Saturday, May 12, 2007

After sitting around waiting for the phone to ring all night, just got an email: no job. ;_; But they're "keeping my resume on file" for the future. (Which...doubtful, although possibly comforting to others.)

I was talking to my sister about this last week, I think, but I'm less upset about not getting the job (which part of me was already prepared for, just knowing how many people were being interviewed), than I am the amount of money I spent to fly out here to not get a job.

I think what did me in was this: they asked if I would be happy working in post-production if I wanted to be a writer. And maybe I should have lied or been disingenuous, but I don't want to play that way in interviews; I think regardless of how cool you may be, or how good an actor you are, people can detect that kind of insincerity. So I was honest, and said, yes, I want to be a writer, but I'm just entering the industry workforce and this seems like a great opportunity and I will certainly enjoy the work while I'm here. But I got the impression from talking to people in the program now at the mixer last night that they're looking more for advancement within; you start off as a glorified intern, then up to an assistant, then on from there.

Which is not the way the program was sold, and honestly, even if I did still just want to be a writer, ain't nothing wrong with setting up shop in an actual job with a set career path in the industry while I continue working towards dream career.

I did reply asking if they wouldn't mind telling me what the deciding factor was, so maybe it's something different, but...I doubt it. Ah well.

(What's funny is that I've been checking the email expecting this all night; the phone call, less so. So I read it with a sense of slightly sad understanding but acceptance. But, because I'm edging towards PMS, ended up crying in bed reading about Fran burying her father in The Stand. O_o.)

Friday, May 11, 2007

I just finished up with my interview with ABC, and apparently we're supposed to hear tonight whether or not we got the job, so keep your fingers crossed. I felt the interview went well--I'm not really nervous talking in front of people in general--although I was a little worried when they asked if I'd be happy working in post since I want to be a writer. So I had to convince them, YES, I want a job in MOVIES AND/OR TV, and it doesn't matter WHAT right now since I am UNEMPLOYED and HOMELESS.

Burbank's really nice. We're looking at apartments here regardless. As soon as I'm done with lunch, I'm going to go check some out. (It's still a novelty having a car to drive around with willy-nilly, even though it is a rental.) Then I get to fly home for a six-week break, although I have a lot of writing I want to get done in the interim.

Oh, and I guess I have a masters now. I was so tired last week that I didn't even really make note of it other than, "I'm (mostly) done." But now, after finishing a final and turning in grades and a polish, I'm totally done. No more school forever!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'm flying to Burbank on Thursday and to home from there, so I've been packing packing packing. I turned in my thesis and report on Friday, so I just have my History of Greece final on Wednesday and then I'm done done done.

We made more posters, for the films of our other classmates. UT Laura's up first:

And mine: