Thursday, June 29, 2006

I have a bruise on my knee. Here's the thing with me and bruises: I don't get them. For example, yesterday I decided to turn on my oscilating fan while walking into the kitchen, and hit my hand on the edge of my dresser hard enough to break the skin, yet will it bruise? No. Last week, I was looking for something under the sink and came up and hit my forehead so hard on the corner of the counter that I think I blacked out for a moment, but did it bruise? No.

Now, I'm clumsy, but I would remember running into/banging against/tripping over/kicking wildly at/falling over/slamming against some stationary object with enough force to bruise myself, but do I remember?


And now! Muzaks Wot Came Up on Shuffle:

"I Turn My Camera On," Spoon

"I Would Never Wanna Be Young," Gogol Bordello

"Damned Ladies," Rufus Wainwright

"The Infanta," The Decemberists

"Smiley Faces," Gnarls Barkley

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finally downloaded people's musics. The Aqualung song and the David Mead song are great. I love sharing music; it makes me happy. And in that vein...

Marshall and Laura bought my Dad an iTunes card for Father's Day, and I downloaded his songs and mailed them to him on CD (as that will be faster than if he tried to download them himself, trust me). Some of the songs were from my childhood. And some where just plain good songs. Here is a selection of both.

Muzaks Wot My Dad Bought:

"Heaven is a Place on Earth," Belinda Carlisle

"Make Me Lose Control," Eric Carmen

(I know you know that song. "Turn the radio up! For that sweet sound; hold me close, never let me go. Keep this feeling alive, make me lose control. Baby, baby!" Awesome.)

"Hot Fun in the Summertime," Sly and the Family Stone

"Eye in the Sky," The Alan Parsons Project

"Question," The Moody Blues

Monday, June 26, 2006

Whew, that was a long weekend. Saturday morning I got up at sunrise to put the babies back outside to see if mom-bird would come back and feed them, but she never did. She never even came back to the balcony, actually. They continued to eat for me, though, so I thought they had a good chance of making it. I took the bus up to Wildlife Rescue, which was a bit of an ordeal as it is on a more rural road so there was some trudging on the side of the road and such, but I finally delivered them. They said it's touch-and-go with birds this little, but I can call in at the end of this week to check on them. The woman working there did tell me that I had done everything right, so I'll just hope that they make it.

Note: Do not wear flip-flops if you don't know how long/on what surface you will be walking. Trust me.

Yesterday, I finally cleaned the balcony, which took two hours. One's eye is caught by the bird's nests and bird poo, and doesn't see the dirt and such of a year of being, well, outside, so it took awhile.

Note: If you have forgotten to put sunscreen on your face because you naively thought that a covered balcony would provide some refuge from the sun, and then you immediately get in the shower when you're done, don't wash your face with apricot scrub. Trust me.

When I finally got around to doing reading for class and writing a short paper, it felt like a lovely break.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bird update: the other two are still alive. I called the Wildlife Rescue people in Austin, and I can take them in tomorrow. In the meantime, I made them a fake nest out of what nest I could salvage and an empty margarine container, and fed them a mixture of wet dog food, hard-boiled egg yolk, and applesauce (per the Wildlife Rescue's instructions). They're inside tonight, again as I was instructed to do, and they just started squeaking.

I am very happy now, that they are alive and will probably make it. The mom-bird came back today, and checked them out, but wouldn't feed them or sit with them, so I think she was just interested in them but had in fact abandoned them. Which was too bad, but I will take them in and I'm sure they'll be taken care of.

Other than that, a pretty boring day. The HP wank is still going. It's amazing. I loff it so much.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

When I went home over spring break, birds built a nest on my balcony. When I came back, there were baby birds, so I waited until they grew up and flew away. But then, I went home for mini-summer break, and then I was lazy, so it wasn't until today that I finally decided to go out and destroy the nest. Because there were still birds in it, and they were soiling my balcony to such an extent that it was getting unusable.

I knock one side of it in, and four baby birds fall out and hit the ground. They couldn't have hatched more than a day or two ago; less than an inch long, no feathers. I stood there horrified, just staring at them, although I think I did let out a Darth Vadar style, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I called my parents, who told me that they're probably going to die, but to go ahead and put them in some kind of container with what nest I could salvage and leave them there, just to see if the mom-bird comes back. I put them in an empty margarine container, which isn't that different, really, from them just being on the balcony, and I'm worried about the fact that I touched them. Although I'm sure it won't make any difference, and tomorrow or the next day I'll come out to dead baby birds.

I hate myself right now. And now I'm crying again.

ETA: Two of the birds are dead already, so I guess it doesn't really matter whether or not the mom-bird was going to abandon them or not. Goddammit. It's not about feeling guilty - I know there's no way I could have known they'd be there, and things happen - it's just...they're babies. And they're tiny and alone and they're going to die. Or, have died. God. It's probably stupid to get upset over, but I am.

This is going to sound so lame, but I wish I wasn't by myself right now.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Okay, wow. I'm glad I only had to do a cursory studying for my midterm, because I have spent hours reading the newest Fandom Wank. Remember CrystalWank? The woman who claimed to know the LOTR actors and also draw pictures of them that she actually just photoshopped? And how that was a huge deal? Well, this new one is about a thousand times more ridiculous, wanky, creepy and disturbing. And instead of just being about some fan no one had heard of before, it's about a BNF even I recognized.

The story is in ten parts here, and it's about Msscribe from the HP fandom. All the H/G-bashing that helped Gryffindor Tower fall apart? Thousands of inter-fandom kerfuffles? The absolute nastiness of CharityGate that led to the one and only Fandom Wank thread getting locked up? Is apparently this one person, who created sockpuppets to be her fans and also to threaten and stalk her and her friends. We're talking years of crazy, duplicitousness, backstabbing, and so on. I am familiar with HP fandom only through FW, and I still found it enthralling, so I would guess those of you more familiar with the fandom would do so as well. Honestly, I just finished with it and I started reading last night. Fandom aside, as it doesn't really matter and this could have happened in any fandom, it's a really neat almost investigative journalistic account of a total sociopathic freakjob. It read like true crime or something.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So I finally watched the movie Clue, since I felt I needed to actually see the film from whence comes one of my favorite quotes, "Flames, flames on the side of my face." Sadly, that was one of only two parts of the movie that actually made me laugh. I did find a YouTube link to just that scene, which is brilliant. (I also didn't know that Madeline Kahn ad-libbed that bit, which is just more evidence of how totally awesome she was and why she's my favorite actress.)


Monday, June 19, 2006

A few more tracks (or, more accurately, most of the rest):

"Pegasus," which comes from the last episode I had to catch up on, so by that point I was pretty familiar with the music and its awesomeness. And I was like, WHAT. Because it was weird. But it really grew on me.

"Martial Law," which is a cool French horn theme that only showed up this one time, which is sad, because it is pretty and foreboding and such.

"Something Dark is Coming," which harkens back to "Pegasus" and other show themes.

"Roslin and Adama," expanded with another variation on the theme.

"Reuniting the Fleet," an expansion of the Adama family theme, which means bagpipes and hope.

"Black Market," from an episode I only saw once because it was not good at all, but you'd think I would have remembered the crazy guitar freak-out that this track is. Good times, though, this one.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

FINALLY. The torrent is up for the BSG S2 soundtrack.

I've only been checking Mininova multiple times daily for the past 10 days since the thing started shipping. Yay, I'm so excited!

If it finished tonight, I might put up a few tracks. After I finish listening to it, obviously.

ETA: Some Selected Muzaks

"A Promise to Return," one of my favorite bits of score but one I had assumed wouldn't be on the soundtrack. It's from when Starbuck says goodbye to Anders, and it's GORGEOUS, so much so that I assumed it was the Philip Glass piece that I knew had been used. I found out later the Glass is actually Kara's dad playing piano, and that Bear did in fact write and arrange this, which is, like, crazy.

"Allegro," which is all hyper awesome string quartet.

"Gina Escapes," a more action-y track. I've put up a lot of the pretty before, but I'm also partial to the more percussive stuff.

"Dark Unions," which is one of my very favorite themes on the show, and this is one of the prettiest iterations.

"Prelude to War," my favorite track on the album, all poundy drums and crazy violins.

"One Year Later," which I wish were longer, but it is still very pretty.

"Worthy of Survival," all rising tension and inevitability.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I just showed UT Laura the first five episodes of Veronica Mars, and she was like, ZOMG when you finish the next disc let me borrow it okay? We both brought up that really, it's not our kind of show, genre-wise, but it's very engaging and entertaining anyway. I had also forgotten how cute Veronica was with her short hair.

I had a very, very boring week. As in, literally nothing of which to speak. At all. Unless you're particularly interested in what I've learned of ancient Italian architecture.

Didn't think so.

We did go see The Lakehouse, which was kind of cheesy and often slightly logic-bending, but I like the two of them so much, and the film itself, cinematically, was well-done, so we had a good time. I wanted to go see Prairie Home Companion, but it was showing at, like, an art theater waaaay up north, so we abstained. I did see the new trailer for The Devil Wears Prada, which looks fun, so I'll get my Meryl fix eventually.

ETA: Oh, this is so awesome. A couple mummifies their pet rat. Note: There are a lot of pictures, which didn't bother me and were quite interesting, but I always liked animal dissection in biology and thought it was neat, so if you didn't, this may not be as fun to look at. But oh, they used real mrryh! And actual muslin! And included a scarab heart!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

There's nothing like making fresh limeade, and having that first taste, and realizing that you need about another quarter cup of sugar and cup of water.

Ah, it does indeed taste like burning.

I hate when I check my mail and there are ads in there, because there's invariably a pizza ad, and even, like today, if I have recently gone to the grocery store and have a full pantry, I am still consumed with the desire for pizza. Today I valiantly resisted, and made a wrap for lunch. Still.

Cat, did you have a copy of David Mead's "The Only Living Boy in New York"? I meant to upload it the other day with the rest of that music, but forgot. Just in case, voila.

(I was reading some random fandom wank the other day, and the board, myself included, could not figure out what someone meant when they kept putting "wala" at the end of each post. They meant "voila." It was kind of sad.)

Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm not quite sure who is posting this, since Shannon was BAKED TODAY INTO A CRISPY, CRISPY TREAT. It's too bad she didn't slather herself first with butter and herbs, and then she at least would have been tasty.

(In honor of cannibalism, I am using this frabjulous MST3K icon that Laura made. Ortega taco shells are made from people!)

It's certainly better than the alternative of not studying enough, but I always feel vaguely indignant when I overstudy for a test. I could have used that time! TV! Or read about spaceships! My archaeology class is pretty fun, and definitely interesting, but the workload of a summer class is unique. On the one hand, it's the only class I'm taking, so the actual amount of school-related work I'm doing each day is the same or less than during a regular semester, but because it's so concentrated on one topic, it feels like more work. It's only to the first week of July, though, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

I've been transcribing interviews at my ACL internship, which has been a new experience. (I've logged shots plenty of times, but never had to do actual word-for-word transcription. I have a new appreciation for the people who do closed-captioning.) The first artist was Scottish, so there was some intonation/accent oddness but it was pretty straightforward. The second artist was from Colombia, so I had a bit more trouble but he spoke very good English so I didn't get too messed up. Now, the artist is from South Africa, and there are times when I honest-to-gods cannot understand what he's saying.

But he more than makes up for that by telling the highly awesome story of his religious epiphany and how it affected his music. There was a piece of red string, and when he went to jump over it, it turned into a flame! And then Jesus told him to pray, and then the band started doing really well! So awesome.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Last night, UT Laura and I went to a screening of Nacho Libre, which was great fun. I thought it was very funny and surprisingly sweet, so I recommend it. (I think it comes out next week?) The screening itself was neat; it was outside at this amphitheater-kind of thing, with a giant inflatable screen, and if you wore a Mexican wrestling mask you got in free. There had to have been 150 people in masks. Good times.

It is, like, a googleplex degrees outside right now. I walked to the library this morning to pick up a book I had on hold, and when I got home I thought about trying to crawl into my freezer. WHY SUN, WHY?

Some Muzaks:

"Crazy," Gnarls Barkley

"Under the Weather," KT Tunstall

"So Pretty," Kid Dakota

"Today, Tuesday," "I Drive My Friend" and "You Never Get Me Right," Frida Hyvonen

"Semaforo," Vanguart

"Ain't No Other Man," Christina Aguilera

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

I had just kind of assumed that Bear McCreary, the BSG composer, was 40+, just because the music is so incredibly good and sophisticated and fantastic.

He's three years older than I am.

I also found out today that he's doing a live orchestral performance of the upcoming second season soundtrack in LA, which is just not fair. I'm in LA for four years and the only really cool fandom-y thing I got to do was the Buffy soundtrack release signing. (Heh, I'm probably forgetting something here and Caroline is going to pop in all, OMG WHAT.) And now, tons of things in LA. Sigh.

I was going to post a Paint picture, like Laura does, about something UT Laura said tonight that made me laugh so hard I saw spots, but drawing a car in Paint? Is hard. Like, I worked on it longer than I worked on my new header. That's really sad. And I know that part of the charm of the Paint pictures is that, well, they're made in Paint, but what the picture is about should be in some way decipherable.

And this reminded me of my David Boreanaz magnet that I continually leave at home and never remember to pack. "I thank my parents that I crawled out of my mommy. It's all my parents, so you take that for what it is." Oh, Boreanaz.
Ausiello from TV Guide was at the BSG panel at the Museum of Television and Radio last week, and he had a little write-up online, including talking with the panel afterwards. An excerpt: "I ended the evening chatting up a tipsy McDonnell, who gushed endlessly about Galactica fans and admitted she can't wait to attend Comic-Con next month. Gods love her."


Caro, could you email me your address? I don't think I've mailed you anything since you've been in LA, so I don't have it. (I might be only a month late!)

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I had my first Austin City Limits taping today (although I didn't have to stay for the taping proper); watching the rehearsal was pretty fun, but the interns don't really have much to do. At 32 seasons, this show is a fairly well-oiled machine. So now I'm just doing homework for my archaeology class, which, I know it's a summer class and is therefore condensed, but there's a wee bit too much reading (and if I'm saying that...). Let's just say that I'm glad it's only for a month, although I am really enjoying the class and it's definitely interesting.

I can't remember if I had posted/told people about the fact that Roommate moved out. She's doing an internship in LA this summer, and then informed me that she wanted to live by herself next year. Apparently, I wasn't silent enough. (Read: completely.) But UT Laura is moving in with me at the end of August, so that should be fun. In the meantime, I'm living by myself for the first time ever, and it's been mostly cool.

Except for last night, when my cell phone rang three times at 2am. Each time, the caller id came up as "Restricted," and I don't know what that means, but it's terrifying since instead of ringing The Final Countdown, it rings this harsh, loud, insistent ring that freaks me out when it occasionally does it once or twice a month in the day time. In the middle of the night, three times in a row (I kept opening the phone and closing it to hang up) on 6/6/06, and I'm all alone? I got freaked. And the front part of my brain is telling me that I'm dumb, that it's either a prank or a persistent wrong number, and everything's locked up and I'm fine. The lizard part of my brain decided that the restricted phone calls were coming from inside the apartment, and I had to turn off my white noise machine and my fan and go to my bedroom door to listen and see if anyone were in the main living space, but the air conditioner was on and I couldn't hear anything. So, I kid you not, I got down to look underneath the door to see if I could see movement, or shadows passing through the crack of light. Nothing, so I finally got into bed, deciding I was being an idiot, and that's when the phone rang the third time.

I turned it off, opened my bathroom door so I could see the night light, and laid on my back and stared at the bedroom for the next half-hour or so until I could finally fall asleep. As always, the next day it feels idiotic in retroscpect, but it was NOT FUN last night, at all. Stupid cell phone.

To conclude this post on a somewhat more upbeat note, thanks to the person who uploaded all the Martha/Aaron scenes on YouTube. Oh, YouTube, how I love you.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Inspired by Catherine, here is my list of my favorite 10 episodes of television, in alphabetical order.

1) "Afternoon Delight," Arrested Development

I know I've said this before, but I have never laughed harder probably in my life than when we see George Michael at Ann's family's Christmas party. That scene alone would have put this episode on the list, but the rest is hilarious as well, with the best mix of puns, slapstick, carefully disguised vulgarity, and a heartwarming lesson to be soon forgot.

2) "Day Five: 4pm-5pm," 24

After spending a week filled with terror about the absolute certainty that Aaron was going to die in the motorcade attack, not only did he not die? He, like, shot a million people including blowing up a flamethrower fuel tank. And then Martha petted him. And then I had to go have a lay-down.

3) "Deep Down," Angel

This episode takes the cake as best television viewing experience ever. Season premiere, I'm watching it with Caro, we're both unspoiled. And it was just spectacular. Wesley finds Angel's coffin on the bottom of the ocean! He feeds him! A cage in his closet! Sleeping with Lilah! I think we shrieked, absolutely shrieked, two or three times.

4) "Fool for Love," Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike was my favorite character, and this was his origin story. It was lush and mythic and funny and sweet and pathetic and hot. If I had to show people a single episode of BTvS to epitomize the whole show, I'd probably show "Hush" or "Passion" or "Graduation Day." But if I had to show one episode from Buffy that demonstrated what this genre as a whole is capable of, I'd choose this one.

5) "Grave Danger," CSI

The highly awesome Tarentino-written and directed season finale, I watched the whole two hours first perched on the edge of my seat and then standing in front of the TV. I cried off and on throughout, until we got to the last ten minutes or so, and when Grissom finds Nicky? "Hold on, Pancho!" That's when I sobbed.

6) "Je Souhaite," The X-Files

Aw, what is there to say? I don't know of anyone who doesn't love this episode. I always secretly liked the funny, wacky eps best, and this is the best of them. Oh, Mulder. I'm fairly happy, too.

7) "Kobol's Last Gleaming Parts One and Two," Battlestar Galactica

I've probably watched this two-parter ten times already. About half a dozen season-long plots collide together in a glorious, mythic, painful mess. It's all about fate vs. free will, how one subverts the other and vice versa, and when Boomer looks up at the end and realizes what she's done, the show goes someplace I don't think I've ever seen television go.

8) "Objects in Space," Firefly

For me, this is the episode that makes me mourn for what this show could have become. Because here's when everything finally clicked into place, the characters and Serenity and the mythos of the show and the tone and all of it. "Are you Alliance?" "Am I a lion?" "What?" "I don't think of myself as a lion. You might as well, though - I have a mighty roar." "I said 'Alliance.'" "Oh. That's weird."

9) "The One with the Embryos," Friends

The quintessential Friends episode. "What is Monica's pet peeve?" "Animals dressed as humans." "That is correct."

10) "Post-Modern Prometheus," The X-Files

My favorite episode of XF. My favorite episode of TV. The end, full-stop.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Ladies, THIS is why when you're out and about by yourself, you don't wave or smile or, gods forbid, talk to strange men who talk to you. Ninety-nine times some stranger might decide you're a bitch, but just one time is all it takes.


Follow up.

*hides under bed*

Thursday, June 1, 2006

TV! First things first, remember when I posted that if Aaron got his own freeze-frame, name to the side, previously, that it would make my life? Remember? The life, she is made, and I don't know what else to do from now on. It was very exciting to get to watch that at home with the fam, but unfortunately it didn't occur to me while my mom was taping it that she would retain possession of the tape, so I am downloading a torrent of the finale now so's I can watch it again.

Was I the only person that liked the Will and Grace finale?

(I wish I could do bullets. It would make my lists neater.)

So, like always, it would be cool if the shows that I really liked got Emmy recognition, but I usually resign myself to the fact that it's never going to happen. Except that this year, SciFi is doing a ridiculous push for Battlestar Galactica, including taking out tons of ads in the trades, as well as putting a DVD in with the H'wood Reporter with the Pegasus/Resurrection Ships 1&2 (the best eps of the show) three-parter in their entirety, and sending out the entire second season on DVD for screeners. And there's another MT&R event, this time in NY, just a few days before the show picks up its Peabody Award. I'm allowing myself to get moderately yet vaguely hopeful, which is a short step up from generally pessimistic, as I want to wait and see what the coming month brings buzz-wise. It was heartening to see TV Guide put the show, Olmos and McDonnell on their dream ballot for this year, though (which is slightly tainted by the inclusion of Grey's Anatomy, but I have good selective reading).

Speaking of BSG, the track listing with samples went up for the season two soundtrack. Oh, "Allegro," you will be mine in a few short weeks.

Laura and I watched a fair bit of CSI S1 over the mini-break, and it's amazing how only six years ago, the cell phones were so much more gigantic and bulky. It's nice to know that all our R&D isn't going into space travel, or alternate fuels, or curing diseases, but instead into making cell phones increasingly tinier and crammed with more useless functions.

TV out.