Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New March Media.

10. Practice Makes Perfect: Latin Verb Tenses, Richard Prior. 3-3.
11. Pompeii: The Living City, Alex Butterworth and Ray Lawrence. 3-7.
12. Sin City: That Yellow Bastard, Frank Miller. 3-9.
13. A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson. 3-17.
14. Definitely Dead, Charlaine Harris. 3-24.
15. Duty and Desire, Pamela Aidan. 3-27.

9. Moon (2009). 3-1.
10. The Brothers Bloom (2008). 3-10.
11. Green Zone (2010). 3-15.
12. Babylon 5: The Gathering (1993). 3-21.

Television Episodes
86. Supernatural - 1x21 - “Salvation.” 3-1.
87. Fringe - 2x10 - “Grey Matters.” 3-1.
88. Babylon 5 - 1x04 - “Infection.” 3-2.
89. Supernatural - 1x22 - “Devil’s Trap.” 3-2.
90. Supernatural - 2x01 - “In My Time of Dying.” 3-3.
91. Modern Family - 1x15 - “Fears.” 3-3.
92. How I Met Your Mother - 4x10 - “The Fight.” 3-4.
93. The Office - 6x16 - “The Delivery.” 3-4.
94. How I Met Your Mother - 4x11 - “Little Minnesota.” 3-4.
95. Caprica - 1x06 - “Know Thy Enemy.” 3-5.
96. How I Met Your Mother - 4x12 - “Benefits.” 3-5.
97. How I Met Your Mother - 4x13 - “Three Days of Snow.” 3-5.
98. How I Met Your Mother - 4x14 - “The Possimpible.” 3-6.
99. How I Met Your Mother - 4x15 - “The Stinsons.” 3-6.
100. Babylon 5 - 1x05 - “The Parliament of Dreams.” 3-6.
101. How I Met Your Mother - 4x16 - “Sorry, Bro.” 3-7.
102. How I Met Your Mother - 4x17 - “The Front Porch.” 3-7.
103. Supernatural - 2x02 - “Everybody Loves a Clown.” 3-8.
104. Babylon 5 - 1x06 - “Mind War.” 3-9.
105. Modern Family - 1x16 - “Truth Be Told.” 3-10.
106. The Office - 6x17 - “St. Patrick’s Day.” 3-11.
107. 30 Rock - 4x14 - “Future Husband.” 3-11.
108. Caprica - 1x07 - “The Imperfections of Memory.” 3-12.
109. How I Met Your Mother - 4x18 - “Old King Clancy.” 3-12.
110. Babylon 5 - 1x07 - “The War Prayer.” 3-13.
111. How I Met Your Mother - 4x19 - “Murtaugh.” 3-13.
112. How I Met Your Mother - 4x20 - “Mosbius Designs.” 3-13.
113. How I Met Your Mother - 4x21 - “The Three Days Rule.” 3-14.
114. How I Met Your Mother - 4x22 - “Right Place, Right Time.” 3-14.
115. How I Met Your Mother - 4x23 - “As Fast As She Can.” 3-15.
116. How I Met Your Mother - 4x24 - “The Leap.” 3-15.
117. Babylon 5 - 1x08 - “And The Sky Full of Stars.” 3-16.
118. Babylon 5 - 1x09 - “Deathwalker.” 3-16.
119. Babylon 5 - 1x10 - “Believers.” 3-16.
120. Big Love - 4x01 - “Free at Last.” 3-17.
121. Big Love - 4x02 - “The Greater Good.” 3-17.
122. The Office - 6x18 - “The Leads.” 3-18.
123. 30 Rock - 4x15 - “Don Geiss, America, and Hope.” 3-18.
124. Caprica - 1x08 - “Ghosts in the Machine.” 3-19.
125. Babylon 5 - 1x11 - “Survivors.” 3-19.
126. Babylon 5 - 1x12 - “By Any Means Necessary.” 3-19.
127. Big Love - 4x03 - “Strange Bedfellows.” 3-20.
128. Babylon 5 - 1x13 - “Signs and Portents.” 3-20.
129. Babylon 5 - 1x14 - “TKO.” 3-20.
130. Babylon 5 - 1x15 - “Grail.” 3-21.
131. Babylon 5 - 1x16 - “Eyes.” 3-21.
132. Babylon 5 - 1x17 - “Legacies.” 3-22.
133. Babylon 5 - 1x18 - “A Voice in the Wilderness Part I.” 3-22.
134. Babylon 5 - 1x19 - “A Voice in the Wilderness Part II.” 3-23.
135. Modern Family - 1x17 - “Starry Night.” 3-24.
136. The Office - 6x19 - “Happy Hour.” 3-25.
137. 30 Rock - 4x16 - “Floyd.” 3-25.
138. Caprica - 1x09 - “End of Line.” 3-26.
139. Babylon 5 - 1x20 - “Babylon Squared.” 3-27.
140. Law and Order - 6x22 - “Homesick.” 3-28.
141. Modern Family - 1x18 - “Game Changer.” 3-31.
Winter is finally over. I know this because we've started doing yard work at my Grandpa's. Mowing grass, planting, moving rocks, raking, even installing a new post on his porch railing. One of his buddies called him to tell him that the power company had cut down some Osage orange trees that were under some lines, so we hooked up the trailer and picked it up, cut it down with a chainsaw, and stacked it in the already foreboding "to be split" pile. I love that he was burning wood in his fireplace not three weeks ago and we're already back to stockpiling it for next winter.

Today's his 85th birthday. He's tough to buy for; he's pretty frugal, so a lot of the things he wants or needs he picks up for himself at thrift stores and the like, and he's just not that into material possessions. We've finally run out of things we can get him for his barn; two years ago we got him a new chainsaw, and now we're pretty stumped. My mom suggested a little chainsaw on a pole, to be used for cutting down high branches, but I don't think anyone needs a chainsaw on a pole, least of all my Grandpa. We ended up getting him some movies, including a Chet Atkins DVD, some new pens and stationary, new shirts, and candy. Laura and I spent what felt like days wandering through WalMart, trying to find something else, but everything was either, like, "Oh, he uses an old margarine container for that, he won't want something new," or, "He doesn't have the space." Of course, when we ask him what he wants, his response is, "I don't want anything! Stop buying me shit I don't need!" Very helpful.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Caprica mid-season finale was EPIC. Although I am totally sick of the network's insistence on splitting up a season with a long hiatus; the show won't be back until October. That's ridiculous.

It had been three months since my last sleep paralysis incident, so I suppose I was due. And it was my own fault for thinking about Slenderman so much. A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that I heard my bedroom door open, and when I rolled over Slenderman was standing in the doorway; I immediately woke up, and thank goodness my door was actually shut. I fell back asleep pretty quickly. Then I dreamed that my bedroom door opened again, but in the dream I assumed that someone had pushed it open because I was late for work, so I scrambled out of bed and made my way into the hallway only to find myself face to face with Slenderman. This time when I woke up, I was frozen, and it was a good, solid thirty seconds before I unlocked. When I'm desperately trying to move and I can't, I end up feeling like I'm vibrating or even shaking, sometimes very violently, even though I'm sure I'm not actually really moving at all - it's very unpleasant. I don't have this type of paralysis as often as the other kind, where I wake up normally enough and only gradually realize I can't move, usually in conjunction with some kind of hallucination. Even though waking up from a nightmare and not being able to move sucks, I prefer it to the latter kind, because I usually don't feel like I'm going to die and I'm not actually feeling anything, just freaked out and unable to check my surroundings out.

Aside from that, it's been pretty boring 'round these parts. I'm so, so close to being done with this draft of my Lizzie Borden script, and I figure it'll take me about a week to do a light edit and polish, so that's scheduling up pretty well. Laura and I are thinking of renting a table at the local craft fair coming up next month; I'll have some pics maybe this upcoming week.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Instead of burning a mix CD and mailing it out, I'm being lazy and just uploading it. Tracks uploaded separately and as a zip. I don't know if individual files come with the album artwork, although I know you can just download it or whatever, but I made an album cover anyway because I'm bored. :D

1. Florence and the Machine - "Hurricane Drunk"

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll"

3. Klaxons - "Atlantis to Interzone"

4. Kasabian - "Empire"

5. P!nk - "Bad Influence"

6. Captain Ahab - "Was Love"

7. Joanna Newsom - "Autumn"

8. Laura Veirs - "Wide-Eyed, Legless"

9. Laura Gibson - "Come By Storm"

10. Joker's Daughter - "Nothing is Ever What it Seems"

Complete Album

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We had a lovely day yesterday! At least to begin with. My dad took two days off work to watch the tournament to spend time with his family, and Laura was off, as well, and Sarah and I were free because of spring break. It was lovely and sunny outside, in the mid-60s, so we packed up a picnic lunch and went to a big state park up in Weston, MO, which is where the Applefest is held each fall. Sarah ended up going to Lawrence's Art History museum with a friend, but Grandpa came with us so it evened out.

The wind started to pick up while we ate, but it was still pretty nice out. We drove to downtown Weston and found some good deals; I bought the most adorable tiny glass bottles filled with little pieces of amethyst and topaz, and Laura got a few strings of stone beads, at a little rock shop. My mom picked up a tiny tin of Irish coffee at the Celtic store (they had the most beeauuutiful leather-bound notebook, but it was $70), and I bought a rosemary-scented candle at my favorite candle place - if you like candles for their scent, and don't mind paying for it (and they're pretty strong, so you don't have to burn them for long before the scent fills the room, so they can last awhile), I totally recommend these; I find them much better smelling than Yankee Candle, for instance. I have my personal recs if anyone is interested.

All this took about ninety minutes or so; by the time we were ready to leave, about two and a half hours after we arrived, the temperature had dropped fifteen degrees and the wind had picked up. By the time we drove home, it had dropped another five degrees.

A few hours later, it started sleeting.

By the time I went to bed, we had two inches of snow on the ground.

And by the time I woke up this morning, that had doubled. It's been snowing all day. We might have ten or more inches by tonight, and it's supposed to keep going till tomorrow morning.

Stupid March.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In case Holly was interested, some various BSG desktops (or website banners I turned into desktops) I've made over the years. I think they're all 1024x768, so if you want different dimensions (probably bigger, almost all were made with my ickle laptop screen), shouldn't be a problem, just let me know.

I also have a couple that are just promo images that were big enough to slap up without needing to do anything else, really, so you should have those on the DVD, too. :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

Laura, Sarah and I have watched, oh, four episodes of MTV's Fear the last week - did any of you guys watch that show? If you didn't, basically, they take six people ages 18-22ish and drop them off at an allegedly haunted location, usually something old and abandoned and in disrepair. There's no film crew, so they have those cameras that point back at one's face and infrared lighting and that kind of thing. The team members complete dares, things like going to the cell where an inmate was bludgeoned to death and locking themselves in and staying there alone for twelve hours; if they chicken out, they have to leave immediately, but anyone who makes it through two nights wins $5000. Laura and I were talking about how we would have done, and we immediately came to the conclusion that we would have failed. Hard.

I'm pretty much a giant scared baby. Not only could I not sit in a cell in an abandoned prison or check out the hotel room where a woman was murdered or climb down into a smokestack in a Mexican mine, I don't think I could, like, sit downstairs in my own basement with all the lights off, by myself, for very long without freaking out. I remember when I was very little, my dad would assure me that when I grew up I wouldn't be afraid of things like the dark and ghosts and bumps in the night anymore. I'm still waiting for that.

Way back in December, I linked to a series of horror shorts called Marble Hornets, which purports to be footage shot behind-the-scenes as a film student tried to make a film but was unable to do so because of the mysterious events that began to take place. Namely, the young director keeps catching glimpses of a tall man in a suit, and starts keeping a camera running at all times. The tall man's name is Slenderman.

Laura and I watched the introduction through part four one night before calling it quits. That was December 14th, nearly three months ago.

I am STILL AFRAID OF SLENDERMAN. He probably has a total of five seconds of screen time in the videos I watched, and there will be times when I'll be walking down the hallway at night or be in the middle of opening a door and it will suddenly occur to me that Slenderman could be RIGHT THERE, and I'm eight years old again. I had to pee with the door open the other night because the thought of having to open the door afterwards (what if he's standing right on the other side waiting for me!?) was too much to take.

It's absurd. And yet there it is. Honestly, I can't help but feel that a lot of it is because of the sleep paralysis I've suffered my whole life. I only found out what it was when I was in college; before that, for as long as I can remember, scary, inexplicable shit happened to me at night, things that felt completely real, things for which the only explanation I had were the kinds of things that one eventually stops being afraid of: ghosts and vampires and demons and monsters. Two of my few memories from what we call The Old House, which I lived in when I was 3-4, are both of what I now know to be sleep paralysis incidents. In one, I woke up and there was a girl standing right next to my bed staring at me, and I couldn't move and just stared back at her until I finally woke up the next morning and realized that I'd fallen back asleep (my dad told me that it was probably the moon, which I still yell at him about); in the other, I woke up to feel my bed bouncing and shaking and understandably surmised that two monsters were dragging it behind the wall and down the secret stairs into the hidden basement where they would kill me. Four years old! Of course I ended up more afraid of the dark then some other kids might have.

All this to say that when I woke up in the middle of the night last night after a particularly gruesome and disturbing dream - and I've had some doozies over the years, let me tell you - after rehashing it over and over I creeped myself out to such an extent that I had to get up at 6am and just go sit in the living room and read. It's sad, right?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Haha, I missed this last night and read about it at three different sites after the show was over. I've been patiently waiting to catch it on YouTube. If anyone is still not watching Modern Family, you need to.

"The finger."

Also, this made me laugh so hard I actually hit my head.

Aw, I guessed wrong. I had thought that maybe while people appreciated The Hurt Locker, they weren't passionate about it; see Inglourious Basterd's win for ensemble, which is essentially Best Picture, at the SAG awards. But as soon as THL won both the sound wins over Avatar, I knew it had it in the bag.

Ugh, speaking of sound, I hated Morgan Freeman's "explanation" of what sound editing and mixing are. (I know he just read what someone else wrote, so I'm not mad at him.) Like, okay, editing is mostly finding/creating the right effects and layering them in, but mixing was described as getting the volumes of dialogue, effects and music at the right balance. That's, like, five percent of mixing. That's like saying that cinematography is about turning on the lights and pointing the camera toward the actors.

Okay show last night; bad transitions as always, but much less cringeworthy nonsense taking up space. I liked them showcasing the best score over the best songs for a change, but the dance troupe really wasn't necessary; if you can't just let people enjoy music, run a montage of moments in film from this year or something.

I wasn't really paying attention to the fashion much, and totally missed the red carpet, so I don't have much to say about that. I thought everyone looked nice except for Saldana's...puffy...things, and SJP looked horrifying and bizarre and IDGI. Helen Mirren remains a goddess, natch.

I haven't seen The Hurt Locker yet (everything depends on when it finally shows up when I'm at the library), so take this with a grain of salt: I can't help but wonder if a lot of people voted for it having not seen it either, just hearing it was a good movie and, more importantly, that it was about the war. We're talking a political bunch out there. Actual merits of the film notwithstanding, I think it's kind of hilarious and awesome that a straight-up action thriller won best picture. Like Catherine said, this was from the woman who brought us Point Break.

Which reminds me: a woman won for Best Director! Let's celebrate!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

OH SHIT ACADEMY AWARD PREDICTIONS POST! I almost forgot; I have really not been following the race that much this year.

Picture - Inglourious Basterds (not wishful thinking; Avatar wasn't critically acclaimed at all, and Hurt Locker bombed at the box office; I think they split it)
Director - Kathryn Bigelow
Actor - Jeff Bridges
Actress - Sandra Bullock
Supporting Actor - Christoph Waltz (his speech will talk about the group of people that came together to make IB, an academy if you will, with Quentin as the president, and he will single out individuals to thank based on which "branch" of the "academy" they belong to)
Supporting Actress - Mo'Nique
Original Screenplay - Quentin Tarantino for IB
Adapted Screenplay - Jason Reitman for UitA
Art Direction - Sherlock Holmes
Animated Film - Up
Cinematography - Avatar
Costume Design - The Young Victoria
Documentary - The Cove
Editing - Inglourious Basterds
Foreign Language - The White Ribbon
Make-up - Star Trek
Original Score - Up
Original Song - Crazy Heart
Sound Editing and Sound Mixing - Avatar
Visual Effects - Avatar

I don't predict the three shorts (doc, animated, live action) because who the hell even sees them? Anyway, editing usually goes hand-in-hand with picture, but Avatar might take it and still not win because I think most people who vote don't actually know what editing is. Same thing with the sound categories. If Avatar wins for Art Direction I will scream.

ETA: So, we're halfway through. I clearly miscalculated, and The Hurt Locker is definitely winning Best Picture. I can't believe it won both sound awards over Avatar; that's pretty damning.

I also can't believe that Avatar won Art Direction. TREES ARE NOT PRODUCTION DESIGN. Argh.

I also can't believe that Christoph is going to be the only Oscar for Inglourious Basterds. God. It was such a good movie! It was so wrong, in the screenplay category, the stark difference between The Hurt Locker scene and the IB scene, to then see THL win. Sigh.
It's been a pretty good last couple of days! We've had temperatures up in the 50s, which is normal for this time of year but is a good, solid 20-30 degrees warmer than it's been for about three months, so it feels positively miraculous. We've gone for one nice walk, and I was wanting to go to the park today but it looks like it's raining, but even that's okay; the dozens of snowstorms have required loads of sand and salt to be dumped and everything's just been sitting there since before Christmas, so it's just filthy outside. (Do not shake your head and think, "that's dumb," because it's true.) Hopefully it'll rain long and hard enough to wash some of this junk away, although it won't do anything for the big piles of snow that are still sitting around here and there, so black now that it's like catching glimpses of some steampunk Industrial apparition of great piles of coal.

I used the Hobby Lobby gift card my parents gave me to buy almost all of the materials I need for this Egyptian sampler cross stitch. I bought sixty different colors of embroidery floss! Ridiculous! (Although I'm not letting myself start it until I finish this one, which I started in the fall of 2006 and let me tell you, I'm kinda tired of it.)

My parents also gave me this phenomenal DVD player, albeit by giving me the money with which to buy it. At first, I bought cables to hook my old laptop up to the TV, but that was a colossal failure, so I did some research on the internet and people were talking about this. This? Is amazing! It's just a DVD player, and most of the other features I don't really care about; so-called upconversion and HDMI whatever, blah blah. But there are two really great things I'm tremendously excited about: it has a USB port, so you can just plug a flash drive in the front and watch AVIs. We have already tried it out, watching the beginning of a MST3K, and an episode of MTV's Fear that I downloaded about a year ago but haven't watched since. It''s beautiful, you guys. *wipes away tear* I have...A METRIC LOT of stuff I've downloaded over the years, and I don't always like to sit in front of my computer to watch it, so this will probably change my life. Also, it is a region-free player, compatible with both NTSC and PAL, which means that all those wonderful British TV shows and mini-series and movies Laura and I have wanted to watch over the years, but hadn't been released on American DVD and are old enough that no one has them torrented? We can now buy and watch. I am finally going to watch you, Vicar of Dibley!

And that health thing I've been complaining about finally ended, and I only have to wear my wrist brace at night anymore, and I start teaching a series of screenwriting workshops at the local community college tomorrow! And KU smashed Missouri and Syracuse lost so we'll be number one again on Monday and will probably get the overall number one seed! Yay!

ETA: OMG YOU GUYS that DVD player also plays burned data DVDs. Best thing ever or BEST THING EVER?!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An open letter to Sherron Collins (who is egotistical enough to google himself and therefore might read this):


You are a ball hog. You are not a team player. For every good play you make, you make three boneheaded-ones. I am tired of seeing you, every single time we have the ball at the end of the half, hang on to it at the top of the key, dribbling until there's four or five seconds left, then drive to the hoop in a misguided attempt at doing some kind of amazing lay-up which always, always fails, because you are a stupid, short person. You don't make enough assists. You're not that good a three-point shooter. You fall down too much. I don't like the way you go on and on about being the winningest KU player like that statistic had anything to do with your play personally, and not just that you were lucky enough to play with some other great players. Hint: he may not have technically won more games than you, but don't talk shit like that when Danny Manning is sitting on the bench behind you.

In short, you suck.

Try not to fall down on your way out.

ETA: Okay. You made a couple good plays there that helped shift the momentum our way, and helped us surge forward to a 15-20 point lead the last half of the second half, and then when you were subbed out for your standing ovation since it's Senior Night, you got all verklempt and hugged everyone and your little head only came up to the other guys' collarbones, and okay. You did all right, kid.

I am leaving the above, though, in remembrance of how eternally frustrating you were to watch sometimes. Srsly, sometimes it is okay to pass the basketball.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February new media.

5. An Assembly Such as This, Pamela Aiden. 2-4.
6. Sin City: The Big Fat Kill, Frank Miller. 2-7.
7. Dexter By Design, Jeff Lindsay. 2-7.
8. Dead as a Doornail, Charlaine Harris. 2-11.
9. Pyramid Scheme, Dave Freer and Eric Flint. 2-21.

8. A Mighty Heart (2007). 2-14.

Television Episodes
31. Supernatural - 1x05 - “Bloody Mary.” 2-1.
32. How I Met Your Mother - 3x07 - “Dowisetrepla.” 2-2.
33. Fringe - 2x08 - “August.” 2-2.
34. Misfits - 1x01. 2-3.
35. Star Trek: The Next Generation - 5x22 - “Imaginary Friend.” 2-3.
36. The Office - 6x14 - “The Banker.” 2-4.
37. 30 Rock - 4x12 - “Verna.” 2-4.
38. Star Trek: The Next Generation - 5x23 - “I, Borg.” 2-5.
39. Caprica - 1x03 - “Reins of a Waterfall.” 2-5.
40. Supernatural - 1x06 - “Skin.” 2-6.
41. How I Met Your Mother - 3x08 - “Spoiler Alert.” 2-6.
42. How I Met Your Mother - 3x09- “Slapsgiving.” 2-8.
43. How I Met Your Mother - 3x10 - “The Yips.” 2-8.
44. How I Met Your Mother - 3x11 - “The Platinum Rule.” 2-9.
45. How I Met Your Mother - 3x12 - “No Tomorrow.” 2-9.
46. How I Met Your Mother - 3x13 - “Ten Sessions.” 2-10.
47. Modern Family - 1x13 - “Moon Landing.” 2-10.
48. Modern Family - 1x14 - “My Funky Valentine.” 2-10.
49. The Office - 6x15 - “Manager and Salesman.” 2-11.
50. 30 Rock - 4x13 - “Anna Howard Shaw Day.” 2-12.
51. Supernatural - 1x07 - “Hookman.” 2-12.
52. How I Met Your Mother - 3x14 - “The Bracket.” 2-13.
53. How I Met Your Mother - 3x15 - “The Chain of Screaming.” 2-13.
54. How I Met Your Mother - 3x16 - “Sandcastles in the Sand.” 2-14.
55. How I Met Your Mother - 3x17 - “The Goat.” 2-14.
56. Supernatural - 1x08 - “Bugs.” 2-15.
57. Fringe - 2x09 - “Snakehead.” 2-15.
58. Supernatural - 1x09 - “Home.” 2-16.
59. How I Met Your Mother - 3x18 - “Rebound Bro.” 2-16.
60. How I Met Your Mother - 3x19 - “Everything Must Go.” 2-16.
61. How I Met Your Mother - 3x20 - “Miracles.” 2-18.
62. Supernatural - 1x10 - “Asylum.” 2-18.
63. Supernatural - 1x11 - “Scarecrow.” 2-19.
64. How I Met Your Mother - 4x01 - “Do I Know You?” 2-19.
65. How I Met Your Mother - 4x02 - “The Best Burger in New York.” 2-19.
66. Babylon 5 - 1x01 - “Midnight on the Firing Line.” 2-20.
67. Supernatural - 1x12 - “Faith.” 2-20.
68. Supernatural - 1x14 - “Nightmare.” 2-20.
69. How I Met Your Mother - 4x03 - “I ♥ NJ.” 2-21.
70. How I Met Your Mother - 4x04 - “Intervention.” 2-21.
71. How I Met Your Mother - 4x05 - “Shelter Island.” 2-21.
72. How I Met Your Mother - 4x06 - “Happily Ever After.” 2-22.
73. How I Met Your Mother - 4x07 - “Not A Father’s Day.” 2-22.
74. Supernatural - 1x15 - “The Benders.” 2-23.
75. Supernatural - 1x16 - “Shadow.” 2-23.
76. How I Met Your Mother - 4x08 - “Wooo!” 2-23.
77. Supernatural - 1x17 - “Hell House.” 2-24.
78. Supernatural - 1x18 - “Something Wicked.” 2-24.
79. Babylon 5 - 1x02 - “Soul Hunter.” 2-25.
80. Babylon 5 - 1x03 - “Born to the Purple.” 2-25.
81. Caprica - 1x04 - “Gravedancing.” 2-25.
82. Supernatural - 1x19 - “Provenance.” 2-26.
83. Caprica - 1x05 - “There is Another Sky.” 2-26.
84. Supernatural - 1x20 - “Dead Man’s Blood.” 2-27.