Saturday, September 29, 2007

Has anyone else seen TWoP commercials on TV?!? I feel like my worlds are colliding. And also, I'm worried that TWoP is going to end up all corporate sponsored, and it's already not as funny as it used to be back in the MBTV days, and I don't want the boards to get completely inundated with not-funny people.

I'm vexed. I'm terribly vexed.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

So I started a new project two weeks ago; namely, that I will listen to every single song on my iPod, in order, alphabetically. I just finished with my three covers of "All Along the Watchtower," which means yes, I am still in the As. But, in my defense, I had a lot of symbol/number songs that came first. It's been interesting, as I've already come across about ten songs I plan to delete; if you've had a song on your computer for at least a year and have never listened to it, and when you finally do you can barely stand to listen to it all the way through just probably don't need that song anymore.

At first I had thought I'd get done before 2008. I don't think so now. Technically, my iTunes says that if I were to listen straight through, it's like 31 days worth of music. I listen maybe half an hour a day, so...I guess I could do the math, and come up with a real prediction, but I have lots of TV to watch better things to do.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ooo, a five minute trailer for Golden Age, which really isn't terribly different from the theatrical trailer, except more expand-y and delicious.

Laura informs me this is coming out the same day as Run, Fat Boy, Run, which is awesome. I haven't been to the movies since...Bourne Ultimatum? It's been awhile, at any rate, and so a double feature is supremely exciting to look forward to.

Speaking of Elizabeth, I love watching old movies or tv shows and then watching newer versions. Often because the newer stuff is more sophisticated and such, and it feeds the I think rather ordinary ego of feeling that one is living at the apex of civilization and technology, but also just as a way to watch more old movies that I wouldn't see otherwise. So I watched The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (or, more correctly, about the first half before I got tired, and then it had to go back to the library) with Bette Davis and Errol Flynn.

  1. Errol Flynn is supremely hot.
  2. Bette Davis scares me. Her EYES, people. They are going to EAT MY SOUL.
  3. I love Technicolor. It has just such a specific look, and much the same way I have a hard time envisioning World War II being anything other than Black and White, I think of the past as being in Technicolor.
  4. I don't ever want to see Bette Davis mack on Errol Flynn ever again. Kthx, Hwood.
Laura and I went over to our Gamp's house last weekend, I think, and watched a goodly half or three-quarters of The Dawn Patrol with Errol Flynn, and I tell you. I may have searched him on IMDB, and I may be checking some more of his movies out at the library shortly.

Did I tell people I'd started watching Rome? I have the last two episodes of S1 to finish, but it's really good. I, of course and predictably, ended up with a crush on Caesar. And may be thinking about searching Ciaran Hinds' filmography after I'm done with Mr. Flynn.

BTW, Heroes premiere reaction at PFTT.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes tonight yay! It's been a really long summer. We already watched the Chuck pilot On Demand last week, and it was pretty good, although honestly, I'll primarily be watching for Adam Baldwin.

I was working with my sister on a paper last night, and realized I need to reread the Bible, as I haven't looked at it in years. I thought that Abraham had done the whole Isaac-sacrifice-fakeout before God made his covenant with him, that those two were tied together. And I could not for the life of me remember what Ishmael went on to do. I know it was something? But the very unhelpful man who works behind the help-desk in my brain just kept handing me a piece of paper that said, "Call me Ishmael" and smiling up at me, annoyingly, as though that was the only bit of information my brain had on the topic. But I felt I was more confusing than helpful and am now afraid that I misremembered all the stuff with God's covenants with Noah and Moses, too.

The other prompt was about Aristotle and Plato and government, and I just wrote a paper on that in February, and already that was a little hazy, too. But I was able to remember the entire plot of a Who's the Boss? episode (that I must have originally seen in 1992) while flipping this past week and catching ten seconds. I guess that in the long run, my brain decided that Tony and Angela was more important than the backbone of Western civilization.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It is a momentous moment in my life: we now have high speed internet at my house. Which means that the fights over internet time have already begun. I'll probably get a wireless router this weekend so I can just use my laptop and be at peace. In that event, I'll be waiting for when someone* inevitable wants to use my computer when the family computer is in use. Which is why God invented the screensaver password protect.

Applied for a job at a local bookstore, will look for some more local random things. Will probably end up substituting again. Which is okay, I guess.

Am writing again, which is good. Sometimes one needs to take some time off, and goodness knows last semester was very stressful. I think I'm going to do a second draft of the King Arthur script, but it needs deep tissue revamping, so I probably won't get into actual writing for at least a few weeks. I had bought some King Arthur books at Half Price last fall, but they're buried in one of my five boxes of books, so that might be an Actual Project some day to find.

In conclusion, thank God The Sopranos is finally off the air and won't be winning any more Emmys. At least they didn't sweep, but they did win some awards (Writing and Directing) that I wanted Battlestar Galactica someone else to win. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised to see Terry O'Quinn win, even though I didn't watch Lost last year, but was highly disappointed that Piven won again, as I was fully expecting Rainn Wilson to win. Oh well. I loved seeing Helen Mirren win again, and I hope that this signals that from now on, in the future, she will just win every year. I did think her hair could have used more volume, though.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted last! Up until two weeks ago, it would have been for lack of ANYTHING happening, but the end of August was very stressful and busy. My great aunt Mildred, my mom's aunt, has been in a nursing home for a very long time, but her health finally started going downhill about five years ago after she broke her hip. My mom got a call in the middle of the night almost three weeks ago, actually, now that I think about it, that Mildred had been taken to the hospital.

For ten days, or thereabouts, my mom was up at the hospital every day; the last couple days, up to fourteen hours at a time. Mildred never really regained consciousness, and finally passed away very peacefully last Saturday (it feels much longer ago than that). My other great aunt, Anna, came up to visit us for a week, and to come for the funeral. Anna is, I believe, 87, so it was...interesting. I'm not used to having house guests, especially when my mom had to get all the funeral arrangements ready, and I was put in charge of cleaning the house and preparing the food for the after-service get-together. But now everything's back to normal, and we can watch TV in the living room again.

August was bracketed by finding out that I didn't make the semis of both the Nicholls Fellowship and the Austin Film Festival, so that was depressing. And that was with my script I've worked on for two years, and have gone through seven drafts; I hold little hope for my BSG spec I sent in to ABC for their writing program, which was a rough first draft with some minor, quick polishing. So I'm going to write like the dickens, get some scripts in my pocket, and try to find an agent the old-fashioned way - query letters! Or something; I'll figure it out. But I do need a strong second script, and I'd spent all my time on the serial killer one, so I'll be getting cracking here soon.

Catherine, the pics in the banner up above are from promo photos from the new season. Look at how happy she is to see Bennet! Almost as happy as I am!