bah. I was checking the BPAL FAQ, and the notification that my samples had "shipped" just meant that the lab started processing my order. Which means they might not ship for another two weeks, meaning it'll be a month between when I order and when I receive. Which, according to the FAQ, is normal; still disappointing.

So, Laura, it's going to be awhile. Sadness.

We were two degrees shy of 100 today. (That sounds scarier than just saying it got up to 98.) ZOMG! The brain, she is flummoxed. The air conditioner, she is cranked.
Mmm, ramen. I heart any lunch that costs me twelve cents. Plus, I feel it brings me closer to Our Lord, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Still waiting on my samples from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, which allegedly shipped Priority Mail on Monday, but should have been here by now if that were the case. I want to smell like raspberries wafting over fields of heather, damn it!

I'm starting to lose track of what TV I've watched, and what I haven't, and what's on what tape. Dude, evening classes the days when I have the most shows on is not a good idea. Happily, I'm now only one week behind on anything (except for Doctor Who, because I didn't look at the schedule and taped Stargate SG-1 instead, which, no), so I don't feel quite so overwhelmed by the weight of catch-up. I have to say, TAR is getting me on the non-elimination leg fake-outs. The last THREE weeks, I've been all, "Well, it surely is non-elim tonight, as they're getting up to one," and NO. Which was fine this week (and was actually a pleasant surprise), but was not fine last week (oh, nerds). And this was the first week that I felt weird about not watching Survivor anymore. Not that I'm planning on starting back up with this season, but still; I've watched every season since S2, and it's kind of strange, actually; a May approaching with no Survivor finale.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

UT Laura and I went to Six Flags in San Antonio yesterday. Whee! I think I'm getting old, though, because we had to take a few breaks where we sat in the shade, although it was very hot, and this park had a overabundance of rides that shake your brains out through your ears. There was one, with spinning balls you sit inside, and you don't have any kind of restraints, and you just end up getting flung about and it was hilarious and bruising.

I accept the fact that park food is overpriced, but it's still usually good, but I had the worst lunch ever at a park yesterday. I'm still pissed about the fact that I paid 8 bucks for it, and that didn't even include a drink. WhatEVER, "Fiesta Texas."

Jenny, thanks for the link. I'd caught the commercial before, but that doesn't mean I didn't watch it four times again this morning ANYWAY. Hee, oh, hobbits. (Speaking of which, I'm almost ready to watch them all again. It's been, like, three months!)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wow. I made it almost an entire year in grad school without wanting to just skip a class. Not because I don't feel well, not because I didn't get the work done to my satisfaction, not even because I don't like the class. I just don't want to go.


What is it with the white guys who go to the gym and only lift weights and never do cardio and never warm up first, that they listen to really loud, bad rap? Is it just the Murphy's Law of gyms?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm reading everyone's pages for screenwriting class tonight, and one guy (from a different program, not one of us seven) is writing a very dark, bleak movie with rape and sexual assault and murder and it's just so, so hard for me to read. That kind of thing is so not my cup of tea AT ALL, and I keep having to take breaks, and ugh, it's kind of killing my day. I don't want to read about this kind of stuff. I don't.

(Which is weird, in that I don't mind reading/watching documentaries and true crime and non-fiction depictions of dark and scary things; it just bothers me so much more when it's dramatized. I wonder why that is. Probably because Capturing the Friedmans excluded, you don't really ever get the chance to see the real world of these kinds of people; everything's second hand. So actually seeing it depicted on film, even knowing that it's a fabrication, that it's a set-up, is more disturbing than just hearing or reading about something that actually happened? I don't know.)

Anyways, I made brownies to take to class, because last week was painful, and I just have the urge to do the comforting mom-thing today just in case tonight's a repeat of the same (gods I hope not).

I hate when you know something has shipped and you're waiting for it to arrive, and you keep checking the mail and it keeps confounding you with its not-being-here-ness. Gah.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Muzaks Wot I Give Unto Thee:

Air - "Biological" Air is one of those bands that never sounds the same song to song. If the filename didn't include the band, I wouldn't know this song came from the same people who did "Playground Love." Anyways, this song is weird, but I like it, anyway.

The White Stripes - "Little Ghost" I have a secret fondness for bluesgrass, hillbilly-type music, and The White Stripes ape that sound well here. Laura pointed out that it seems the Loretta Lynn really rubbed off on Jack White, and I would have to agree.

Travis - "Love Will Come Through" Travis makes pretty music, and this is no exception.

Muse - "Sunburn" Yay! A Muse song that wasn't purchased off of iTunes and therefore can be shared! Muse = tasty prettiness.
It would make my life - I'm not even kidding, it would MAKE my LIFE - if the 24 previouslies had a freeze-frame of Satan with "Aaron Pierce" out to the side. I told Laura last night, I think the top of my head would explode.

I started a new ab tape yesterday, and I'm so sore this morning I could cry. Thanks a lot abs for hurting so much. /Willem Dafoe

Mmm, peach Fresca.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh, I am having one of those days. It actually started in a funny way, in that I dreamt of AD last night, like a fake episode dream? And I had this lucid moment there where I was like, this is a way funnier episode than the one I'm writing! Of course, afterwards, thinking about it while awake, I realized that my cats were in it, George Michael was feuding with someone I went to high school with, and nothing actually a)happened, b)was funny. During the dream, though, it was brilliant. I was awakened* while dreaming by my cell phone, which of course played The Final Countdown, which amused me even when being awakened* at 6:30am by an old guy trying to reach his attorney's office. Old guy? I don't think they're awake either.

But the wake-up call pretty much started it. My internet wasn't working, I rubbed a contact up underneath my eyelid and couldn't get it out, I walked to the grocery store and made it to the check-out before realizing I hadn't brought my billfold, and just now, I wrote a big, long post about the most recent Veronica Mars which was promptly eaten by the boards. To sum that one up: Dance? Eh. Plot? Yay!

Minor annoyances are much more annoying than actual annoyances, don't you think?

*I actually had to think about what the proper tense would be. My first thought, and Laura will laugh about this, was "woken."

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Roommate went to California to interview about a summer internship, this following a trip to NY a month or two ago; I might get the place all to myself this summer. Eee! This is very exciting news.

I just now got caught up with VM and Lost from last week. I've always got something in the backlog anymore. It's just not fair. (And it's because everything's on Tuedsay/Wednesday/Thursday, when I have class.) Doesn't this school know I have TV to watch! I have to admit to being a little disappointed with last week's VM, not because of the episode itself, which I thought was fine, but in the fact that George Michael and Maeby weren't even in a scene together. I did find it hilarious that we were supposed to buy the two of them as older than the main cast, though. I will happily swallow my disbelief if either of them were to actually be on the show again next year, though. (Veronica, you doth protest too much about Hearst.) How else am I going to get my Michael Cera fix?

*wails quietly*

So, this morning, I woke up and it was unexpectedly cool, so I decided to go on a walk/jog through the neighborhood. Which started out lovely, but was marred by the fact that I rubbed sunscreen into my eye. Into my eye! I wonder if people thought I was very moved by all the lovely apartment complexes.

Friday, April 7, 2006

A Snakes on a Plane music video.

The bald guy in Titanic, it's actor Billy Zane
Baby, baby, baby, it's Snakes on a Plane!

Ah, the internet.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Am currently eating frozen Cool Whip Free right out of the tub. Granted, it's the last of it, but still.

Sometimes I wonder if I don't actually want Tivo with every fiber of my being, because I'm just so much less inclined to sit and watch something I've taped. Like, I watched CSI live last week, and it was fine. But I had to tape it tonight, and now, I just don't have the energy to watch it. I don't even have to rewind the tape; the VCR does it automatically. All I have to do is sit down and hit 'play,' and I'm just eh.

I accidentally read spoilers for the season premiere of BSG, which isn't even until October. Accidentally, in that I clicked about four seperate links to do so. My icon? Still applies.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Dear Anorexic Girl Wot Ran on the Treadmill Next to Me Today:

That was a good, solid forty-five (45) minutes of running you did there. Plus, you look a wee bit thin. I think maybe you should take a break. Seriously, you're kind of making my soul hurt right now.


Class, writing, TV, class, writing, TV, writing writing, class. Read the Iliad. Writing class writing TV. And we come to the close of another week. I'm very excited to see how my AD episode fares tomorrow. I'm happy with how it's working out so far, and I'm looking forward to workshopping it, and that's not the most common occurance in the world. Seriously though, we had feature writing today, and two of the folk who turned in revision treatments today just got eviscerated by the prof. It was painful. People were having a hard time making eye contact (like, people who weren't even being critiqued today). We all stood around outside afterwards and talked about how doubleplusunfun that had been. That was the first really awful critique we'd had here, and it was just...depressing. So we're glad we get to finish the week with sitcoms and not the woeangst of tonight's class.

I want to be Cate Blanchett when I grow up.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Oh my God, the TWoP Pixel Challenge this week made me laugh so hard I cried. The Amazing Face! OMG, so awesome.

So, I missed 24 tonight, because Laura was over hanging out and it was kind of rude of me to even think, "Could you leave so I can watch TV?" let alone say it, so I'll have to download it sometime this week. My dad already told me it was "shocking," though, which is as much as I want to know. So...spoiler warnings? I generally like to be unspoiled, even for sucky crap like Lost lately, but for 24? I find it kind of a spoiler just hearing that it aired, honestly.

I'm kind of disturbed by the fact that when I filled up my Jello container to soak before washing it, it filled up with foam. What is foaming? Why does it do that? I had this moment of, "My God, it's solidified candied soap." Yes.

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Death is Not An Option:

a) 90 degrees and 100% humidity
b) 110 degrees and 0% humidity

Today, the fates chose a) for me, and I was most displeased. One shouldn't have to wring oneself out when returning home. More awesomely, I decided to go for a long walk this morning after weeks of not walking. I waited until the onset of summer, even though it's been perfectly cool and lovely up until about three days ago. It was like walking through a giant humidifier, except without the vaguely medicinal scent. The only nice thing is that, with the sudden heat and moisture, EVERYTHING in Austin has started to bloom and grow, and one particular neighborhood smelled of honeysuckle, which is always good times.

It makes me sad to walk by all these lovely, quiet neighborhoods and much prettier apartment complexes, so close to my own. It's not that where I live is bad, or that my apartment complex is ugly, but just a few blocks south of me are hills and trees and little brick buildings, whereas I live next to a shopping center, and we have plastic siding.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Someday I want a pet who also has a pet.