Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween is upon us, so I give you muzaks wot represent the spooky season.

"I Am Stretched Out On Your Grave," Kate Rusby (pretty, haunting)

"Moon Trills," Jonny Greenwood (instrumental)

"Sally's Song," Fiona Apple (from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack)

"They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhhh!!" Sufjan Stevens (despite the hilariously ridiculous title, this is a really pretty song)

"Re: Your Brains," Jonathan Coulton (catchy and hilarious; the chorus: "All we want to do is eat your brains; we're not unreasonable, I mean, no one's going to eat your eyes...")

"Ave Lucifer," Os Mutantes (Latin, creepy, but strangely pretty)

"Ode From A Psychopath," Brodwyn (lilting and folksy, the lyrics kind of creep up on you)

"Dark Eyes," DeVotchKa (okay, so I'm a little obsessed with this song right now; the first time I've ever put iTunes on repeat; instrumental, gypsy, awesome; and because I like DeVotchKa so much...something in the same vein: "Death By Blonde")

"The Killing Moon," Echo and the Bunnymen (from the Donnie Darko soundtrack)

"Halloween Theme," John Carpenter (because)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Went to the Drafthouse last night to see Battlestar on the big screen, which was quite fun. Geek nirvana! It was very exciting to see Crack!Ship up there, all big and shiny, with a theater full of fans. Although sadly my predictions of what Crack!Ship would entail were negated last night. (No Chip!Roslin in Baltar's head; just a crazy dream. Although what the dream says about Baltar is quite interesting...)

Yesterday was a bit of a day off, even though I did have a script meeting with my professor. He gave me some good notes, so that's part of what I need to work on before I turn my draft in next Thursday. Speaking of which, my professor's girlfriend is apparently going to be directing my reading; she came up to me at the pitch session to introduce herself and tell me how much she liked serial killers. (Hee.) I knew she was an actress, but I hadn't given it much thought before I found out she was going to be my director. I went to look her up on IMDB, and she's done a lot of TV guest stuff, which was pretty neat, until I scrolled down some more. And found out she played Det. White in Szygzy. AHA. I don't have S3 on DVD, so I'm downloading just that ep to watch, since I haven't seen it in years. This is amusing me far too much. (It is a strange kind of cosmic coincidence I'd like to go back and tell 14 year-old me.)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Last night we had our big pitch session to interested students for the film lab class. We pitched our scripts, which is a very difficult thing to do well; how do you sum up a movie in three minutes, make it interesting, hook them in, but not give everything away? They're casting next week for the readings, and our first rehearsal is next weekend, so the ball is rolling towards the end of the semester.

Speaking of the script, I wrote through the end of the film. The draft isn't done; I still need to go back and plant things that came up throughout the course of writing, and polish, and make sure all my necessary beats are there, etc. I have another week, so it shouldn't be a problem getting it in on time. I'm just glad this isn't going to be down to the wire like draft two.

Interesting bout of sleep paraylsis last night. I haven't had an old school hallucination in a while: wake up, on my side facing out into the room. I feel someone pressing their hands into the mattress right in front of my face, like they're leaning over me. And then it sounds like my alarm clock is going off, but instead of music or beeping, it's this deeply screwed up, loud grating sound. It was very strange. It's been awhile since the hallucination scared me, but that did the trick.

Sometimes I wonder if my day just wouldn't be complete if I didn't rub a contact up underneath my eyelid.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why is it that the very best Fandom Wanks always turn up when I'm busiest at school. I don't have time today to read 4000 comments! But I want to so much because it's hilarious!

So, these people? Are in love with Snape. And they think he's real. And Snape broke up with one of them? For Sirius. So they find out, and show up yelling and such, and one of them lets loose: "You can't judge me! What, do none of you have any skeletons in your closets!" So everyone brings up their skeletons. "I've downloaded every music video from the 1980s." "I had a crush on Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." "I have Clay Aiken's CD. And I LIKE it." But for the win? "I am sexually attracted to Edward James Olmos. There, I said it."

Oh, it is to die. I heart you Fandom Wank, always and forever.

*sekritly reads more even though I have stuff wot to do*
24 S6 preview OMG! I didn't realize till I watched it how much I miss 24. Oh, everyone on that show, I heart you. And now, with Peter MacNicol! Yay!

So, okay. As soon as Laura San Giacomo showed up last night, I was like, OMG, I hope she and Keith have the sparkage, and they did, and it was triumphant, and I was in this happy potential-OTP happy place, but then vaguely remembered during a commercial break that I would have heard if she had moved from a guest starring role to a recurring role, but it still was sad when her husband wasn't actually cheating on her. Sigh. Maya + Elliot = 4eva.

Yeah, and apparently other stuff happened in that episode? I guess. I have been missing Mac, but I love that they always have to mention where the character is, as though if we don't see them we'll think they've, like, disappeared off the face of the Earth or something. "OMG I didn't see Mac last night SHE MUST HAVE VAPORIZED."

An open letter to the people of Austin:

70 is t-shirts and jeans weather. It's grilling weather. It's playing frisbee weather. It's dangling feet into pool weather. It is not, however, coat and scarf weather.

XOXO, Shannon

Sunday, October 22, 2006

So I'm having a spot of ice cream, right? And I look down, and there's a whitish powder on the back of my hand. And I figure it's sugar, because I was tidying up in the kitchen. So I licked it off.

I'm doing laundry right now, too.

It was very exciting yesterday when I made it past the hinge: I have written more pages than I have left to write. Yay!

We're having some lovely, cool autumn weather here (read: 60s and 70s), so I've decided to take a notebook and go out by the pool and write longhand, which is good on many levels. 1) I won't be tempted to play around on the internets. 2) I will get some fresh air and be happy. 3) Writing longhand forces you to really consider the words in a way you don't when you're typing, and it's easy to just backspace and try again.

You know you've had a slow start to your day when by the time you wake up, get some work done, go to the gym, take a shower, and sit down for breakfast, it's after noon.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Remember the week before last, when I said that the Battlestar Galactica premiere was awesome, and the show was awesome, and I loved it to tiny pieces?

Tonight's episode was, like, eleventy thousand percent more awesome. When I wasn't crying, I was clapping and cheering. Hello brand new addition to top ten episode list after a single viewing!

So, I have about two hours to convince UT Laura that we should drive up to the Drafthouse to watch tonight's episode on the big screen with a bunch of geeky fans. Yes. And if not, I'll probably have to resign myself to just watching it again tonight at midnight ET. And when they reair it Sunday. And Monday. And after I download it...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Evolution of Dance

I'm so excited that I got a lot of writing done today so I could take a YouTube break.


Woo, I am more than a third of the way done with my draft! Next roadmile, the midpoint! Huzzah!

Today = happiness in my hearts.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How did people write scripts before Wikipedia and Google? Just in the last few days, I've needed: "What types of drugs do people go on after a heart attack?" "What is the name of a wooded park in Springfield, Missouri?" "How long does it usually take to strangle someone to death?"

I heart the internets.

I'm kind of freaked out that they're going to start casting our films for the end-of-semester reading before we're even finished writing the drafts. SLOW DOWN. I would have a full plate just taking this one class, and it's eating my life, and I can't start worrying about things happening in December right now.

I miss watching TV.

Monday, October 16, 2006

OMG, HEROES WAS SO AWESOME. Their execution is still sometimes as wobbly as a newborn colt, but oh, some of the things they're doing are so big and epic and genre-licious, I heart them. Like, there were several developments tonight that once my big clumsy brain figured out what was going on (about three seconds before the obvious reveal), I was all, "YES. THAT IS AWESOME. YES." Their closing tags remind me of very early Lost, where you were very, I can't wait till next week. Good show, show.

Vanilla coffee + chocolate strawberry liqueur = FTW.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today was a better day. I've written 13 pages so far, for two scripts, although I'd like to write a few more before the day is out. Yesterday was really frustrating; I just couldn't get scenes to gel, and wrote and deleted about five pages worth of material. I was really close to taking a "why, Tracy, why" shower. But, as always, the muse comes back eventually.

We were at Whole Foods on Friday, and in the produce section this guy was grilling pumpking, with butter and spices, and it was heavenly. So we bought a pie pumpkin with which to try. It didn't really work as well, so I mashed the cooked pumpkin up and am currently making bread. I think that'll it'll be really good, with homemade pumpkin. (Pumpking. OMG, fingers.)

So, these jackasses that live across from us threw a party Friday night. They came over and invited us before it started, and I asked how long they were planning to party. The guy, totally flustered, was like, oh, if it gets too loud, just come over to get me. Right. Because that always works out. The party starts at around 10pm, and it is SO LOUD. At midnight, they knock AGAIN, asking if they're too loud.

Me: Yes.
Them: Really?
Me: Yes. Can you simmer down?
Them: Um...*walks away*

I went to bed, and with my white noise machine and fan, was able to fall asleep without incident. UT Laura reported that the party broke up at 5am, and that she did poke her head out at 3am to ask them to be quiet, but that they were so drunk she was afraid. So yesterday, we wake up, and the breezeway is just filled with cigarette butts, styrofoam cups, and assorted other trash. I wait to see if they clean. Today, I finally go over and ask them to clean. Half an hour later, they knock and ask if it looks okay; I say thank you, and am sincere.

They seemed like nice guys, who just throw stupid loud parties, but who at least made an attempt to be considerate. Until I was going out to grill tonight, and saw that they had drawn a box around their front door on the concrete in marker, and wrote "No Trespassing" in the middle. Nice. So I don't know if that was sarcastic, or passive-agressive, or what. I'm really uncomfortable with these guys--who apparently just moved in?--living across from me. I'll have to keep a look-out, which is sad and probably way to paranoid, but I'm just not feeling good vibes right now.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I have some piano sheet music laying on top of my keyboard, and I happened to glance that way earlier today when I was making my bed, and my first thought was, "Why do I have something written in Arabic printed out?"

This is where my brain is today.

Today I'm writing pages for my third draft of serial killer movie, and new pages for the first draft of King Arthur movie. Next week, I'll be doing all that, plus new pages for adaptation of domestic violence movie. And teaching. And the Austin Film Festival, wot we are expected to go to (panels, screenings). And working. And sleeping? Mayhap.

Which is not to say that things are bad. I was much more depressed and despondent this summer, after my one class ended, and all I had was internship twice a week. I much prefer having things to do, structure, deadlines. It's a little much right now, but once I get the third draft done my world will open up just a little bit.

Friday, October 13, 2006

So apparently tagboard has gone under. I've gotten rid of the coding; in the meantime, I've frakked so much with my template in the past that Blogger can't figure out how to add the comments code, and neither can I. Which is awesome. So, I'm working on that.

In the meantime, Mary McDonnell is gorgeous.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It has begun. Taping shows to watch later because of work. The sneaking suspicion that the tape won't get watched. Falling behind.

I am seven percent finished with my draft. Nine pages out of a projected 115. That's two days worth of work. It's due on November 2nd. Which is 22 days away, which at this rate means that I'll have 108 pages done, which is actually not that bad; I need one day a weekend where I crank out more, but I'm on pace to get done. And 4-5 pages a day is all I can reasonably do well, so I'm not feeling too stressed.

They're having a free screening of Babel tomorrow on campus, which our professor actually rescheduled class around so that we could see it, so I will dutifully report back. I'm very hopeful that it will be awesome.

I feel sad that the highlight of my day is that the new crock-pot frozen thing I bought turned out really well.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cher - Believe

This kid is so awesome. I want him to be my new little brother.

Monday, October 9, 2006

I've rewatched the premiere a couple of times now, as well as listened to the podcast, and I think what was so great about the premiere is at the heart about what's so great about SF. See, the pre-season press skewed the politics of the premiere very heavily to an allegory about the war in Iraq, and certainly those elements were there. But there were also allusions to Vichy France, to Vietnam, even, according to Ron Moore, the executive producer, to the Roman occupation of Gaul. What really is making this occupation storyline work is that they're not setting it up as a direct one-to-one on any particular conflict, but instead mining the richness and complexity of all of human history to write a story that is at once original and at the same time deeply familiar, and it's layering these historical antecedents and crafting them into the original world that is something I think you can only really do in SF.

What's really great about BSG is that they create these situations, and yet they know their characters well enough that the way the behave is absolutely believable. It's not a matter of coming up with a cool storyline and then trying to fit everyone in somehow (Buffy), but coming up with a cool storyline and actually thinking about the consequences of that, at how it can work inside their world. TV shows can be very insular; there is a tendency to start writing smaller and smaller, as the world gets more explored and the rules become quantified. Early in a show's run, you can write an episode that opens up that world, that changes things (like Surprise/Innocence on Buffy, for example), but the longer you go the harder it is to break out of those self-imposed walls. Which is why I loved last year's finale so much, and am so happy and relieved and...grateful for the storyline thus far, because they've really been able to break out of the insular universe, to try something new. It's really hard for TV shows to successfully execute paradigm shifts, and BSG has managed to do that in a way that's both faithful to the previous characterizations but also has opened up their sociopolitical world to really exciting and fresh things.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

OMG, I think crack!ship might actually be confirmed. Still no actual context, but I was doing some, erm...investigating, and found this quote from Ausiello, from TV Guide, talking about the first four episodes: "Laura locks lips with the most unlikely of characters at the beginning of Episode 4 (I pray they saved the outtakes for the DVD)."

Dude. I know no one is watching the show and no one cares, but dude. Roslin is going to kiss Baltar. Somehow, this is going to happen. And it's going to be ASOME.
Now, I've watched a lot of TV in my time. I've usually had some kind of ship thing going on. It may just be a casual interest that I randomly track, or they may be my OTP and it's a very integral part of my viewing experience. In either case, or anywhere in between, the ship is usually one you could describe to other people, and they'd understand. They may not agree, but they'd see where it might come from. It's not like, "Seriously? Those two? But...but...that's weird."

I'm what they call a boring shipper.

Until yesterday, when I happened upon upcoming promo pictures for BSG. Now, I am trying to be spoiler free for this show as much as possible, but promos are a tricky thing. Unless they're really overt, it's hard to figure out sometimes what they mean without context. So yeah, I have no idea the context of this photo, and how it could possibly come to place, but yeah. For the first time ever...

Crack!ship. As in, that ship is crack. There's no way it could happen. (But then what is going on in that picture?!) I don't actually want it to happen, come to think of it. But oh, it would be pretty. And totally, totally crack.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Party's over. I'm so glad we made a metric ton of food and two people showed up. Although it's okay, we had a good time, and everything we made is good left over.

So, the BSG premiere? Awesome. Like, I just sat there gaping at the screen for two hours. This show is just beautiful, and so compelling, and I'm just so glad that I started watching it. I didn't want to commit, because new fandoms can be shiny and distracting, but having some time to let the show settle, I'm going to come right out and say it: Battlestar Galactica is the best show I have EVER seen. I love it so much.

*hugs TV*

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Tomorrow is the Battlestar Galactica season premiere, and UT Laura and I are throwing a shindig. We invited all the screenwriting people, who are notoriously bad about responding to emails, so we don't actually know how many people are coming yet. Regardless, we're going out tomorrow to buy fixings for hors d'ouerves and such. I like the thought of entertaining; I just have this fear I'm not actually very good at it.

I remember the time Jenny and I tried to throw a dinner party. Murphy, of Murphy's Law fame, helped us out. I think that's the last time I tried to mastermind a gathering, aside from totally informal and lame Halloween parties and the like. (Yay, Halloween! I have more decorations to put up tomorrow. I'm very excited.)

The Office tonight was to laugh, as I've been the person trying to shoot with a smoke grenade while getting stuck in the corner. Yes.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I just watched the first episode of The Nine, after Lost, and I thought it was pretty good; I'm definitely intrigued to see how things turn out. But mostly, I'm reporting that Tim Daly? Is way hot. Like, HOT. UT Laura and I spent the whole episode having the vapors.

"OMG, he's wearing a suit!" "And he has stubble!" "Whoa, did you see him just turn his head? So hot." "You know who's hot? Tim Daly."

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Frak is the profanity of the future.

INSOMNIA: AHAHAHA I cut you, bitch.

SHANNON: What did I ever do to you?

INSOMNIA: There doesn't have to be a reason AHAHAHA enjoy never sleeping again.

So, I haven't had a full night's sleep in at least a week. I didn't really keep track of when it started, but suffice it to say that if I were getting REM sleep, I'd probably be dreaming about being able to sleep. At first it was an allergy upswing, and I kept coughing myself awake, and the last few days it's been run-of-the-mill can't sleep, no dreaming, lots of waking up-style insomnia. I'm operating out of that fugue state kind of deal, where you feel about half a second out of synch with the world.

We finally got our assignments in Adaptation, and I was given my second-least favorite story to have to work on for the rest of the semester. This is irritating because the professor asked us to make a list of what we wanted, and I have a hard time believing that everyone else requested my first and second stories and I just got shafted. He could probably tell I didn't like the story, and this is some kind of punishment* or something, to make me "a better writer."

*Or "challenge," as they like to say in academia. I think we all know the truth.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

I'm working on a new scene outline for my revision, which has been a weeklong process. I need to email it to the professor today, so I've been really trying to nail it down. I also have to start writing pages soon as the third draft is due in a month. AAAAAAA. I'm not terrified, I'm just very, very...concerned.

So anyway, I've been taking mini-breaks today, just because I find it hard to work on something full-stop. During my last one, I found a compilation of AD chicken dances that made me very happy.