Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things that are hard to do with a wrist brace on:

•Drive a car.
•Put in my contacts, especially my right one.
•Push a loaded grocery cart.
•Eat while reading a paperback book.
•Clean house, especially putting away dishes.

I have done all of these things already today! It's really hard! I'm just glad it's my left wrist instead of my right one, since I'm right handed; that would have really made things difficult. I keep taking the brace off to see if the wrist has improved, since it doesn't hurt much when it's on unless I really try to do something stupid, but although it's definitely better than it was, it's still not in tip-top shape yet.

I am really excited about the script I'm working on right now. It's the third draft of my Lizzie Borden screenplay, and it just feels really good right now. Like, I've figured everything out, the characters are there, I'm hitting the right beats. I was trying to get it done before February was over, but I don't think that's going to happen now; my new goal is to have it finished by the second week of March, so I can use spring break to really polish it up and go over everything that's new.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sherlock Holmes soundtrack. I've pretty much been listening to this and the Caprica soundtrack in a constant loop for the past two weeks.

It's snowed again here; school canceled, which means no work for me today. Watched some Fringe, will type up screenplay pages here in a little bit, but since we were stuck inside all day yesterday because of the snow, I'm getting a little stir-crazy. It doesn't help that everyone in this house is sick, so it feels like I'm in some typhoid ward from 1903 or something.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I find it sad that I remember that the perfect tense of "loqui - to speak" is locutus because that was Picard's name when he was assimilated into the Borg Collective.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Caprica pilot soundtrack. I really don't understand why Bear McCreary is still scoring for TV. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to hear his stuff on a regular basis, and the quantity is not at all affecting the quality. I just can't believe that he hasn't been snatched up for feature scoring yet.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A new banner! Walter, Astrid, and Gene the Cow from Fringe are wishing me a happy upcoming birthday. Also, some icons!

Star Trek.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.


10. 11. 12.

13. 14. 15.

16. 17. 18.


Monday, February 8, 2010

For Holly: BSG S2 soundtrack. Speaking of which, where are you in the show? Let me know when you're up to Pegasus, okay?

On that note, Catherine, have you watched Yesterday's Enterprise yet?

You know what makes typing really hard? Wearing a wrist brace. I think I might have some carpel tunnel going on; my left wrist starting hurting on Thursday, pretty much in the middle of the day, without cause so far as I could tell. And I was whining and carrying on, like, why does my wrist randomly hurt? Then last night, I picked up a cross-stitch, and the very second that I grasped the fabric just so with my left hand to start work, pain shot up through my wrist like a bolt. So I think I'm going to lay off the stitching for a little bit, see if that helps. I had been trying to finish this project for my cousin-in-law, whose due date was Friday (I finished Saturday!), but she still hasn't had the baby.

Laura and I went to see Sherlock Holmes again. I know Giacchino's going to win the Best Score Oscar for Up - which irritates me on several levels, not least of which is the fact that I thought his own score for Star Trek was better - but I wish that Hans Zimmer would win for SH. It's a beautiful score, it really is. Right now, I'm guessing the movie will win for Production Design. I was idly thinking as I watched this time around, since I didn't have to pay as close attention to the plot, that steampunk would be a good choice for future home decoration. You've got the Victoriana, the fun gadgetry, but also the room in which to incorporate a lot of Neoclassicism. I've already thought about how to recreate some of the stuff from the film on a budget. Yes, this is how I spend my daydreaming driving time.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Holly asked for pictures of my art, so here you go. Like I said, I'm not all that good and a lot of this is stuff from way back in high school. Also, turn around is fair play, so I expect to see other people's art, too.

Click all for full size.

Monday, February 1, 2010

ETA: Eh, I did okay. Starring the ones I got right, as well as a few notes.

Oscar nomination predictions! In the tradition of Oscar Watch, I will make some No Guts No Glory picks, and will mark them accordingly. I don't feel tremendously confident in making picks this year, because I haven't really followed the race like I have in years past. Ah well.

Best Picture - 7/10
The Hurt Locker*
Inglourious Basterds*
Up in the Air*
Invictus (This went to An Education, which is fine.)
A Single Man (I picked the wrong man! They liked the Serious one!)
The Blind Side*
Star Trek (NGNG) (Wrong SF film. :( Post on this to follow, because I'm sad.)

Best Director - 5/5
Kathryn Bigelow*
James Cameron*
Quentin Tarantino*
Lee Daniels*
Jason Reitman*

Best Actor - 5/5
Jeff Bridges*
George Clooney*
Morgan Freeman*
Colin Firth*
Jeremy Renner (NGNG)*

Best Actress - 5/5
Gabourey Sidibe*
Meryl Streep*
Sandra Bullock*
Helen Mirren*
Carey Mulligan*

Best Supporting Actor 4/5
Christoph Waltz*
Woody Harrelson*
Christopher Plummer*
Stanley Tucci*
Anthony Mackie (NGNG) (Hurt Locker support not as crazy as I thought; went with Matt Damon.)

Best Supporting Actress - 4/5
Anna Kendrick*
Vera Farmiga*
Diane Kruger (NGNG) - (Shut up Penelope Cruz I blame you grrr.)
Penelope Cruz (this is the one I think is most likely to miss out since Nine tanked, but she did just win and this is kind of a weak category this year)* (Although yay for Maggie Gyllenhaal! Stupid Cruz, your movie sucked and now Diane has no nomination.)

I don't feel like doing the other categories. Avatar will be nominated for every tech category, the writing noms will likely follow the Writer's Guild nominations pretty well - switch out Quentin and Inglourious Basterds for The Hangover in original screenplay, Nick Hornby and An Education and Bright Star by Jane Campion (Bright Star totally shut out! Too bad.) for Julie and Julia and Star Trek in adapted. I don't even know which foreign films and documentaries are eligible this year, which is...weird. Eh. (I'm still getting up to watch the nominations, though, so I'm not that apathetic.
New January Media. And just for fun, this month I decided to scan my handwritten calendar I update so I don't have to run down and do three lists and a photoshop calendar every day. Behold!

1. On The Hill: A Photographic History of the University of Kansas, Virginia Adams et al. 1-3.
2. The October Horse, Colleen McCullough. 1-17.
3. Under the Dome, Stephen King. 1-23.
4. The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger. 1-28.

1. Baby Mama (2008). 1-12.
2. Up (2009). 1-16.
3. District 9 (2009). 1-17.
4. Avatar (2009). 1-18.
5. Sunshine Cleaning (2008). 1-27.
6. Great Expectations (1946). 1-29.
7. Man On Wire (2008). 1-31.

Television Episodes
1. Fringe - 2x01 - “A New Day in the Old Town.” 1-1.
2. Fringe - 2x02 - “Night of Desirable Objects.” 1-1.
3. The Mighty Boosh - 3x01 - “Eels.” 1-4.
4. Fringe - 2x03 - “Fracture.” 1-4.
5. Fringe - 2x04 - “Momentum Deferred.” 1-4.
6. Deadwood - 2x12 - “Boy-The-Earth-Talks-To.”1-6.
7. Modern Family - 1x11 - “Up All Night.” 1-7.
8. Fringe - 2x05 - “Dream Logic.” 1-7.
9. Dexter - 3x02 - “Remains to be Seen.” 1-9.
10. Dexter - 3x03 - “Blinded by the Light.” 1-14.
11. 30 Rock - 4x09 - “Klaus and Greta.” 1-14.
12. 30 Rock - 4x10 - “Black Light Attack!” 1-14.
13. Fringe - 2x06 - “Earthling.” 1-18.
14. Dollhouse - 2x05 - “The Public Eye.” 1-19.
15. How I Met Your Mother - 3x01 - “Wait For It…” 1-20.
16. How I Met Your Mother - 3x02 - “We’re Not From Here.” 1-20.
17. How I Met Your Mother - 3x03 - “Third Wheel.” 1-21.
18. The Office - 6x13 - “The Banker.” 1-21.
19. 30 Rock - 4x11 - “Winter Madness.” 1-21.
20. Modern Family - 1x13 - “Fifteen Percent.” 1-22.
21. Fringe - 2x07 - “Of Human Action.” 1-22.
22. Modern Family - 1x12 - “Not in My House.” 1-23.
23. Supernatural - 1x01 - “Pilot.” 1-24.
24. How I Met Your Mother - 3x04 - “Little Boys.” 1-24.
25. How I Met Your Mother - 3x05 - “How I Met Everyone Else.” 1-25.
26. How I Met Your Mother - 3x06 - “I’m Not That Guy.” 1-25.
27. Supernatural - 1x02 - “Wendigo.” 1-28.
28. Supernatural - 1x03 - “Dead in the Water.” 1-28.
29. Caprica - 1x02 - “Rebirth.” 1-30.
30. Supernatural - 1x04 - “Phantom Traveler.” 1-31.

In order to meet the meme goals, I'm supposed to average four books a month, eight movies, and forty-one TV episodes. I'm doing okay on the first two, but I watched a surprisingly small (for me) amount of TV this month, probably because there's hardly anything I watch that's currently airing any more. Seriously: 30 Rock and The Office, Modern Family, and now Caprica. Glee's on hiatus, Dollhouse is now canceled (although I've carefully limited how much I've watched so I still have eight episodes yay!), and I'm not caught up on a few others. I remember when it was an odd TV season when there was a day of the week on which I didn't have at least one show to watch, and now it's rare when I do.