Friday, April 30, 2010


There's another screenplay competition I found this week; the deadline is MIDNIGHT TODAY! The entry fee's a little high, especially after submitting two scripts to Nicholls, so I'm only going to submit one. Which is better - Flesh and Blood or Fall River?


(I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed, guys. This week!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wanted to ask if the folks who'd read some of my screenplay wouldn't mind telling me their thoughts based on what they've already read. Don't feel pressured to hurry up and read more, and if you haven't started, no worries. I'm uploading it tomorrow or the next day for a couple competitions/festivals, and if there's anything I can change or add or take out, that would be great. Thanks again in advance!

So, I've hinted a couple times about a crafting endeavor that Laura and I have undertaken. We finally set up our very own Etsy shop! Cantus Nox. The jewelry is all made by Laura, she made the black box with the hand-painted flowers, and I made the green and pink box. I have a shelf that I have yet to list, and we're both in the middle of a few other things; Laura also has a TON of jewelry she's made but hasn't taken pictures of yet. (Our camera is rather persnickety.) Don't feel like you have to buy anything, hee, but we're trying to spread the URL around.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hi guys! This has been a busy month. Three weekends ago, we painted about a third of the inside of the house, which was an ordeal. I pretty much hate every single aspect of painting, from cleaning up to taping to cutting in to rolling. And the only part I do like - moving everything back in to a freshly painted, clean, pretty room - I was too tired to enjoy.

Two weekends ago we had my uncle's family over for Grandpa's 85th birthday party. Yes, it was last month, but scheduling is tough. Laura still ended up working and being unable to come, but after cleaning the house and cooking and all the prep work, I don't think she minded too much.

Then, last week, the night of the party, my dad started experiencing severe abdominal pain. He said it was identical to what he felt just before his emergency surgery to remove an intestinal blockage from almost two years ago. He was ready to go to the emergency room when it finally went away, but he did schedule an appointment with that surgeon on Wednesday. When he got there, and they talked, the surgeon decided to admit him to the hospital to run some tests. When they first got him in and did the usual preliminary stuff, they found out his blood pressure was 85 over 50, and his heart rate 50, so it was like, what's going on?!

After four days of tests in the hospital, they determined...nothing. Not why he was feeling the pain in his middle, not why his blood pressure was so low. They did find out that his spleen and lymph nodes were slightly enlarged, but the oncologist who met with him said that the enlargment was so slight that he didn't want to do anything invasive just yet, and to have a CAT scan in six months and see if there's any change. So this past weekend was getting Dad home, getting him rested - because if there's one thing you don't do in a hospital, it's sleep - and get him fed, because after three days of no appetite before his appointment, he had four days of no or very little liquid food.

And in the meantime, I wrote, and Laura and I are working on some soon-to-be-not-secret craft stuff, and I started a new screenplay. That's kind of a different story, so I'll go into that more in depth later. Heh.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I was going to update my blog today with my doings of the past few weeks, but instead I worked today and now I have to finish this book TONIGHT (Mindhunter, true crime, it has already inspired me to revise a scene in Fall River hell yeah), so I will leave you with what I plan to do tomorrow instead, since I haven't watched an episode in almost two months:

I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH I WISH I LIVED ON THE ENTERPRISE. (No, I'm totally serious. Do you guys ever have epic self-insertion Mary Sue daydreams? Because, um, I totally do sometimes. My life on the Enterprise is ~*~amazing~*~)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey everybody! The last week has been so busy, but today is busy, too, so I'll have to catch you all up later.

Two years ago, I wrote the first draft of my Lizzie Borden screenplay, and I remember asking if folks would mind reading it - but I never sent it out, did I? I don't think I got around to it. Anyway, everyone's comments last year on Flesh and Blood were so enormously helpful (and I mean ENORMOUSLY - scads better than what I got from my former classmates), that I thought I'd ask for your help again. I'm really proud of this one - I think it's better than Flesh and Blood by far. But that might just be the newborn-screenplay glow that's confusing me, so I'd love some outside opinions.

Not obligatory, if you don't want to or are too busy then it's no big deal at all. I know that sitting down to read a screenplay is a time investment, trust me. But if so, let me know and I'll email it on over.

Thanks and hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yesterday was a pretty full day. I woke up early, and it was lovely and blustery outside, so I decided to go for a walk. And as I was walking, I was having such a good time I decided to keep going. And it was windy and a little overcast, just warm enough that I wasn't cold but just cool enough that I didn't get hot, and it felt so refreshing just to be outside doing something for a change.

Then I turned around to come home, and realized my great error. I had walked too far away from my house, I didn't have my cell phone with me, and the wind, which had been blowing at my back as I walked gently downhill was now blowing straight into my face, as I walked uphill.

Have you ever walked in the pool? About a quarter to a third of that resistance, I'd wager, was what walking into a 20-30 mph wind uphill felt like. I started thinking that maybe someone would miss me at home, realize I'd been gone for a long time, and then come get me. I idly hoped someone I knew would drive by and I could ask to use their phone or even for them to give me a lift. And just as I was giving up hope, I saw my mom's car come up over the hill. Granted, I think I was picked up more because Laura wanted to go in to Grandpa's than because they actually worried (although knowing my mom...), but the reason didn't really matter. One hour and fifty minutes of walking and five and a half miles is a little extreme for one's first day doing actual outside exercise, and trust me, I felt it the rest of the day.

Came home, took an immediate shower, drove in to Grandpa's. His kitchen sink was leaking, so true to form he pulled the entire thing out - unfortunately, he couldn't get his shut-off valve to turn, after he'd already pulled out his refrigerator to get to it, so he turned off the water at the water main. We arrived, sat for about two minutes, then ran to Lowe's to pick up a new faucet and handles and assorted other plumbing needs. Then back to install! This is around when I stiffened up, and it was a good thing I had a cart to lean over because I'm pretty sure I looked like a little old woman.

Then we went to the greenhouse to buy his tomato plants, pepper plants, cucumber plants, and our herbs - the mint, rosemary, and garlic came back, and we buy dill seeds someplace else, so this year we're trying tarragon, thyme and basil.

After dinner, we went to sit on his glider. A storm was coming in, but at the time it was just cool and windy, with only a few distant rumbles. We sat and talked for around fifteen minutes, and then out of the blue, Jack jumped up and started barking at us like crazy. We were like, oh, you silly dog...and then the sky opened up. We ran inside just before the real edge of the storm hit, and then it was like the other morning, with the huge winds and hail and buckets of rain. We said our goodbyes the first break in the rain, which meant we got caught in it on our drive home and nearly had to pull over to the side of the road to wait.

And then I got to come home and rest! I was so tired! I think I started getting ready for bed around 8:30.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

You know the saying, "April showers bring May flowers"? Kansas takes it seriously. Yesterday Laura and I were in the kitchen in the morning, and noticed how muggy and dark it was outside. Then both outside cats suddenly appeared at the back door, crying to be let in; not one minute later, the sky opened. It was as dark as just after sunset, rain came down in lashing pelts, and the winds had to be in the 60-70 mph range - I ran through the house closing windows, but Laura saw a 50 foot tall tree in our neighbor's back yard lose one of its big limbs. The rest of the trees swayed so much that at times they were nearly perpendicular with the ground. Then we had several minutes of heavy hail. Glorious thunder. After about seven or eight minutes, the wind died and the rain lessened, as the leading edge of the storm moved past, and we were in for several hours of steady, gentle rain.


Laura and I had errands to run, and as we drove we saw a lot of trees with downed limbs, a few that had fallen clean over, and a lot of wooden fences that were kaput. Parts of the city lost power, and let me tell you, six lane intersections should not rely on people understanding the rules for when the lights go out. However, we prevailed, and picked up Sherlock Holmes on DVD (yay!), exchanged media at the library (yay!), picked up a thin crust Mediterranean grilled chicken pizza to bring home and bake (yay!), and watched some Terminator and Caprica (yay!). Dinner with Grandpa, then we headed over to Cabela's, which is an enormous outdoor sporting store.

Laura and I have been talking about going camping since last summer but have never gotten around to it - we were in the clearance section and found two big mummy sleeping bags - as you can see from the link, these are quite pricy. We found two, both rated for 15 below zero, on clearance for 40 dollars apiece. One had a broken zipper, and they took off another ten percent. (Grandpa and Laura fixed the zipper with a pair of needle-nose pliers in about five minutes.) Now all we need for our planned-to-take-place-in-two-weeks camping trip is a hand-cranked LED lantern, a hatchet, some wasp spray, and...a tent. We have a tent, but it's super-old and not all that big. Our neighbors have an awesome, two-room tent but we're not sure about borrowing it, since they're way into camping and use it all the time, and I'd hate to damage it. Tents are expensive, and we're not likely to find one big enough for less than $150, I don't have that. So we're looking into that, because that's kind of a big part of camping.