Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The natural order of things.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I absolutely cannot believe that Heath Ledger is dead. I've been watching the news for the last forty-five minutes, and it still hasn't sunk in. I wasn't particularly a fan of his or anything, but the news has still hit me like a ton of brick.

I guess I just hope it's accidental, but I'm not sure they'll be able to know for sure whether he just overdosed or whether he intended to commit suicide. So sad all around.
I jumped up this morning at the crack of 9am (having not been called to sub) and screamed in terrible, woeful anger, as I realized I had forgotten to get up and watch the Oscar nominations, as I have done every year since 2003 (and let me tell you, in LA, that's a bit more work).

My thoughts on the nominations, let me show them to you.

I'm so bummed that Sweeney Todd didn't make it into some of the bigger categories, like Picture, Director, even Actress/Supp.Actress for Carter. I stand by my belief that it came out about a week or two too late. However, I'm glad that Johnny did get nommed, but if anyone is going to upset DDL (and I've seen neither performance so this is purely about me wanting to see people I like win), I hope it's Viggo. I'm so glad he got nominated!

Totally surprised that Cate managed to get a double nomination. Every single precursor that she did, I was totally surprised. I wish she could win both. :( Very sad that Angelina didn't make it in, because Laura Linney's shown up in no precursors whatsoever. (My exact words as I read the list was, "Oh, Angelina!") Nice career mention to Ruby Dee.

Director's only surprise came with Jason Reitman getting in for Juno; I thought that would be the film without a director. I imagine now that Diving Bell didn't make it into Picture, though, Schnabel has less chance at a Director upset. It'll either go Coens-No Country, or Anderson-Blood. I haven't decided which yet. (It would be helpful if I'd seen any of these movies.)

As far as techs go, nice to see some for Bourne, which I think could have made it in to some bigger categories if it hadn't been No.3. It was a really well-made movie. I hope I hope Sweeney wins for production design, but that'll probably go to a BP nominee. Same goes for cinematography for Jesse James. (There are a lot of movies this year with really long names.) Three songs from Enchanted were nominated, so I'll call it right here that they'll cancel each other out and the song from Once will win. And I think Ratatouille's a shoo-in for Animated, but I'll continue to call Persepolis as a spoiler.

I think...that's all my thoughts.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Bloody Paint by Laura

Shannon asked me to make a paint of last Tuesday night, or Toe Night.

As you can see, she starts out at the shower, and is already bleeding profusely. Instead of being, "damn, my toe hurts," she continues to walk down the hallway to the top of the stairs. "I think I did something to my foot," she tells me, as I watch the growing pool of blood expand over the hardwood floor. I then led her to the kitchen where I had to hold her foot to stop the bleeding just before Shannon would have passed out. An enjoyable experience for everyone.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The most exciting Golden Globes in the recent past - at least in terms of surprises and winners - and it didn't actually really happen. Not that I'm too, too upset, as I think it was a great blow they struck and hopefully the threat of this happening to the Oscars will feel a bit more real now, but still. I wasn't really upset by any of the wins, although it looks like the acting frontrunners have shaped up and I don't see that we'll have many big surprises on that front. Why does that happen every year? Why does everyone just seem to unanimously reach this consensus that in the four performance categories, there is just one, maybe two, universally acclaimed performance(s)? I think it's an unfortunate by-product of the shortened awards season. I don't think we'll see another Adrien Brody-style win as long as the Oscars are in February.

I'm reading a book right now on the West Memphis Three that is really angering up my blood. If you've never heard of them and you feel the need for some cleansing rage, check out the wiki or the Paradise Lost documentaries.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Obviously being really sick around Christmas wasn't dancing close enough to the scary edge of having no health insurance. I'm a thrill seeker, I wanted to go one step further. See, Tuesday night, getting out of the shower, I had thought that I'd stubbed my little toe in the metal thingy that the doors run in. I was getting into my PJs, thinking, ouch ouch I get it, stop hurting. And as I gathered up my clothes, there was blood on my pants. Awesome, I tore my nail. So I walk down the hall to go downstairs, to put my clothes in the laundry, and both Laura and Sarah in the front room point at me and exclaim.

I had not just stubbed my toe. I had sliced the everloving shit out of it. Two almost perpendicular cuts, down to the bone. Pools of blood everywhere. Literal, actual pools. I was sat down, and then I was laid down, as apparently I turned ghost white at the same time I suddenly felt light headed and nauseated.

There was a discussion over whether or not I should go to the emergency room, and yes, I should have. But I can't afford an ER visit, and neither can my parents, not really, so I didn't go. We just bandaged it up tightly and thankfully, it seems to be knitting together just fine. But I've had some fine times, lurching about the house like some lady Igor. And there's really nothing like getting your sister to change your foot bandage once a day. :(

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hope everyone had a happy Christmas and New Year Holiday Extravaganza. I've been sick since the 21st; washing dishes after our family's Christmas get together with my dad's brother's family and Gamps, of course, I started feeling bad. The next day I awoke to full-fledged sinus infection cold-thing, but unlike Death Cold 2005: Now With 100% Less Health Insurance, my mom has been stockpiling antibiotics refills, so I'm doing pretty well now.

Got good Christmas loot, including some arts and crafts stuff that has been occupying my time (as well as the time of my sisters) quite nicely. My dad replaced my Civ Conquests disc I lost last spring break-ish, which was terribly exciting. New Years was kind of lame, as I think it's the first NYE since...I can remember, and I was old enough that my parents couldn't trick me by setting all the clocks in the house two hours ahead, that I didn't actually stay up till midnight. We didn't get out to buy any booze, not even sparkling juice, and no one felt all that awesome, so we just called it a night at about 10:30.

I need to get back to writing, but I find it's good to take a break after finishing one of the major parts of development (the outline, in my case), to let things percolate and for me to cogitate and get some perspective on it before I move on. As I invariably, right after finishing something, think it's the most Awesome Thing Ever Written.

Someone else whose blog I read did an interesting "project" of sorts last year: she watched 100 new movies. I think that's a fully admirable goal, so I'm going to keep track, too. She also endeavored to read 3o new books but didn't quite make it. 30 books doesn't seem like a lot? I'm going to go for 50. I'm sad, because we watched two new movies on NYE and NYEE. They don't count. ;_; But for the record, they were Waitress (I was expecting funnier, so it was vaguely disappointing) and Rescue Dawn (not really my genre of choice, but my Grandpa liked it and it wasn't bad, so).