Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice ice baby! Actually, we lucked into a little bubble of warm air, so it's more rain rain drizzle icy trees snow baby. They canceled school as a precaution, so I was out of work, and spent my time very wisely. No, not writing...playing Tomb Raider! All right!

Now that I've sent out my outline to my workshop group, I suppose the cat's out of the bag: I'm writing a Lizzie Borden biopic. Would you believe that aside from a 1975 TV movie starring Elizabeth Montgomery, there's never been a Lizzie Borden movie? Which is the reason, after reading a book in my ongoing attempt to read every true crime case ever, I decided to give it a crack. I'm just about through all the Lizzie Borden books our library system has, and short of going to Fall River, Mass. and looking through their historical society's collection of primary sources, I'm about reaching critical mass on secondary sources, I think.

What I'm looking for now are more general works (non-fiction, fiction, movies, etc.) about women in Victorian America, class and socioeconomic issues from the turn of the century, New England in general from the turn of the century, etc. Any suggestions?