Monday, October 25, 2010

Back home.  Too tired to type it all up again.  The past four days!

Although just between me and you guys - I sometimes worry I'm too lazy to actually make it as a screenwriter.  Some of the advice they were giving...I was just like, you know, I think I'd rather hang out and have my day job and write when I can and hope I catch a lucky break.  I don't want to send 100 faxes to PAs and hope that one of them reads my script, and that she ends up liking it enough to send to her boss who is just someone else's assistant, and it goes up the line, etc.  I don't want to move to LA and starve while I hope that I meet the right person at random parties I go to.  And so on.  I find myself, like, disliking the way the business is set up and just not wanting to play that game even though there's no other way to play it.  I don't know.  It just irritates me in principle, I guess.  Which is dumb, but there you go.

(I was also irritated by the number of times I heard "woman writers" or "woman directors" this weekend.  Really?  We're still gonna do that?)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HR has to do a background check and formally approve, but apparently that's mostly just a technicality (since I haven't killed anyone or anything) - starting November first I will have an actual, grown-up, salaried with benefits, real job at the library! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Preparations for Austin are proceeding apace. All the big ticket items - plane tickets, rental car, hotel - are taken care of. I have my clothes, and yesterday I got a hair cut. I just need to get some make-up and buy new shoes. Ugh, you guys, I have spent so much money. SO MUCH MONEY.

Yesterday I decided to make it a point to work on my posture, so I wouldn't find myself at these roundtables and seminars all hunched over like Quasimodo. Today my back hurts. Sigh.

I found the greatest tumblr ever: Fashion It So.  It is exactly what you might think.  It is a tumblr devoted to the fashion of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  IT IS AMAZING.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New August and September Media

34. Blockade Billy, Stephen King. 8-11.
35. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins. 8-19.

36. Elizabeth’s London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London, Liza Picard. 9-26.

34. Salt (2010). 8-10.
35. Date Night (2010). 8-12.

Television Episodes
328. Supernatural - 3x01 - “The Magnificent Seven.” 8-1.
329. Sherlock - 1x02 - “The Blind Banker.” 8-2.
330. Supernatural - 3x02 - “The Kids are Alright.” 8-3.
331. Supernatural - 3x03 - “Bad Day at Black Rock.” 8-4.
332. True Blood - 3x01 - “Bad Blood.” 8-5.
333. Supernatural - 3x04 - “Sin City.” 8-6.
334. Supernatural - 3x05 - “Bedtime Stories.” 8-8.
335. True Blood - 3x02 - “Beautifully Broken.” 8-9.
336. Sherlock - 1x03 - “The Great Game.” 8-10.
337. True Blood - 3x03 - “It Hurts Me Too.” 8-11.
338. True Blood - 3x04 - “9 Crimes.” 8-14.
339. True Blood - 3x05 - “Trouble.” 8-16.
340. Lie to Me - 1x01 - “Pilot.” 8-18.
341. Lie to Me - 1x02 - “Moral Waiver.” 8-20.
342. Lie to Me - 1x03 - “A Perfect Score.” 8-22.
343. True Blood - 3x06 - “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues.” 8-24.
344. Lie to Me - 1x04 - “Love Always.” 8-25.
345. True Blood - 3x07 - “Hitting the Ground.” 8-27.
346. True Blood - 3x08 - “Night on the Sun.” 8-28.
347. True Blood - 3x09 - “Everything is Broken.” 8-30.

348. True Blood - 3x10 - “I Smell a Rat.” 9-2.
349. True Blood - 3x11 - “Fresh Blood.” 9-3.
350. Farscape - 1x05 - “Back and Back and Back to the Future.” 9-5.
351. True Blood - 3x12 - “Evil is Going On.” 9-13.
352. Lie to Me - 1x05 - “Unchained.” 9-15.
353. How I Met Your Mother - 6x01 - “Big Days.” 9-21.
354. Glee - 2x01 - “Audition.” 9-21.
355. Raising Hope - 1x01 - “Pilot.” 9-21.
356. Running Wilde - 1x01 - “Pilot.” 9-21.
357. Modern Family - 2x01 - “The Old Wagon.” 9-22.
358. 30 Rock - 5x01 - “The Fabian Strategy.” 9-23.
359. The Office - 7x01 - “Nepotism.” 9-23.
360. Outsourced - 1x01 - “Pilot.” 9-23.
361. Fringe - 3x01 - “Olivia.” 9-23.
362. Hawaii Five-O - 1x01 - “Pilot.” 9-25.
363. How I Met Your Mother - 6x02 - “Cleaning House.” 9-28.
364. Glee - 2x02 - “Britney/Brittany.” 9-28.
365. Raising Hope - 1x02 - “Dead Tooth.” 9-28.
366. Running Wilde - 1x02 - “Into the Wilde.” 9-28.
367. Modern Family - 2x02 - “The Kiss.” 9-29.
368. The Office - 7x02 - “Counseling.” 9-30.
369. Fringe - 3x02 - “The Box.” 9-30.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Yesterday was biz-zay.  It was Laura's birthday.  We had a traditional Easter ham dinner at home, and carrot cake for dessert.  I also had to finish polishing the pilot to submit it.  The deadline was today, but I don't like leaving online submissions till the last minute ever since the time it took me three solid hours to finally connect with the Nicholl website when it was overloaded with people trying to submit, and I freaked out, as one does.  I was distressed at finally just uploading it, because every time I read it I found one more typo, or place with two spaces between sentences instead of one, or a double dash that should have been a single dash, etc.  But I finally just did it - I can't imagine that there are many cleaner screenplays that get submitted, honestly.  I'm a bit of a stickler for format, and most people aren't.

Today's my last day subbing for this long-term maternity deal.  It's been nice having a steady job for six weeks, instead of never knowing if I'm going to be called in or not.  Also, it's been VERY nice getting paid nearly full-time for doing a part-time job.  But I am looking forward to having a few days off.  I want to buy clothes and make-up and such, and I hate shopping on the weekends.

You know those Toaster Strudels that are filled with egg and meat and cheese?  I know I should find those disgusting and gross and against all laws of what is acceptable breakfast food...but I like them.  I know!  I have such a degraded, awful palate.  But they're tasty and easy and the fat content is a little high but if I come home and have oatmeal for lunch it balances out.